TMZ Live Fieri Fights Hairdresser ... Dudes Get Emotional Too

10/30/2013 9:00 PM PDT
TMZ Live

TV chef Guy Fieri's epic roadside brawl with his hairdresser proves 2 things: Be careful how much you drink on airplanes, and some guys are just emotional drunks. Also ... the video is awesome!

Plus, Chris Brown finally acknowledges his temper is an issue by checking into rehab ... for anger management. Genuine attempt to fix a problem -- or just trying to look good for a judge to dodge a prison sentence?

And, Artie Lange joins us to talk about his epic rise and fall due to severe drug addiction -- and to crack a lot of dark, hilarious jokes in a way that only Artie knows how.

(0:00) Guy Fieri's ridiculous brawl with his hairdresser caught on tape -- so ... what's behind it?
(6:00) Chris Brown enters rehab for anger management -- is it too late to save him from jail?
(10:00) Photos of Camille Grammer's injuries from the alleged attack by her boyfriend -- with all this evidence ... why haven't cops made an arrest yet?
(14:00) Kanye West's latest interviews ... have changed Charles into a Kanye fan.
(18:00) Artie Lange joins us to talk about his epic rise and fall -- and he couldn't be more sincere -- or hilarious -- about it.
(24:00) P!nk's husband takes their daughter on his motorcycle -- and people are outraged! Whose side are you on?
(29:00) The Jenner girls are more spoiled by the day.
(32:00) Beacher's Madhouse honcho Jeff Beacher joins us to explain his ingenious plan to bring little Britney to Las Vegas.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Cover your ears ... it's time again for our viewer hate mail!