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Ashton, Demi



10/31/2013 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher
and Demi Moore have settled their protracted divorce beef ... and sources connected to Demi concede ... she will NOT be getting any spousal support from her soon-to-be-ex.

The divorce is being handled by various lawyers, coast-to-coast.  Our New York sources tell TMZ ... Demi tried to get spousal support on grounds Ashton cheated on her.  She finally realized, IT DOESN'T MATTER.  The divorce is in California -- a no fault state -- and even if your husband bangs another chick, it doesn't entitle you to spousal support.  So our Demi sources say she finally backed off.

As for the division of property ... we're told Ashton was "a little more generous than he had to be," but they basically split the stuff they acquired during the marriage.  Demi didn't do nearly as well as she did when she divorced Bruce Willis.  Fact is ... Ashton had just started his gig on "Two and a Half Men" when they separated, and he wasn't making the big bucks he's pulling in now.

FYI ... our sources say aside from cheating, she was pissed because she felt Ashton was hiding some of his tech businesses from her and she wanted a piece.  In the end, we're told they are both satisfied with the settlement.



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This brings back memories - Still remember when they were flirting and just got married. Of course, most people knew it won't last. She wasn't going to be a hot 40 year old forever. She looked 25 when she was 40 but now that she's 50, she';s still beautiful but not that hot thing Ashton fell in love with.

322 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Poor old girl. She should have taken a clue from the rest of us and put as much as she could away when there were paychecks rolling in because nothing lasts forever. Knock the lifestyle down a few notches and sell all that expensive property, find a good financial planner and you'll be just fine old girl.

322 days ago


Looking forward to an Ashton/Mila wedding .... Valentines Day?? That'd be awesome. Oh .. and Demi is a sour grapes gold digger ... she needs to grow up.

322 days ago


And now she's dating a man who is age appropriate.

322 days ago


GOOD! The greedy b~~ch didn't deserve any spousal support! For the majority of their marriage, she earned FAR more than he did - yet she wanted him to pay HER spousal support?
I'm glad the courts denied her!

322 days ago


when 2 people split, it usually takes time for the anger and hate to settle and maturity to step in. Its pointless getting so petty and nasty with a divorce, when both parties want out..and both parties are wealthy. Cut the strings neatly, count your blessings for the happy times shared, then move on & try to be civil. Theres no other way out.

322 days ago

Jay W.     

Enough is just never enough...

322 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

God I read these comments about how old and ugly Demi is. No wonder people have all that plastic surgery. People are cruel. She is still beautiful to me. Look in the mirror people, I bet you don't look like her

322 days ago


He didnt cheat

322 days ago


If she ever really loved Ashton, then she would never try to hurt him. Yes, she's hurt but it's better to end a marriage in a cordial manner than to hate each other. Being consumed with hate will hurt her more than his cheating.

322 days ago


Poor little multi-millionaire can't get spousal support. I feel so sorry for her...

322 days ago


I am a woman, but will not support Demi. She was very rich, famous and played the cougar in getting a intelligent handsome young man.But they shared women in bed, plus he loved her dearly but being intelligent he grew tired of her drug and drinking and mental problems then left, not because she was growing older.Demi was being a bitch, wanted revenge as she looked the fool. But Demi is very rich from Bruce Willis divorce and that is why she got no money. Plus she drug this out just being mean and petty for 3 years while she drugged, went to rehab, saw shrinks several times a week and made herself look like a fool. No proof Ashton even cheated! Demi sadly cannot handle getting old with style and class.She is not educated or interesting intellectually.She has in her future many younger men and she can afford make her small mind feel young again. She is and was and always will be a problem for any mate.

322 days ago


another user and woman hater
HE used demi, got what he could, cheated and dumped her..... what is the obvious here..?
white American males= proven cowards, users, haters and opportunists, like this idiot A S S TON (who cant act or speak properly to save his life) who keeps getting opportunities because our society designed it that way.. he still walks around like its all because of his so called hard work and natural gifts.....please, give me a break...
we have to date who our hearts desire and who genuinely loves us ..stop dating lying, using, heartless LOSERS just because its what others want us to do or what looks acceptable in society....!!!! remember: you and your happiness is what really matters...
I'm sure demi learned from this, too bad she did at a way older age....regardless of this ahole and bruce she still rocks.!!!!!!

322 days ago


maybe she realized just how ridiculous she was coming across as?

322 days ago


So it took Demi two YEARS to realize she was being a bitter, greedy, money-grubbing little b~~ch, huh?
For the vast majority of their marriage - all the way up until they separated - she was earning FAR more than he was. Yet she kept pushing for him to pay HER spousal support!? Ridiculous!

322 days ago
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