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Conrad Murray

Freedom Means

Book, Possible Reality Show

10/28/2013 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray has had money on his mind while he sat behind bars, and now that he's a free man again, he's using the power of the media to make a quick buck ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the doc tell TMZ ... during his time in L.A. County Jail, Murray penned a large portion of a book about his life and his time with Michael Jackson.  We're told a big chunk of the Jackson story casts blame on others and justifies his conduct in the treatment that ultimately killed the singer and sent Murray to the slammer.

We're also told Murray would be open to some sort of reality show, following his life after jail.  Fact is ... it would probably be entertaining.  Remember Murray singing to Anderson Cooper?

We're told he does not have a publisher for the book.  We don't know if any reality show producers have expressed interest, but you can bet they'll come a calling.


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a reality show would be interesting: SHOW US HOW YOU KILLED MICHAEL!!!

360 days ago


...Of course Murray's book is going to be published, and probably wind-up as a made-for-TV- movie...For enough money this incompetent-drug-dealer didn't hold back on the Propofol, for the highest bidder I don't see him holding back on the details of his relationship with M.J...Even if Murray bends the truth, the story will still be a look inside M.J's private life the public hasn't seen yet...All those people that make M.J a top-10-highest grossing deceased celebrity, will make sure this book has success...

360 days ago


Does the Son of Sam law that prohibits profiting
from one's crimes, in this case manslaughter,
apply here?
It should!

360 days ago


Lots of dumb internet trolls overhere.
Makes me want to yawn.

360 days ago


That's how it goes. . . ,
you can murder room mates in Italy or celeb patients or your 2 year old daughter, if the public wants to enthrall themselves with criminal bastards who got away with it, then you are a lucky criminal bastard.
I'm sick of it!

360 days ago


I can't believe WE are going to turn this guy into a celebrity. I can see him writing a book. But to put him on tv, to see him going to all the papparazzi hot-spots in order to have his picture taken is beyond ridiculous.

What is it with society today that turns us into voyeurs that will watch just about anything they drive down our throat?

If this guy becomes the next Kate Gosselin we are then seriously messed up.

Reality tv has turned us into jokes.

360 days ago


There are specific laws that prevent a convicted criminal from profiting off there crime. Meant to stop this very type of thing. How is it even possible he can do this?

360 days ago


Jackson played people just like Katherine, Jermaine, Joe, Randy, Janet, etc.
So-called friends Corey Feldman, Liz Taylor & Macaulay Culkin were drunks or drug abusers.
Culkin was arrested & near death because of weed, Cocaine & cigarette addiction. Corey Haim suffered from child abuse & drug denials and died when he had no drug addiction.
Addicts weren't "completely healthy" after drugs left the body.
Liz Taylor told Jackson to change his face in Arnold Klein's office. She had the nerve to say nothing was wrong with Jackson & that he was just "ECCENTRIC" at Neverland.

By 1997, Jackson had more than 10 Propofol procedures on his nose or skin, Debbie Rowe testified.

In a doctor's testimony, it was proven that Jackson

Jermaine & Katherine admitted that Jackson was overdosing in 2001, but they let him block the family interventions. Katherine called Jackson a F A G because he hid at Neverland with white & Hispanic boys & didn't let "DIFFERENT KIDS in his life". A letter she sent to him proved this fact.
She also confessed that she told his plastic surgeon to stop cutting his nose because it looked like a "toothpick".
She nodded her head in court when Debbie testified that he trusted doctors & gave them money & gifts to get what he fantasized were good fixes.

Of course, he was on drugs when he held the 3 kids above the hotel balcony.
In youtube videos, Debbie let him hold Prince out the window in 1997 twice, when she knew he had drug addiction & was vulnerable to saying & doing things to hurt himself.

Jackson told a "spiritual advisor" that he had no idea what he did to his money, in another phone recording (youtube).

An anesthetic nurse testified that Jackson stopped breathing during a Demerol procedure with Arnold Klein in 2003.

