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Charlie Sheen

Children Services Say We'll Teach You

You Can't See Your Kids

11/2/2013 2:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is now on the receiving end of a very punitive LA County Department of Children and Family Services, because the department just denied him the right to spend time with his own kids.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the department contacted Denise Richards -- who has temporary guardianship over twins Bob and Max -- and they told her she was not allowed to take the kids over to Charlie's house today for a visit.

We're told department officials told Richards they were pissed off that Charlie dared to tell TMZ Bob and Max were not being protected by the department.  As you probably know, Charlie railed on DCFS Friday, telling us they care more about Brooke Mueller overcoming drug addiction than they do the safety of his kids.

DCFS' actions are curious ... because it seems the decision to deny Charlie visitation was not based on his fitness to be around his kids but rather on the embarrassment he caused the department.


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What does he expect of state workers? Only idiots work for the government. Once you expose state workers as the idiots that they are, expect them to lash out.

362 days ago


Party at Charlies House..

362 days ago


I guess they are going to be sooo sorry when something happens to one or both of these little boys when their Mother falls off the wagon again, bc she has shown the world her drug habit comes before her children's safety !!

362 days ago


Man these kids don't have a chance in life. All the money in the world doesn't mean a damn thing if you don't have a 'grown up' for a parent to show love and stability.

362 days ago


Only in the USA we have the best Stars, Like Charlie Sheene LOL

362 days ago


Denise is lying.

There's no way this is "because they were pissed off that Charlie dared to tell TMZ Bob and Max were not being protected by the department"

362 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I'm a former child advocate for the court, and I knew Charlie's offensive comments wouldn't be received well by child welfare. And I doubt it's because he made them angry. I mean, I'm sure they were unhappy with his comments, but they're probably more focused on the fact that CHARLIE said the comments and what that illustrates about his mind and behavior. They may think he's out of control, and therefore a possible risk to the children.

362 days ago


Charlie may get away with bullying and pulling his "crazy" act on Chuck Lorre, Farrah Abraham, and all sorts of other people. But he won't get away with doing it to DCF and the courts. Especially if there are kids involved. His sh!t may have been funny for a hot second, but it isn't anymore. Now he just comes across as a drug demented, stupid loser. I don't care how much money he has. Money can not buy grace and dignity.

362 days ago


How many children has DCFS let DIE on their watch?? And now they have time to screw with Sheen who just wants to make sure his kids aren't with his psycho druggie ex-wife??

362 days ago


Looks like psycho ex-wife is on here slamming Sheen.. have another hit off that crack pipe, babe

362 days ago

Stick It Bam    

Charlie is going to have a tough time playing by DCFS's rulebook, but what needs to be done is set up supervised visitation with a DCFS approved monitor. This doesn;t need to be at their depressing office and he will need to pay the person, but once he does that responsibly for a couple of months DCFS must back off. In the meantime they can and will make his life more miserable and he cannot do anything about it.

362 days ago


Seems people are upset that chucky is geeting screwed by family services. Wasn't there another post saying there was an order where neither Chucky or Brooke were supposed to say anything about the other? So if thats true, chucky violated the order. Neither is a good parent. Brooke just got out of rehab, but has she done anything wrong yet? I saw posts people saying the kids are scared of the lizards, is that true or is that chucky's ramblings? To say lizards are bad without proof is wrong. Growing up everyone in my family had lizards, from chameleons up to iguanas, as pets and no one had issues with them. Unless someone proves Brooke is a danger and not speculate about her, I say Chucky is the bad guy this time

362 days ago


Surely they cannot get away with this blatant stupidity!!! This article can't be true. This insinuates that they would let the boys see Brooke, who is the worst WORST and cares not a hoot about those boys, but they won't let Charlie see them? Oh Boy, IF this is true, the sh! t is going to hit the fan......heads will, and SHOULD roll..........

362 days ago


Neither Charlie or Brooke deserve to see those kids, they're both crazy drug addicts and there's absolutely no sign of either of them changing anytime soon.

362 days ago


Sounds like L.A.'s DFCS is about the same as their judicial system - embarrassing.

362 days ago
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