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Pauly D

Baby Mama Won't Let Me See My Baby Alone

10/30/2013 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D has just been REJECTED by his baby mama ... who says she will NOT let him visit his 5-month old daughter unsupervised.

Pauly's lawyer sent a letter to Amanda Markert's attorney, requesting that Pauly get visitation of the little girl, Amabella, for 2 weeks beginning today.

TMZ has learned ... Markert's lawyer told Pauly's mouthpiece to pound sand, saying Pauly cannot take the baby unsupervised for that period of time.  So it seems she might be open to visitation if she or someone else she chooses is present.

Our sources say Pauly D's lawyer has agreed to supervised visitation but now all they're getting is radio silence.

Pauly's rep tells us, "Paul and his entire family are eager to meet and spend time with Paul’s daughter.  Paul has been requesting visitation for quite some time now, but his requests have either gone unresponded to or denied. He and his family are committed to being a significant part of his daughter’s life and are excited to make that a reality. "



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Pauly is looking gayer than Liberace! WTF?

296 days ago


Besides the obvious resason to not let you see her ALONE FOR 2-WEEKS! You've done nothing but act like an arrogant ass since you found out about this child. No longer a Pauly D fan.

296 days ago


This just shows out ignorant & selfish Pauly & his family are about infants & children. You can't just hand over an infant to strangers for 2 WEEKS! Try supervised for 2 HOURS first.

296 days ago


I don't think a five-month-old should spend two weeks away from her mother, just so relatives can visit. Why doesn't he and his family come to visit the baby on a regular basis until she's older and could handle being separated from her mother. Think Pauly D and even the baby's mother need to remember she's a living human being, not some object to fight over.

295 days ago


So, he hasn't seen the baby in the 5 months she's been a live and now he expects her to hand her over? Why doesn't he approach this like a civil human being and start by spending an hour with her. The baby doesn't know him. He's really coming off as a MAJOR douche bag here.

295 days ago


I don't blame her. She barely knows the guy and he hasn't been in her life for 5 months! He doesn't even understand on how to take care a baby.......I question some her decisions with all this...but this one seems pretty understandable.....

295 days ago


is he nuts take a all most new born for two weeks have the family come to her

295 days ago


Possession is nine tenths of the law.

295 days ago


This whore should enjoy her 5 min of fame while she can. She's probably besides herself that she got on tmz. Pauly D this why you shouldn't sleep with civilians. This whore tricked u into getting her prenant in hopes that this would happen so that she could cash in. This whore and if you are wondering why I am calling her a whore is because the definition states a woman that sleeps with a man for money or now just because u are famous. I just pray that Pauly D gets custody because in no way should she have custody I mean what whore posts 100 bills with their own baby. Oh I know one that wants to cash in.

295 days ago


gee whiz that is one ugly kid.

295 days ago


Baby is adorable!!

295 days ago


His eyebrows are so disturbing.

295 days ago


I'm sorry but did he seriously expect to be allowed to stay with his 5 month old baby who he has never met before alone? Even if the mother was keeping him at bay, no court would allow a young infant, toddler, or child to be unsupervised with a parent that h/she has never met for long periods of time. If the baby is breast feeding that's an even bigger no no. He has lawyers you'd think they'd have told him this a long time ago.

295 days ago


It's a young infant she will have at least primary physical custody and must be around the child or have someone supervising the situation when Pauly is not around because as far as the law is concerned he is still a stranger. If She is breast feeding the child the chances of him getting any unsupervised visitation time is pushed back until the child is 2 1/2. And honestly she is leading a much more wholesome life than Pauly is. Moreover, if you checked around her story of the baby winning the money on a competition may actually be true. Though I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't like some of the attention that she's getting. PS Pauly is just as much to blame as the mother because everyone knows he doesn't use condoms, you can only cheat fate so many times before it comes back to bite you in the arse and in this case his wallet.

295 days ago


A complete stranger taking a baby away from its mother for 2 weeks is traumatizing. He doesn't seem concerned about how all of this will affect his child at all. Poor kid.

295 days ago
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