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Hells Angels

Sues Young Jeezy Over Skull Logo

Hells No You Don't!!!

10/29/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Hells Angels don't need baseball bats and chains to protect their image -- all they need is a good lawyer, which is exactly what they got to sue rapper Young Jeezy's clothing line ... claiming Jeezy's company jacked their iconic Death Head logo.

The fabled motorcycle club filed the lawsuit against 8732 Apparel for essentially reprinting the Hells Angels logo on jackets and hats ... and selling them for a massive profit.

The 8732 design isn't an exact rip-off ... but Hells Angels claims it's close enough to confuse people.

HA claims 8732 has already earned substantial profits from the bootleg merch, and the motorcycle club wants every last cent of that money.

The club is now suing for unspecified damages. It also wants a judge to force 8732 to stop selling anything with an HA-looking logo on it. Calls to 8732 were not returned.

FYI, this isn't the first time the Hells Angels went ballistic over someone stealing their logo -- you'll recall, they sued Rob Dyrdek's clothing company and MTV last year for the same thing.


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I support Young Jezzy, hes one of my favorite rappers. but we all know that hells angels have nothing to do with black people... I would never buy ant of 8732 with this weak logo.

269 days ago

mica pearson    

right I'm sticking this into the ether.

I have just seen the copyright infringement on TMZ and the death head which is totally understandable.

however, in an era of false flag operations, suspicious government activity and unstabelness has it occurred to you once again the government is trying to create a hostile situation between two groups.

the American Government would like nothing more than to create an outright war between the black wannabe gangsters and the Hells Angels MC so they can step in and bust both sides.

I love the HA with all my heart and would die to protect them.

this situation saddens me because I have the feeling its been set up to create maximum damage.

if I have spoken out of line then please forgive me as this was not my intention.

I just wanted to highlight the possibility that all sides are being set up.

LLH&Total Respect always.

269 days ago

God of the hells angels    

USA Hells angels are such Cowards and Punks look at how they fight .

Accusing men like me of crimes USA hells angels commit Because they are upset I tell the world what USa hells angels are really about.

This is why USA hells angels should be Outlawed in the USA they are a Gang of pedophiles

that lie and gang together to intimidate people that speak up against the Hells angels sex offenders ways

269 days ago


All these rappers? Are pedophiles and a lot of them are bi. Not that that has anything to do with being a pedophile but they are. Anyway this entitled little punk is gonna learn 81 runs this country! START SOMETHING YOU LITTLE PEDO!

269 days ago

God of the hells angels    

There is a God of the USA hells angels because the USA hells angels are a gang of registered sex offenders child porners PEDOPHILES AND WOMEN AND CHILD ABUSERS AND WOMEN AND CHILD MURDERS .

The USA government allows these white pedophile registered sex offenders child porners in the USA hells angels and their groupie support gangs to gather and raise money for hells angels sex offenders .

Some one has to remind these hells angel sex offenders they will be punished when caught.

269 days ago


Ahem, anyone that knows a just a little about the Hells Angels know the only clothing they put that logo on is a black HL vest or jacket. In my opinion the rappers logo looks nothing like the HL's logo. The HL logo is very distinct. It has a scull for a head and white trim around the whole logo. Are they a little similar? Yes. But not enough to win in a lawsuit.

269 days ago

God of the hells angels    

God of the USA hells angels Rules over the USA hells angels pedophile with an IRON glove .

Step up and feel the pain of your Lord God and master .

See everyone in the world that knows who USA hells angels are knows who the God of the USA hells angels is But the USA hells angels are scared to death to stop me from being the God of the USA jhells angels.

That shows the USA hells angels are just fake gangsters but real life pedophiles sex offenders , child porners and women and child abusers and women and child murders .

Thats just the way it is folks

269 days ago


Not a legal leg to stand on. The logo's are completely different. Further more theyre not using the HL logo. I have never seen a HL member wearing a blue jean vest with their logo. As a mater of fact they only put their logo on their leather vests and jackets. From what Ive read, only HL members can wear them.

269 days ago


That ignorant fool is gonna get his black-ass handed to him in a lunchbox....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! All these morons here posting how "street" Wheezy (or whatever his name is) is...well that's good, cuz he's gonna get get to be very good friends with the pavement.

269 days ago


you know you aren't isht when the Hells Angels SUE you.
Now if they send a coupla guys, then you're moving up in the world...

269 days ago


Some people are just unbelievably dumb.

269 days ago


He is copy cat.

269 days ago


Yeah right, Jeezy is a street dude, with ties to BMF (Black Mafia Family). He aint worried dummy.. Only other whites "Truly" fear them. Trust me, they may be the top dogs in rural areas of the countries, but let them come to the wrong part of town and they'll lose their jackets and their bikes!

269 days ago

jdizzla a    

I get this weird feeling that someone doesnt like the usa hells angels

269 days ago


Another one bits the dust lmao.. did u see how scarex dyrdek was with his apologise...

269 days ago
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