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Marvin Gaye Family Sues

Robin Thicke Admitted

'Blurred Lines' Is a Rip-Off

10/30/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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1030_marvin_gaye_robin_thicke_gettyTwo of Marvin Gaye's kids are shooting down Robin Thicke's claims that "Blurred Lines" is NOT a rip-off of their father's music ... filing a countersuit that accuses Robin of changing his tune about the origin of the song.

Nona Gaye and Frankie Christian Gaye filed the docs today ... pointing to Robin's interviews with "Billboard" and "GQ"  -- where he admitted Marvin's "Got to Give It Up" was one of his fave songs of all time, and he wanted to "make something like that, something with that groove."

Nona and Frankie's suit is a response to Robin's -- filed back in August -- in which he sought to preemptively get a court to rule 'Blurred' was not a carbon copy.

The Gaye kids also cite a clip TMZ shot with Robin after his lawsuit ... where Robin denied thinking of Marvin Gaye when he wrote 'Blurred.'

092613_robin_thicke_launch_v2The Gaye suit further claims Robin's song "Love After War" is a copy of the Marvin hit, "After the Dance."

Marvin's kids want damages, including profits from the songs -- which could easily top millions ... remember, "Blurred Lines" was number one for 12 weeks.

Interestingly, Marvin Gaye III is not part of this countersuit. He appeared on TMZ Live and strongly hinted he would go after Thicke in court.


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[Correction] ***The Tamahu have always stolen from very talented black people. (Ever notice that it never goes the other way????) This goes all the way back to the Black Kemetics (aka egyptians as the hidden hand wants you to call them). There would be NO Masons, Illuminati and other groups without them ripping off the ideas, thoughts, technology, religion of the ancient BLACK Africans of Kemet. I hate that in a couple of years, morons are going to think that Thicke and Justin Timberlake created R&B. Just like the hidden hand wants you to believe that Eric Clapton started the Blues. Thicke did steal this riff from the late great Marvin Gaye, he just changed the key signature of the song and Thicke's song suxed the high hard one but the best thing that should be praised is the fact he has a great publicist who made this song more popular then it should have been.

324 days ago


I was around in '77 when "Got To Give It Up" was all over the radio and getting heavy rotation. Put me on the jury and I won't be awarding anything to the Gaye family. They are two different songs!!

324 days ago


Sue the Sh$$$$$t out of this loser.......Make him go away, just like everyone wants MC to go away. Thank you......

324 days ago

*_* JUST A FRIEND *_*    

...They definitely copied the music, and probably thought they had tweaked the songs enough to call them their own...The difference between traditional sampling and what R.T did is, that R.T didn't mix in sound-bites straight from the original songs on M.G's actual studio album...He instead used his own musicians to play the modified music...When it comes to how much royalties are paid for sampling songs, they base it on the popularity and the length of the sample used from the original song...R.T seems like he's trying to pull a fast one and M.G's kids seem like a bunch of spoiled trust-fund-babies, so its kind of hard to root for anybody...!!! TESTIFY !!!

324 days ago


saying he wanted something with the same groove is not an admission of a rip off. It does have that funky groove but it doesn't sound anything like the original song.

324 days ago


Thicke comes across as an egotistical jerk but the Gay family is wasting time and money on this one!!!

324 days ago

david 183    

Don't know anything about this case but when I hear this song I don't hear any similarities to Marvin Gaye. And I'm a fan of his music. God luck with the suit but I don't think they have much of a chance. But hey you never know when it comes to Court.

324 days ago


The whole Thicke family is seriously screwed up something really strange Alan weird Gloria now this spawn Robin.

324 days ago


Yep, similar vibe. But not a ripoff.

324 days ago


Doesn't Sound the Same to me.

324 days ago

Money grubbing POS kids. I hope u lose and lose big. Your dad is turning in his grave. Who had to tell u it was sampled as the kids clearly didnt even know their own dads track.. some suit pos told u it might be a way to make a few more bucks off your dead dads name. Dredges... losers.

324 days ago


I totally thought it was a Marvin Gaye remix when I first heard it....if not permission rip off.

323 days ago


Sorry. I don't think that these are all that similar. It's a stretch to say otherwise.

323 days ago


What was that "artist are cannibals" quote? Fk the gayes and fk Thicke. Neither are artist. Just a bunch of money hungry vultures.

323 days ago

Joey Boots    

I am with Robin on this one - loved Marvin Gaye but his kids are just being greedy and stretching real far to try and get paid.

323 days ago
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