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Hells Angels

Sues Young Jeezy Over Skull Logo

Hells No You Don't!!!

10/29/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Hells Angels don't need baseball bats and chains to protect their image -- all they need is a good lawyer, which is exactly what they got to sue rapper Young Jeezy's clothing line ... claiming Jeezy's company jacked their iconic Death Head logo.

The fabled motorcycle club filed the lawsuit against 8732 Apparel for essentially reprinting the Hells Angels logo on jackets and hats ... and selling them for a massive profit.

The 8732 design isn't an exact rip-off ... but Hells Angels claims it's close enough to confuse people.

HA claims 8732 has already earned substantial profits from the bootleg merch, and the motorcycle club wants every last cent of that money.

The club is now suing for unspecified damages. It also wants a judge to force 8732 to stop selling anything with an HA-looking logo on it. Calls to 8732 were not returned.

FYI, this isn't the first time the Hells Angels went ballistic over someone stealing their logo -- you'll recall, they sued Rob Dyrdek's clothing company and MTV last year for the same thing.


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God of the hells angels    

Any women or children being threatened or intimidated by the USA hells angels google God of the USA hells angels . I have been beating up USA hells angels for many many decades . No matter How b8ig you think your problem with these gang bangers is I will make it disappear

USA hells angels are more known for their gangs involvement with child porn and sex related crimes and murdering women and children .
The USA hells angels are as racist as a racist gets USA hells angels vote white registered sex offenders as leaders in the gang but they will not even allow a black man to be a member .

The Chickhead emblem the USA hells angels wear I think its like a red light in a whore house
men know that the USA hells angels are looking for men and are available for a price.
Some USA hells angels get supported and shared by groups of sex offender support clubs on Motorcycles and the lucky Hells angels go on to be cared for by rich Hollywood men .
Its a Hard Knock Life But USA hells angels revolve around Hard Guys

324 days ago


Any white celebs doing anything interesting?

324 days ago


Exactly! When is the last time a... rapper had an original idea?

324 days ago

The Zombie    

The fact is, the HAMC Death's Head is trademarked property of the HAMC, and they must defend it or lose it. Look up trademark laws, and inform the next HAMC patch holder you run across of your opinion.

324 days ago


The Hell’s Angels character has nothing to do with whether it is okay to commit copyright infringement. You can’t steal another person’s/entity’s work…period! That logo looks a lot like the Hell’s Angels logo so why would a club want to copy their logo? You do know that copying another is the best forms of flattery don’t you? The Hell’s Angels have taken the correct venue to settle this dispute. If it doesn’t work...I’d run because the group does have connections.

324 days ago


Oh shyt. I made it on tmz. Lol. Follow da face of 8732 on Instagram @b_8732_y and on twitter @Mr87_

324 days ago


This in a perfect way to get your blk as s killed. Man are some people straight stupid.

324 days ago


He's lucky he didnt get the crap beat out of him.

324 days ago


Whitey always telling watching or filming...

324 days ago


I do know of one black guy who got patched...

Not on planet Earth he didn't.

Outlaw Bike gangs are White Power, other than the Wheels of Soul.

324 days ago


Those white boys know who they can f*ck with and who they can't, hence handling it the legal way.There is an old saying the old-timers always say to the reckless... theres always someone bigger and badder than you out there..pick your battles carefully

324 days ago


Obviously no one knows what HA's are. They just think OOH big bad motorcycle club. Look around some of your most prominent neighbors wear the patch.
And looking in the mirror doesn't make it right to make racial comments. At your most unexpected time one will be there to save your life and you'll never see it because you can't look past your own ego.

324 days ago


You best take this for real Jezzy. They will get you either in court or on the outside which will be worse. Show some respect fro Christ sakes.

324 days ago


Wearing a 3 patch jacket and not understanding the significance is treading in very dangerous water. ONLY serious CLUB affiliates wear 3 Patch Jackets regardless of Race/Ethnicity/Nation. Wearing such things is not a TREND with such clubs. You better be about that LIFE. These CATs do not play.

324 days ago


I could care less about who wins the suit. But i would be concerned that some kid who has no knowledge of the logo will get caught in the middle of somthing bad. Probably not with HA but with a rival trying to make its bones. We all know not to wear a red or blue bandana in a big city right? Here in philly you could probably get away with all three. But try wearing a Dallas jersey in a club. Im sure they would not even let u in and may escort you off their property. In closing... Pay attention to life a little bit or be ready for the consequences of being dumb.

324 days ago
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