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Mike Tyson to Chris Brown:


... Or Else

10/29/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mike Tyson
is worried about Chris Brown ... he thinks the pop star is too violent ... and if he doesn't cut the crap, CB is going to pay a very serious price.

Tyson was a guest on the 95.5 PLJ Morning Show this morning ... when the gang asked if Mike, who's battled anger issues in the past, had any advice for Chris -- and Tyson delivered.

"I like and admire that little guy," Tyson said ... adding, "I'm just worried about him."

Tyson says he knows from experience that if Chris doesn't learn to control his rage issues, people will turn on him -- and "they're gonna put him somewhere where that's all they do is assault people."

We're guessing he means prison.

You gotta listen to the interview, it's incredible -- and Tyson ends with this gem: "Chris should know this ... if you're not humble in this world, this world will thrust humbleness upon you."

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Tyson was a killer as a young boxer and I believed he would go down as one of the greats like Ali and Foreman. Unfortunately drugs and odd behavior and angerness sent him in another direction. I am so glad he is getting his sh!t together and he is telling a personal tale, so Chris should listen and take heed. It can and probably will happen to him.

258 days ago


With Age come Wisdom - Mike Tyson rocks.
CB - take it from a fellow little guy - I used to have little guy anger issues and then I got my tall pointy hat. Maybe it would work for you too!

258 days ago


All i keep hearing is that chris needs to take responsibility, he needs to not be so angry. Well my thoughts are people are always saying people are always going to talk about you, people are always going to mess with you. Well if people like that would go sit down somewhere. It wouldnt be anyone talking or bullying or the best one "just joking". Smdh everyone has to take personal responsibility in this including this ass who approached him . The victim said he wasnt a chris brown fan he just thought this was funny. But we can continue to condone ignorance in our society and help people file frivolous lawsuits, because it makes for a good story. You can hardly try to argue chris being responsible, because you dont know the responsibility of both parties. Thats why i ignore ppl on the internet. Its blurred lines between right and wrong in2013. Smdh

258 days ago


Mike is right on with his comments about the oh so out of control Chris Brown!!

258 days ago


God bless Mike Tyson for giving Chris this advise, I just hope and pray he listens. The criminal justice system is filled with young African American men with anger issues. Chris has to get his act together, before its too late.

258 days ago


Can I just say... I really have come to like and even ADMIRE Mike Tyson... He KNOWS what can/could be/will be in store for ALL these so called "THUGS" who think they are gods gift to MUSIC/US/THE WORLD... I wish Mike Tyson all the best... I'd LOVE to sit and have lunch with him!

258 days ago


he said thrust humbleness upon you... not dress

258 days ago


Serious words of wisdom from Iron Mike. Lay it down man.

258 days ago


Regardless of the details surrounding this case. He clearly has anger and physical violence issues. I'm not usually one to propose violence onto someone to teach them a lesson. But I think he does need to do some prison time with rehabilitation or at least an attempted rehabilitation and maybe he should get his ass beat while incarcerated. I doubt that it would do any good but at least he knows there is someone bigger and meaner them him and that your only as tough as the body guard you have in front of you.

I think it's clearly evident that he got away with whatever as a child and he gets away with whatever as an adult because of his celebrity status. I hope he never reproduces I would sincerely fear for a child in his presences.

258 days ago


I agree with Mike. He was the best fighter had the fame and money. His legal issues took him out at the prime of his career.

258 days ago


For me?

Mike Tyson has become the most incredible story in the long/gloried history of heavy-weight boxing.

His ability to gain insight, intelligence, love for people.

Despite a brutal life from the very beginning.

Being ripped-off by some many - during his reign of terror -

When Mike Tyson speaks - the World needs to listen -

Love and respect the guy beyond comprehension.

The Man's Man.

258 days ago


Tell it Mike!!

258 days ago


Mike Tyson = Role Model Extraordinaire.

Been there - did that - Changed.

258 days ago


One of the most compelling things I've ever seen?

Mike Tyson, a few weeks back, breaking-down in a press conference:

"Look, I've been lying about sobriety, I only have three days..."

Entire room breaking into applause/love -

Tyson's a Giant now -

258 days ago


Only the Haters want Chris Brown to go down...

Only the Haters -

258 days ago
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