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Miley Cyrus

I'm All About PORNO Pumpkins

10/30/2013 7:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is more trick than treat this Halloween ... at least judging by the photo of some very X-rated pumpkins she just posted on Twitter.

It's unclear if Miley carved the Jack-o'-lanterns herself -- but she's definitely proud of the 3 pumpkins, 2 of which contain images of people bangin' (one lesbian scene) and another gourd contains an image of a giant marijuana leaf.

And to tie the whole thing together, there's a sign that reads, "Happy F**king Halloween."

You stay classy, Miley.



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Rusty Shackleford    


358 days ago


I love her two girls know that's all an act with her. She isn't going down on any chick...

358 days ago


Riri and Miley need to go do a porno and then die. #GO AWAY ALREADY!

358 days ago


I will give Ms. Cyrus credit for this: It has taken her incredulously little time to catch up to the Kardashian clan in the "we're sick of them!" department.

358 days ago


What a no class PIG. Im sure there are pumpkins like this at frat houses around the country, but to share it online when you're a "celebrity" (seriously why is she a celebrity? i mean her dad was a one-hit wonder with the worst hair in the game who is now a 50 yr old metro sexual d-bag) is just trashy.

358 days ago


What do you expect from a skank?

358 days ago


You are giving her the publicity she so desperately wants.

358 days ago


Fact is that Cyrus the Virus will never be a Katy Perry. Katy Perry has far more talent than Miley will ever have. The music industry has already said that Katy's CD Prism will sell more than any other female's CD's that were brought out this year. That means you Cyrus the Virus. So despite all her trashy half naked/naked, drug loving antics this year in order to sell her CD, Katy has got her beat. Go Katy!!!!

358 days ago


its funny because in mileys head she thinks shes about that life but really shes just a rich inbred that lives in the suburbs trying hard to look like a badass.

358 days ago


Just stop reporting on this attention wh0re already please. No one gives a crap about her or her cries for attention.

358 days ago

Amber Olson     

Really TMZ??? Are u guys that hungry for pictures that u took pictures of obscene pumpkin photos? TMZ you guys are like VULTURES and MILEY grow the FU, I hope your parents are ashamed of your nasty behavior.

358 days ago


One hit wonder Daddy, Billy Ray, and Cyrus the Virus Mom Tish are probably cheering her own. They don't want to upset their cash cow. Cyrus the Virus has to resort to these shock the H*ll outta you antics, to make up for her lack of talent. She is an immature, spoiled, egotistical, skanky brat. Frankly, i find this getting kind of old. I expect her to do these kinda things now, and I would not be shocked to see her walking naked down the street. Pretty soon she will have to come up with some other sh*t to do to stay relevant. People will get bored with her skanky ways. YAWN!!!

358 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Oh..PLEASE! You're all about the money, and don't give a flying fck how you look by "normal people" out there, that have good values, morals and respect for themselves and their body.

358 days ago


So sad and disturbing. Especially when innocent kids are the main ones going trick or treating. I've seen this before at a house in Hermosa Beach. I thought the people were sick and perverted. People that do this don't have a clue, a conscience a soul or obviously kids. As for Miley, sadly she is just a by product of the age of the internet. One of the lost generation.

358 days ago



358 days ago
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