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Charlie Sheen

My Kids Are in Danger

My Ex is an Evil Whore

11/1/2013 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen says his ex-wife Brooke Mueller is a dangerous, EVIL whore who's putting their twin boys in SERIOUS DANGER ... and now, Charlie says he's on a mission to stop her before it's too late.

Sheen just called TMZ and told us ... his 4-and-a-half year old twin boys Bob and Max have already suffered physical and emotional damage from the time they've spent in Brooke's care.  In fact, he says they're very close to getting kicked out of school.

Charlie says the boys are deathly afraid of Brooke's house -- which is covered in pet lizards, various insects and other critters -- and they suffer night terrors after spending time at the home.

Charlie also says Bob suffered a bad rash on his face after recently spending time with Brooke -- a rash that "looked like somebody burned him."

Charlie says he's complained to L.A. Child Services -- but they refuse to help. Instead, Charlie claims, Brooke is getting MORE custody ... and he doesn't understand why.

Sheen ripped Child Services on a Twitter rant last night -- calling them "doosh bags" who have done nothing to protect his children. He also called Brooke an "evil and pathetic über loser" and a "whore."

Sheen says Brooke is supposed to get her first unsupervised overnight visit with the twins tonight -- and Charlie says he's very afraid of what could happen.

Charlie says he's not sure if Brooke is back on drugs, but he is sure about one thing -- "She's as awful a parent and a person as you can possibly draw up."



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Why doesn't he take care of his own kids like a man? He always pawns them off onto someone Denise.

327 days ago

Miss Bu    

neither 1 of these douches deserve to have kids any where near them

327 days ago


Oh yeah, they would be much better off with Charlie, he's such a role model himself. Worthless, arrogant thug, drug head, mentally unstable nut case.

327 days ago


Tmz yall spelled doosh bags wrong also poor little twins charlie put your a game on and have denise take them yikes these rich little tykes deserve better say no to all the deadly sins chuck try to make your father proud pull it together ok goog luck chuck

327 days ago


Oh sure, like Chuckles has been a model parent. Zee pot calls zee kettle a dark color.

327 days ago


Charlie put the kids needs first & has from the beginning. My dad made a choice of working overseas & was gone for a year at a time for awhile & he was the best dad ever. Kudo's for Charlie allowing Denise to give the kids consistency. Sounds like their behavior is screaming for help.

327 days ago


That whole thing was disturbing on many levels. The top level is Brooke but Charlie is taking very little to no responsibility for a lot of this. He claimed the boys exhibited symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome. Maybe, but they have none of the stigmata, or the look, of that syndrome and its very easy to spot physically. He sloughed off the comment about him being with her when she was pregnant. I think Charlie is starting to believe things that might not be reality as far as his own responsibility. God bless Denise. She seems to be the only stability those poor boys have. If they aren't on their way already, they are going to be trashed human beings. This is so sad.

327 days ago


Charlie Sheen needs to think about what he is saying about his children's mother to the media. He is not helping his case at all. Personally he is not making himself look like any better of parent than she is. A good parent will keep their mouth shut about the other one and behave like a responsible, mature adult and behave the way they would want their children to grow up behaving. Those kids have a bad road ahead of them. I feel bad for them.

327 days ago


SINCE when is Sheen a 'responsible' parent?

327 days ago


Even my boy Charlie knows what the definition of a whore is. Good for you Bro!

327 days ago


I understand his concerns but he needs to look in the mirror. Drugs, sex....omg. Maybe the grandparents should just take the kids.

327 days ago


Pay Brooke off. It's probably all she wants and he can afford it. God bless Denise. The only person that really seems to be all there for these boys and the only person that doesn't have to be whatsoever!

327 days ago


Whoa!!! Charlie must be really upset, its so out of character for him to use words like "Doosh bag (aka douche) or Whore".

At one point I didn't like Sheen however as time has past I actually respect the guy more then your average celebrity. Charlie is one celebrity who stops acting as soon as he gets off the stage, he tells it like it is, and I think he's actually a pretty honest guy and other than the name calling I'd guess his accusations are probably spot on.

327 days ago


Poor kids, so glad they have Denise who's the only stable adult around them. And I remember when he was trashing this wonderful woman when he was this Brooke woman five or four years ago.

327 days ago


Unfortunately when you surround yourself with shameless, nasty drug wh*res -- then marry and impregnate gold digging, drugged up wh*res.. This will be the end result.. And who is he to call ANYONE a wh*re? He's slept with half the planet -- I bet he's slept with 100x more people than Brooke.


With that said, I do believe Brooke's not stable enough to take care of the children... They should be in Denise Richards' care.. She's done some questionable things in her lifetime, but she seems like a good, stable parent. And those kids need guidance -- they got two of the crappiest parents alive.

327 days ago
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