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Ex 'Dr. 90210' Docs

Kids Split Up in Nasty Custody War

11/1/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two prominent Beverly Hills doctors once featured on "Dr. 90210" are locked in a child custody war involving wild allegations of abuse -- and it all comes to a head this morning ... as the 3 youngest kids will be separated from their older brother ... TMZ has learned.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Evans and dermatologist Dr. Susan Evans' nasty divorce took a dark turn last month when their oldest child filed legal docs, accusing his father of sexually abusing his younger siblings.

According to a request for a temporary restraining order, filed by Brian and Susan's 12-year-old son on Oct. 15 ... Brian touched his 6-year-old son's penis -- and also touched the genitals of their 8-year-old twin daughters.

Further, the eldest son claims Brian "hit me in the face, dragged me for 2 rooms" and threatened to kill the kids and their mom. According to the TRO request, this went down in Oct. 2012 ... a full year before the TRO was filed.

Brian's attorney Errol Gordon tells TMZ ... they not only deny the allegations, but say authorities investigated and disproved them.

In fact, on Oct. 24 the court issued a major modification of child custody ... granting Brian legal custody of all 4 children, and physical custody of the three youngest ones. The handoff is scheduled to happen this morning in L.A. County Family court.

The order also prohibits Susan from having any contact -- "in person, by telephone, text, email, or otherwise" -- with the 3 kids for the next 30 days. The oldest son will continue living with Susan.

After the 30 days, Susan can have 4 monitored visits with the kids -- but no overnights -- and a month after that ... she can ask to modify the custody order.

Sources connected to Susan tell us she is perplexed as to why the judge ordered such a drastic change ... especially in the wake of her son's allegations of abuse.


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Based on the judge's ruling, it sounds like the mother had something to do with the unfounded abuse allegations.

327 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

I don't think theres a judge out there willing to stick two young kids with a father with allegations hanging like that unless there was some info the judge has that says this is BS. It its legit that's just insane and needs to be rectified.

327 days ago


Sad when kids are used as pawns because the
"adults" can not get along and decide to divorce

327 days ago


Who the f are these people? No, seriously.... who are they?

327 days ago


There must be proof that the mother or mother's agent (son) has been coaching the three youngest children to allege that their father touched them inappropriately. When their is evidence of this, it is considered mental abuse on the children. Like any other abuse, including sexual, the state has to protect the children from their abuser. Hence, the father has temporary full custody of the three youngest. In this case, one could safely say the oldest is being (mentally) abused as well to make the allegations but it is not safe to have him around the three youngest under the cir***stances where he could protection ally coach the three little ones. That is the saddest part of this dynamic, IMO

327 days ago


There is clearly more to this story. It doesn't seem like the Judge believes the oldest son and the mother.. The Judge wouldn't put the youngest children in Brian's care and cut off the mother -- unless s/he was sure the allegations were baseless...


Either way it goes - it's a sad story.. If it is true the Dr touch the kids genitals - that's sad.. if it is made up -- that's just as sad..


I can see BOTH of their medical practices affected by this..

327 days ago


Susan tells us "she is perplexed as to why the judge ordered such a drastic change ... especially in the wake of her son's allegations of abuse"
Whats missing from the article is that it was determined that Susan had the Unfortunately make-up the false allegations of abuse and the judge punished her for doing so.
Unfortunately, this happens everyday during heated divorce case and in the end the only party injured is the children instead of their self observed parents.

327 days ago


After seeing stories like this, I wonder why people still get married....Marriage is a flawed institution, and Happily Married is an oxymoron.

327 days ago


Don't know who these people are…… TMZ, why are you always posting people that are unknown !!!

327 days ago

Fred Farkel    

About 100 years ago, I used to run with a couple of those Dr. 90210 characters.

They were indeed - a lot of fun...

327 days ago


Dr Susan Evans should slap a lawsuit on whoever put those hideous chiclets in her mouth.

327 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Why should she be perplexed . . . actually it's very easy to see why.
She talked her twelve year old son into lying about his father and the three younger children.
Perhaps they should look into charges against her?

327 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Why would someone who is smart enough to become a physician have plastic surgery to make herself look like Farrah Abraham? I wonder how bad a job they did on her bolt-on breasts?

327 days ago

harvey is racist    

whats the chance that the mom didnt put the kid up to this??

women are vindictive and bitter human beings..i mean think of the mindstate that someone has to be in to put their OWN KID up to this ****??
This is something the kid is going ot live with for the rest of his life and she's fine with it because at the end of the day she just wants to even the doesnt matter who is hurt in the process.
they could care less about the kid in these situations..they just want to get back at the man that they feel scorned them...

its just soul-less...callous...and straight EVIL.

327 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

The wife looks like she is beyond superficial with the contacts, weave and over the top makeup. I wonder why the judge thought it was a good idea to leave the 12 year old with her if she is already coercing him to say horrible things.

327 days ago
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