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Chris Brown

L.A. Probation Dept. NOT Impressed with Rehab

10/31/2013 3:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown hopes his stint in rehab for anger management may help him dodge a bullet in the Rihanna probation case ... but our sources say probation officials see right through what he's trying to do.

Sources connected with the L.A. County Probation Dept. tell TMZ ... probation officials think Brown's violent outbursts have escalated and checking into a rehab facility now is "too little, too late."

The Probation Dept. is aggressively investigating last weekend's incident in Washington D.C. where Chris was arrested for assault.  As we first reported, probation officers interviewed Chris on Monday, hours before he checked himself into a Malibu rehab joint.

One source familiar with the case tells TMZ, "Probation is gunning for this guy.  They're embarrassed by what he's done over the last 2 years and they've had it."

We're told the die has already been cast ... Probation will submit a scathing report to the judge, who will decide whether to revoke Chris' probation.  If that happens, Brown could be sentenced to prison for as long as 4 years.


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QUICK QUESTION.... what exactly do you tmz 'judges' gain from bashing these celebs? I doubt it puts food on your table or money in your bank account.. READ AND MOVE ON, JESUS LOVES YOU... (ps: i suggest you don't bash me, i mean you can't do **** through your computer)

321 days ago


How many times did we hear this BS with Lindsay, yet they STILL let her off time and time again. It's called celebrity justice, and they're going to keep on doing it. POS lawyers and POS judges. They STILL think there are 2 sets of rules (laws).

321 days ago

gotta say    

are they embarrassed by lindsay?

321 days ago


yeah calif is tough on celebrities!.........they've just worked lindsay lohan over
actually paris hilton got the worst deal of all of them.........she actually had to do time......someone must not like the hitlon's in LA.........

321 days ago


You want to find out if this anger rehab management is working? Wait for him to go through the whole rehab process and then make him appear in court. While in court, revoke his probation and send him directly to jail. If his rehab "took", then he won't go nuts.

321 days ago

Harold Brown    

Sorry. My faith in the LA judicial system was shot long ago. He'll probably walk just like Lindsay, Kanye, and the many other guilty Hollywood celebs.

321 days ago

v j     

all laws should apply to everyone,if you committ a crime,you do the time.

321 days ago


OMG like the probation dept just needs to let this go already. Yes, he was/is a dirtbag but he's been relatively clean for years and hasn't done anything recently. Even Secret Service says he didn't do anything. It's just another celebrity 'victim' looking for a payday by saying Chris hit him. I think rehab is great for him regardless but enough with the Chris hunt

321 days ago


Of course he deserves serious prison time but the judge has let him go so many times even when the D.A. and probation submitted scathing reports so I think it will not be different this time. I think Chris must be paying off that judge who needs to be thrown off the bench. I read that the reason Chris did not have to submit to a drug test when he was arrested even though that is standard and his bodyguard was given one, is because someone high up vacated the order! He is paying off everyone! Disgusting. Send this sleazeball to jail where he belongs.

321 days ago


I'm sure that facial expression will be very popular in jail.

321 days ago


go la county probation dept. git er done.

321 days ago


Somebody needs to kick his ass for the Rhianna thing. I'm surprised Jay Z didnt have him murdered the way he had his mistress murdered. Should have.

321 days ago


Ah, I'm sure if you spread some more money--I mean give them some more TIME the probation will come around.
My question is, who does the L.A. County Probation Dept. and it's Washington D.C. celebrity consortium affiliate think they're fooling? Chris' attorney would not have tried the rehab trick if he hadn't cut a deal with the other bad guys in advance. All of this bullsh1t is a all but too familiar ruse in an attempt to get the public off the scent to their shena****ns
Give me a freaking break already. I wonder if an election is in the horizon-- if so, California here's your golden opportunity to clean house and vote the judges, D.A, and the other corrupt clowns out of their jobs.

321 days ago


Didn't TMZ just report not 4 hours ago that a secret service agent cleared Chris from ever hitting this guy? Some unruly fans hopping into his tour bus, while he was taking pics with some girls. Make up your mind. I know Harvey and Andy are hurting for some money.

321 days ago

O-C Guy    

Yeah, they & we all see through it. However, the Probation Department, the court officials, & the judge will take the pay-off and Brown will skate, again.

321 days ago
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