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Pauly D

Baby Mama Won't Let Me See My Baby Alone

10/30/2013 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D has just been REJECTED by his baby mama ... who says she will NOT let him visit his 5-month old daughter unsupervised.

Pauly's lawyer sent a letter to Amanda Markert's attorney, requesting that Pauly get visitation of the little girl, Amabella, for 2 weeks beginning today.

TMZ has learned ... Markert's lawyer told Pauly's mouthpiece to pound sand, saying Pauly cannot take the baby unsupervised for that period of time.  So it seems she might be open to visitation if she or someone else she chooses is present.

Our sources say Pauly D's lawyer has agreed to supervised visitation but now all they're getting is radio silence.

Pauly's rep tells us, "Paul and his entire family are eager to meet and spend time with Paul’s daughter.  Paul has been requesting visitation for quite some time now, but his requests have either gone unresponded to or denied. He and his family are committed to being a significant part of his daughter’s life and are excited to make that a reality. "



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He looks like he's turning into Bea Arthur.

366 days ago


With stupid parents like this the poor kid does not have a chance !!!

366 days ago


Can he breast feed

366 days ago


i want to say people are crazy if he didnt stand up and want to be in her life he would be a piece if **** he stands up and does the right thing people trash him people always think there better than the other

366 days ago


Pauly D - MAN UP. You are being the baby in this. What man would take an infant from the only family she has ever known for 2 weeks right off the bat? It's obvious you know NOTHING about being a parent and frankly, your ridiculous request is proof of that. Grow up and become a co-parent with Amanda and realize that this mother calls the shots for now until you PROVE yourself...idiot.

366 days ago


.She better cooperate Even though she's the baby's mother, more and more fathers are getting custody of the kids now. My loser ex friend lost custody of her 4 babies to her babies daddy for that very reason , now she only sees them maybe once a year ,it's been 9 years now .

366 days ago


The baby needs to get to know him before he just takes it alone, it would be traumatizing to the child to just go with a stranger parent or not! And it goes either way, mother or father.

366 days ago


he's never even met this baby and he expects the mother to just let her go for 2 weeks? that's crazy!

366 days ago


He can just take baby away from the mother ! All he has to do is tell the court the mother is delusional and mentally unstable. No proof needed . Ask the many mothers in Riverside and LA county who have lost kids by using this method. Why news isn't reporting it , no idea. The court will remove the child by force and not allow mother to see her child without being watched. Will take her years to fight and prove she's not insane.

366 days ago


He can take baby away from her , doesn't even need to have grounds ! Simply tell Court she is delusional and mentally unstable. Court will remove the child no questions asked and only allow her to see if she pays to be supervised. Riverside county and LA county been doing this for years. T

366 days ago


TMZ, you just love to get in the middle of ****. Publicizing the baby pics just fuels the fire. However, on the other side of the coin, the child might grows up to become a 'star'...Well, just don't audition the kid with Disney. They seem to have issues and become messed up adults.

366 days ago


Dude's eyebrows are creepy.

366 days ago


i didnt watch JS, and dont know much about him, but i have to say, what makes her better than him? he is called irresposible, for not using birth control, yet she choose to not use birth control TWICE. she already had a baby with someone who didnt want to stick around. living with a man she told was father of baby. both men dont seem like father material. i think most men who were told by a one night (drunken) stand, that they were pregnate would consider abortion. it is panic mode, for man and woman. think she saw the man she was living with couldnt provide for she and kids, so she decided to go for the gold. if he pays child support he should be given partial custody. and what makes her more qualified to take care of baby? gay men take care of babies everyday, with no woman involved.

366 days ago


Go away pauly d.

366 days ago


Pauly is looking gayer than Liberace! WTF?

366 days ago
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