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Hells Angels

Sues Young Jeezy Over Skull Logo

Hells No You Don't!!!

10/29/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Hells Angels don't need baseball bats and chains to protect their image -- all they need is a good lawyer, which is exactly what they got to sue rapper Young Jeezy's clothing line ... claiming Jeezy's company jacked their iconic Death Head logo.

The fabled motorcycle club filed the lawsuit against 8732 Apparel for essentially reprinting the Hells Angels logo on jackets and hats ... and selling them for a massive profit.

The 8732 design isn't an exact rip-off ... but Hells Angels claims it's close enough to confuse people.

HA claims 8732 has already earned substantial profits from the bootleg merch, and the motorcycle club wants every last cent of that money.

The club is now suing for unspecified damages. It also wants a judge to force 8732 to stop selling anything with an HA-looking logo on it. Calls to 8732 were not returned.

FYI, this isn't the first time the Hells Angels went ballistic over someone stealing their logo -- you'll recall, they sued Rob Dyrdek's clothing company and MTV last year for the same thing.


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Right on 81, all of you who have comments need to mind your own ****, the men who have earned the honor to become a 81 CLUB member deserve respect for they fight everyday for freedom from a society of people who just dont understand what loyalty, respect and honor even is. Why dont you live you life and stay the hell out of theirs. All would be fine.

269 days ago

God of the hells angels    

I am the God of the USA hells angels I am living proof USa hells angels are just big mouth bitches that need a Lawyer or a pimp to stand up for them.

269 days ago


That is one group I would not want to play with.

268 days ago

Shut Yo Mouf    

Lol @ these comments about how big and bad HA are. You people got the game twisted if you actually think young Jeezy sweating them dudes.

268 days ago

God of the hells angels    

Everyone knows Mike Yevtuck is the God of the USA
But getting any more USA hells angels willing to risk their chicken **** life trying to beat or kill the god of the USA hells angels just shows what kind of big mouth bitches are in the USA hells angels flock .

Any USA hells angels or any USA hells angel chapter that wants to take a shot at their god lets get the show started you USA chicken headed hells angels coward freaking pedophile child porn supporting s***bags

268 days ago

Auntie Proglodyte    

God Bless 'em! The Hells Angels obviously don't bow to the destructive notion of Generational Black Entitlement...

Squeeze as many $$MILLIONS$$ out of this Counterfeiting Urban Feral, as possible! Let's just hope that Obama and Holder refrain from interjecting their meddling Racist selves into the litigious mix...

268 days ago

God of the hells angels    

USA Hells angels do not bow because they are not gentlemen I tauch the USA hells angels to Curtsy before me The God of the USA hells angels.

USA hells angels are my Hoes I have been paper training them but they are slow hoses and they still ain;t trained but I am working on it

268 days ago


He's an idiot to use anything that looks like their patch

268 days ago


come on now, hell angels still living off what they use to be like. this day and age you all know what gangs run these street. The ones that have so many of you not leaving out your houses certain parts of the night... and it aint no hells angels

268 days ago


Always funny to see an international criminal gang resorting to lawyers. Why I don't get is why they aren't all arrested for being part of an international criminal gang.

268 days ago


ha! not the first time a nig has stolen a white mans idea

268 days ago


Way to close to the Original, some of the Biker community would know the difference but looks like it could be a "Supporter" patch....not good

268 days ago


It's not only a obvious copyright violation in which the HA'S stand to win, it could lead to a hostile encounter. Bad business decision.

267 days ago


I hope they beat his ass after they win in court!

265 days ago

Sharron Lewis    

Good for the HELLS ANGELS, they have been around a long tjme, befor Jeezy, & will be around long after,Jeezy Knew whot would happen when he posd for that photo,FOOOOL, whots up, no one taken any notice of him, well the ANGELS did, Laughing .

248 days ago
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