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Pauly D

Baby Mama Won't Let Me See My Baby Alone

10/30/2013 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D has just been REJECTED by his baby mama ... who says she will NOT let him visit his 5-month old daughter unsupervised.

Pauly's lawyer sent a letter to Amanda Markert's attorney, requesting that Pauly get visitation of the little girl, Amabella, for 2 weeks beginning today.

TMZ has learned ... Markert's lawyer told Pauly's mouthpiece to pound sand, saying Pauly cannot take the baby unsupervised for that period of time.  So it seems she might be open to visitation if she or someone else she chooses is present.

Our sources say Pauly D's lawyer has agreed to supervised visitation but now all they're getting is radio silence.

Pauly's rep tells us, "Paul and his entire family are eager to meet and spend time with Paul’s daughter.  Paul has been requesting visitation for quite some time now, but his requests have either gone unresponded to or denied. He and his family are committed to being a significant part of his daughter’s life and are excited to make that a reality. "



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Two weeks right off the bat away from everyone the baby knows is not a smart move. Visit the child a few times with the mom or someone else around that the baby knows and slowly move into having overnights and then extended stays. Sheesh, common sense people!

356 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

thats because she knows you would get drunk and try and f..k her

356 days ago


Makes you think twice about getting to know the person before putting it in, right Pauly?

356 days ago


He could have gone to court and requested joint custody or visitation before she was 5 months !!

Now that the public knows he all of a sudden wants two weeks with her without a court order in place !!

He has enough money to hide her and she would have to jump through hoops to get her baby back.. the one that he wanted to abort !!

He can go Pound sand & a few other things !!

356 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

He seems to have an unhealthy relationship with his tweezers. I've seen women with thicker eyebrows. What's up with those Jersey boys and women's eyebrows. Does he wear false eyelashes too?

356 days ago


He's never even visited the child and now he just wants to take her on his own for 2 weeks? I'd say no too. How about you get to know her first, let her get to know you before you confuse and frighten her by taking her away from the only parent she knows for two full weeks. I'm all for visitation, joint custody and such but to just yank the baby from it's mother for two weeks.. that's just being selfish.. or bully-ish about things. Does he know any of her routines? What formula she is on, what upsets her, what calms her down ect. He's such a tool.

356 days ago


That baby is so cute. :)

356 days ago


OK my 2 cents, Pauly should be able to spend time with his baby but you just can't take a baby for two weeks. Does he even know if she's breast feeding? I have a six month old and babies that age get upset pretty easy. No, he needs to get to know the baby let her get use to him and as the baby gets older he can get more time. I believe if he's capable a 50/50 split is fair but keeping a little baby like that for two weeks shows he has no clue about what it take to care for a for a small baby and needs to start out slow. Not really worried about the mother but that would be an enormous about of stress on that baby. Nothing would be familiar everyone would be strangers to her. That could cause her serious separation anxiety.

356 days ago


the botox fore head is distracting me from the story

356 days ago


Uh, yeah, he is basically a stranger to the kid and what parent would let a stranger who knows nothing about this baby's needs, behaviors, etc. take her away for 2 weeks!

356 days ago


I'm all for him having a relationship with his daughter and shared custody. That being said, he is a stranger to this baby. She does not know who he is. What a stupid and irresponsible thing to want to take the baby from the mother for 2 weeks without ever even having met her. Not to mention, she is an infant. She needs to be with her mother.

356 days ago


What kind of as*hole thinks its ok to just take a baby that does not know him for two weeks.and go visit a bunch of other people the child does not know. She may be a baby, but you have to build trust or your going to scare her ya jerk !

356 days ago


If you worn a condom or just kept your man business in your pants, you would not have this issue. It should be if the vagina won't let you see your kid then she should not be able to see your money$!

356 days ago


So basically from the comments most of you are saying he does not deserve to see he's child yet expect him to pay for all of the childs upbringing because lets face it that is what he will be doing,
most of you seen oblivious to the fact that they both had unprotected sex BOTH of them but the one with all the power to determine if the child lives our dies past the initial sex act wants to take the moral high ground.
We like to burden the men with most of the financial responsibilities and blame him for such events which is fine considering our dominant nature but we now live in a world where that counts for nothing.
We have no right to give Pauly D the majority of the blame for all of this situation, burden him with a huge financial responsibility and yet take away all his power in terms of seeing he's child.
If things remain the same there will be a huge revolt by the men of America how long can we continue to live in this artificial world.

356 days ago


I don't care if she's a gold digger or mother teresa no mother is letting anyone taking their 5 month old child away without them along for that long. This is crazy come around build trust as parents so you two can be the best for her. But it is ridiculous to expect that of someone. I am not letting my child go with anyone for two weeks and I barely know you. If they are truly are about the child's best interest then just be there.

356 days ago
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