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Chris Brown

Confusion Over Who Threw 1st Punch

After Police Report Typo

10/28/2013 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown did not throw the first punch in the fight that landed him in jail -- at least that's what an initial draft of the police report stated, and even though it's since been corrected ... the mistake could work in Chris' favor.

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... the first version of the police report described Chris' bodyguard as the person who threw the punch that broke the alleged victim's nose -- and further states Chris only jumped into the fight afterward.

TMZ has reviewed the initial version of the report and we also obtained a revised copy ... which now states Chris landed the bone-crushing blow.

Chris' attorney could make hay of the mixup, and the correction. 

We're also told police videotaped Chris, the bodyguard, the alleged victim, and other witnesses describing who hit whom during the melee.  Law enforcement sources say they believe some of the people on tape may be shading the truth or outright lying, so the confusion may be a bonus for Chris.



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Yeah, of course he's going to get off. See, most logical people though in general don't get involved in fights, despite if they want street cred or not. I don't care if you're an MMA blackbelt or a 2-strike Cali resident, if you have a bullseye on your back, you should be smart enough to use common sense to stay out of situations. In what reality do we live in where 'He joined the fight later' cuts it? Dude needs a wake-up call, whether it be doing some time behind bars or getting his head smashed in, because he's going to continue running around 'above the law' until that happens. He's a ticking time bomb and should be taking all steps he can to stay out of conflict and not let people push his buttons. But he's not, he's playing the victim and wanting special treatment for how he literally fights back against his detractors. Time to grow up, homie

338 days ago


He's young. If he gets out of this it won't be long until he is back in trouble for something else. Prison is in Chris' future whether he likes it or not.

338 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Riding around listening to raps and shooting all the jobs

338 days ago


Never believed the alleged victim in the first place:

"I was willing to accept an apology at the scene..."

Perpetrator - pay-day city.

Pest, nuisance.

337 days ago


Ah!!!!! throw the ass-wipe in jail!!! Always, some excuse!!!!!!!!!

337 days ago


CB and other Black Celebs?

Arguably-more-quick-tempered than white celebs?

Will learn to run the other way -

When he sees Dudes like this on-the-approach.

i.e. Dudes with nothing-to-lose.

Dudes looking for lotz-of-noize/a-quick-score.

337 days ago


hey need to throw this no talent, piece of **** under the jail and tell the world he can't be found.

337 days ago


Oh come on People , you really didn't expect something to come out of this except hits for Harvey did ya !.......He'd have to run over the guy with a car , then get out and stomp him into the ground in the middle of Times Square at Rush hour with thousands of witness to be maybe found quilty of anything...and thats a long if cause his lawyers would came he was only trying to help the man up after her run under his car.......LOL

337 days ago


if your innocent, don't get arrested in wash dc after 12 noon on a friday. judges there work bankers hours (9 to 5 and no weekends) and you don't get to see a judge until monday afternoon. plan on rotting in the nasty dangerous jail for up to 72 hours. then because the judges never give you bail, you either get to stay in the jail, or get assigned to the $60... per year alternative detention unit. either way, you remain supervised/monitored under gov't supervison until your case resolved. worst court sytem and jail in the u.s.

337 days ago


Whats the going price on getting out of jailtime. Hang this POS

337 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

He'll walk. Unfortunately.

337 days ago


Lowlife, ghetto, housing project thug.

337 days ago


TMZ - Witnesses shading the truth & being confused happens in every case.
D.A.'s & police experience this everyday.

337 days ago


The mistake could work in Chris' favor... (here is comes) --MORE-Law enforcement sources say they believe SOME of the people on tape may be shading the truth or outright lying (of course there's always people who lie in any cir***stance--never stopped to cops from filing charges in the past--except if they're name is Chris Brown), so the (so-called) confusion may be a bonus for Chris.(BINGO--THERE'S THE OUT)
Just give those worthless cops and DA in Chocolate City a backstage pass--and they will'll hook him up. They love freebees in DC.

337 days ago


No one would know who the hell this loser is if it weren't for his constant criminal activity.

337 days ago
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