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Camille Grammer

Claims BF Bruised, Battered Her

Wins Restraining Order

10/29/2013 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1029_camiklle_grammer_color_launch_v2Camille Grammer just got a restraining order against her boyfriend, claiming he brutalized and terrorized her in a hotel room, leaving her bruised and battered.

In her declaration, filed by attorney Larry Stein and obtained by TMZ, Camille claims on October 16, she was in a Houston hotel room with boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos ... recovering from cancer surgery just days before.

At 1:30 AM Camille says a woman started texting Dimitri and ended up calling him and screaming.

The phone call triggered an argument between Camille and Dimitri.  She claims at that point he grabbed her by the hair, twisted it around his hand and repeatedly pulled her head into the bed and its headboard.  She says he pulled out clumps of her hair in the process.

Camille says she tried to call for help, but Dimitri smashed her iPhone.

1029_camiile_color_sub_v2But it didn't end there.  Camille claims Dimitri "squeezed my nose between his finger and pushed upward forcefully, covering my mouth in an attempt to silence me to prevent me from breathing."

Camille also claims Dimitri wrestled her on the hotel bed, "repeatedly slamming my head and face into the furniture and completely immobilizing me."  She claims he said, "I wanna smash your head in.  I'll give you a reason to call the cops." 

Camille says the abuse went on for 40 minutes to an hour as she feared for her life and begged him to stop.

She says as Dimitri was about to leave he said he would knock her out if she moved from the bed.

Camille, who claims she felt Dimitri would kill her, ended up bruised and battered.

A judge just granted a temporary restraining order ... ordering Dimitri to stay 100 yards from Camille and her 2 kids.



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307 days ago


google the silver city ripper. violence seems to run in dimitri's family.

307 days ago

Mr. Smith    

If ever I heard a bull calf ,aka tmz, this is yeezus god sent bs made for your banished theatre troupe clan, and the cell phone piss poor motoring of 30 miles of lame drivers, added to the rest of bogus failing America, it's like Yeeaa!

307 days ago


What a sad, pathetic, attention seeking, money hungry B*TCH!!! GET A JOB!!

307 days ago


Go away Camille....

307 days ago


In other words ...Camille had major plastic surgery & silicone injections and the paparazzi didn't buy the "CANCER" thingy so she paid-off Dimitri to accept a fake beating up charge.

307 days ago


She needs to stop looking for a man and just focus on being a mom. I wouldn't want my kids to remember any man putting their hand on me like that.

307 days ago


Looks like plastic surgery gone wrong... jus sayin'

307 days ago


I can't believe all you people acting like someone would fake something like this. She had nothing to gain by reporting this. It was very courageous of her to do so. Shame on some of you for acting like she somehow deserves this or is partially to blame. maybe in picking men, but lots of men are charming at first, but then you find out what they are really like, and then try to leave, they get violent. I feel sorry for her, she doesn't deserve to be treated that way, nobody does.

307 days ago


Instant Poll. Like if you believe her, Hate if you don't.

307 days ago


Reading some (actually most ) of these comments just reinforces something I've theorized on peoples response to DV or violence against an individual. The victims perceived character seems to make the difference in how people react. People seem to feel bad for a victim who "seems" nice,sweet,whatever. But if you have an alleged character flaw, sympathy goes out the window.

I understand that character or past behavior can influence how we look at a person but it shouldn't be used to determine if the person is worth caring about or having empathy for. If this abuse did happen in the way and for the reasons Camille stated (has he released a statement denying or confirming yet?) whether she's a goldigger or conniving shouldn't make a difference. Maybe people should reserve judgement and stop name calling UNTIL ALL facts are out. One Plus least TMZ isnt dragging Camille's character through the mud like they did Brooke mueller after the Sheen assault. Brooke may have been a recovering drug addict that was also drunk that night but it didn't make her claim less valid. That's always bothered me but I figure Sheen must be a "friend" to TMZ in some way.

307 days ago


No man should but his hands on a women, but in Texas unless you end up in the hospital the guy doesn't get arrested unless the D.A. fills they have a case, and then it can take months. Mine toke 6 months.

307 days ago


Whats that? Do you hear that? It's Kelsey Grammer's laugh. The last laugh.

307 days ago


She thought she owned him because she was in control and had the money and power but he was cheating with another, prob hot younger woman. Boy, was she pissed off. She insulted and belittled him and he told her to stfu and she went to hit him and he held her hands down and pushed her on the bed away from him. She might have hit her head. But she will make him pay. She'll have him'll get a restraining order! Now he can't EVER get all the clothes she bought him.

307 days ago


High maintenance self absorbed, egocentric Bimbo. She must have really tried to smother this guy and control his every move. Men should run for the hills when they see women like her. Scary.

307 days ago
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