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Charlie Sheen

The Judge Who Jails Me

Is a Fat, Dishonorable Douchebag

11/1/2013 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
is scoffing at Brooke Mueller's team, which is trying to nail him for talking about Brooke on TMZ, saying, "If this is what they want, bring it 'cause I'll burn the house down."

Charlie is reacting to our story, in which we reported Brooke's team will ask a judge to sanction him for allegedly violating the gag orders in the custody and guardianship cases.  Charlie called Brooke an evil whore -- among many other things -- who has done great damage to their twins.

Charlie is especially angry Brooke is getting her first overnight visit with the twins since she went to rehab.  He tells TMZ Live his security guards will stand outside her house tonight and barge in if there's a sign of trouble.

Charlie tells TMZ, "Really, they're going to jail me for telling the truth"

And get this ... Charlie says, "If I actually go to jail for talking, I'll do interviews in jail," adding, "The only person more idiotic than Brooke in this case is the judge.  The Dishonorable Judge Douchebag."

But wait ... there's more.  Charlie says, "He [the judge] wants to put me in jail for trying to save my boys?  Go for it, fatty.  I'll eat his lunch from jail."  And one more thing about the obviously large judge, "One meal he could afford to miss."

And Charlie's classic parting shot:  "Sanctions Flanctions.  Clearly they've forgotten not to poke this bear."


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geez charlie better start being quiet now or the judge may jail him longer or try and gag him just for insulting him. and thus charlie vs brooke round two

363 days ago


Charlie, please STOP making any remarks at all, and NEVER at the judge. I empathize with your feelings as I myself deal with ******* court appointed judges and exs, which is why I know what to say and what not to say, and WHEN I can say it. I hope the twins survive ALL of this, and thank you to Denise for being the class act.

363 days ago


And out comes the Charlie we all know and love. Its been a few years but Charlies alter ego is back with rants, tirades and episodes galore! Now sit back as we watch him rant like a demigod as he more then likely gets custody, gets a couple hookers and signs another million per episode sitcom.

363 days ago


Trashbag, childish, vengeful Chuckles makes Brooke look like mother of the year. All this
a s s h a t does is throw money at the kids. I can remember the horrible way he talked about Denise - now she's Mother Teresa because she agreed to have his kids dumped on her. He sucks as a parent and as a man.

363 days ago


No Charlie you are the big D O U C H E bag! Lousy lowlife will not clean himself up to care for his own kids. Porn, drugs and alcohol are more important to him. He must be hitting that stuff real hard again.

363 days ago


I like Charlie and where he isn't the best he has Denise as a good mom for those boys. Brooke doesn't care about her sons but about herself and drugs. She's hard core and it wasn't love for them it was drugs they both loved, a connection he never had with Denise. The judge was an ass to give her time with the boys when she's barely clean but for the time in Rehab if she's clean there. TEAM CHARLIE...he's right, the judge had no right giving their sons to her to traumatize them more. They were getting adjusted to a home and love and not insanity. The judge is a douche as many are.

363 days ago


if it wasn't for TV CharLIE would be HomeLess....

363 days ago


Sleazy low-life old whore Sheen using the media spotlight to degrade Brooke when he was probably the one way back who instigated using drugs in the first place. They seemed to get along just fine back when he was too high to keep his mouth shut long enough to keep his job at Two and a Half Men. He's using the media spotlight per usual to cover his own a*s while using his ex to care for his children as he continues to pretend that HE'S not the lowlife whore that he calls her. Pot, meet kettle. I don't care how cool he thinks his comments sound..I don't trust OR care for the guy anymore.

363 days ago

Dino the Dinosaur    

It's children's CIVIL court, the courts of no due process, they can and will do anything they want but none of those judges will jail him for contempt in those courts, that's why he's got a big mouth right now....but let him go over to family court and try that....

This is what happens to people when they have enough money to not give a f about anything that matters.

363 days ago


Not the brightest crayon in the box is he. Maybe he should hold off on calling the Judge a "fatty" "douchebag" to the world before they go to court. Holy crap if I was his PR person, I'd have killed myself by now. - duct tape.

363 days ago


He's classless, clueless, cheap and low. Money don't make you rich.

363 days ago


Always a bad idea to criticize the judge...he was OK on criticizing her because he didn't reveal specifics about the case. But the judge could easily hold him in contempt for what he said about him.

363 days ago


Clean your act up Charlie. Those sweet little boys deserve much more than you are able to give them - and you know it. Sadly, their Mom, seems to be no better than you. STFU.

363 days ago


Charlie is a text book, clinical narcissist, drug sex and alcohol addict.

363 days ago


Sounds like Charlie is using AGAIN or did he ever stop?

363 days ago
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