A doctor said Jackson brought a box of Propofol to him and begged him to infuse it.
Another doctor stole Demerol from his concert doctor to inject Jackson in 1993.

He manipulated Debbie Rowe and another stupid doctor which Debbie Rowe testified was her "TRUSTED DOCTOR FRIEND" and "BEST MAN at their 1996 WEDDING" to inject him Propofol in 1997, and that was after he blamed his DEMEROL addiction on unnecessry scalp surgeries.
HE ALSO DEMANDED 3 lip surgeries & nose butchering in the 1980s & 1990s.
The horrific deformity on his face caused him to rush to Arnold Klein to inject RESTYLANE & Demerol. There 's his evidential weak condition after he took the children to the dermatologist several times.

From March-June 2009, he pumped Demerol at least 30 times, a researcher testified.
He passed the AEG doctor exam in March 2009, then he began infusing Propofol & stopped eating.
He thought he could live on Paul McCartney's promotion & Sony artists' publishing profit but he told Randy Phillips that he was "a vagabond" with no house. If he was so happy, he wouldn't have "bought" debt-riddled doctors' drug crimes.

360 days ago


His book will sit next to OJ's 'If I Did It' on the shelves in the MURDERERS section... gathering dust.

360 days ago

Cry Baby    

Oh a reality show for sure, to fill the market needs. You know the US economy is still so bad, the show will actually create many needed jobs and give some black actors a chance to make it rich and famous.

Personally, I wouldn't mind to see a re-enactment of the death of the wacko, they should shoot the sense with slow motion, how he slowly injected himself and slowly closed his eyes and then the white milk slowly oozed out from his eyes, nose, mouth and ears, oh, that would be equally satisfying as seeing the wacko zombies get hammered in the walking death!!!

360 days ago


what can murray say about Michael's life that we don't know already?


The Dr. walked into the wacko masturbating while licking his toy baby's bottom, more than once.

The wacko has a female reproduction organ

lots, of things we may not have known yet!!!




360 days ago


There are specific laws that prevent a convicted criminal from profiting off there crime. Meant to stop this very type of thing. How is it even possible he can do this?


There are laws preventing molesters harming innocent children and feeding them Jesus juice, how is that MJ was allowed to do that and his family got benefits from his death earnings???

I can only tell you:

God works in a mysterious way!!!!

360 days ago


Jackson was too lazy to write hit songs about "women" he never loved. Even Prince whined in court that his father wasn't too lazy to produce authentic precious songs about women..
Where were songs about drug rehab & pedophiles? LOL

Abused & criminal boys and pedophiles are happy that Jackson loved to hug & protect them.

I wonder what Jackson would say now that the murderer of James Bulger is ALSO RELEASED FROM PRISON. LMFAO Jackson was so mad when PEDOPHILE Elvis' daughter Lisa Marie STOPPED him from HUGGING THE MURDERERS! LOL

After all, Jackson demanded to have pedophile Elvis' GRANDCHILDREN. LMFAO

360 days ago


This article shows exactly what is wrong with the media landscape and America today.

Here we have a guy who killed another, was convicted and went to prison. There we have 3 children who lost their father and are still struggling to go on with their lives.
In addition we have the ruthless media, who would do anything for a good quota, ignoring the impact and trauma it would create on MJ's children, having to watch the media fighting over the man who killed their dad.

I thought that Paris' suicide attempt would be a wake-up call for the media in dealing with children, especially under such cir***stances. But I was obviously wrong. It is beyond me how people can be so heartless and give this guy even a second of media presence.
May the children get all the support they need and let's hope that at least some media people realise what they are doing and refuse to give Murray any more attention than he's already gotten.
Besides, I thought that there is a law that keeps felons from benefiting from their crime, isn't there?

360 days ago


I guess Conrad and the baby Mama can now use her 'instrument' since he is now free!

360 days ago
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