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Conrad Murray

Freedom Means

Book, Possible Reality Show

10/28/2013 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray has had money on his mind while he sat behind bars, and now that he's a free man again, he's using the power of the media to make a quick buck ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the doc tell TMZ ... during his time in L.A. County Jail, Murray penned a large portion of a book about his life and his time with Michael Jackson.  We're told a big chunk of the Jackson story casts blame on others and justifies his conduct in the treatment that ultimately killed the singer and sent Murray to the slammer.

We're also told Murray would be open to some sort of reality show, following his life after jail.  Fact is ... it would probably be entertaining.  Remember Murray singing to Anderson Cooper?

We're told he does not have a publisher for the book.  We don't know if any reality show producers have expressed interest, but you can bet they'll come a calling.


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Just My Opinion    

Well, what can I say about l our media. Stupid stupid does. TV isn't like it use to be, that is for damn sure. If Murray was a good doctor, he wouldn't have to worry about money, nor would he be so lame to have given Michael Jackson that drug that killed him...for the sake of having a lot of money at that time.

I wouldn't be a bit surprise if this quack doctor Murry, and the Hollywood throat slasher OJ team up and do a reality show together on how to get away with murder.

Look at what TV has become. Either we have lame azz reality shows on how to act like or become a slut and/or play men for money. How to act like or be a burnt out druggie that can't talk right any more. How to act like, or become a moron, that talks nasty and/or about sex 24/7.

What is so sad, is that, our society has become so brain washed into thinking this is good entertainment, and is acceptable way for us to live, act, and behave.

259 days ago


People who don't blame Jackson for his own death are simply delusional.

259 days ago


He can drug contestants up, OD them, and then other contestants can wager on if he'll be able to bring them back to life.

259 days ago


I personally do not want him to write a book or get a reality show. He shouldn't make any money off of Michael Jackson in any way. I won't sure will not buy or watch anything if it is him trying to cash in over Michaels death.

259 days ago


I am sure he has many tales about the sick Jacksons he could tell!!

259 days ago


Call the show Thriller and use MJ's song Thriller as bumper music for the show.

259 days ago


He said give me a Prophylactic not Propofol you moron.

259 days ago


I thought there was a law that the person guilty of a murder could not make money from the crime??

259 days ago


PLEASE, boycott whatever he does !!!!

259 days ago

Boo Beh    

Conrad has HAVE money on his mind...the money is exactly the reason why Michael is not here with us today....

259 days ago


Michael Jackson was no saint by any stretch. The entertainer was totally different off stage.

If it was Michael Jackson Dr. Murray who? Jackson overdosed himself and Murray took the hit. That simple.

259 days ago


America should be proud. They make people like this famous and give them a reality show and book deal. Nice one America. Not.

259 days ago


I wouldn't buy his book for 99 Cents, even that would be too much, and I bet MJ's attorneys are just waiting for Murray to attempt to use MJ's name so they could get an immediate injunction and put the brakes on anything Murray tries to do using MJ's name.

259 days ago


I thought that a law existed that prohibited profiting from a crime?

259 days ago


Forget how you feel about Michael Jackson good or bad.....WHY is the guy who KILLED HIM allowed to put out a book ABOUT HIM and allowed to have some sort of reality show? This makes me sick. LOOK AT WHERE HIS HEAD IS AT...HE THINKS HE'S A CELEBRITY NOW...he thinks he should be followed by cameras while he "gets his life back together"...and he thinks people actually would care. Time and time again he proves he's a SOCIOPATH. Once again this is a guy who is a PROVEN LIAR by SCIENCE and common sense ....WHY would anyone think anything he has to say would be truthful? What a PIECE OF SH*T this guy is....and his girlfriend too.

259 days ago
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