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Chris Brown

I Know I Have an Anger Problem

11/2/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Chris Brown met with his probation officer Friday, and he squarely acknowledged he has a BIG problem with his temper ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Brown and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, went to the L.A. County Dept. of Probation Friday afternoon and had an hour-long chit-chat with his new probation officer.  It's unclear to us why a new officer was assigned.

We're told Brown did not talk about allegedly throwing a punch at a guy in D.C. last Sunday.  He did talk a lot about his current stint at a Malibu rehab joint, and the treatment he's receiving.  We're told that treatment includes a heavy dose of psychological counseling.

As TMZ first reported ... Brown could be in the rehab facility for as long as 90 days.

As for whether the Probation Dept. is impressed ... we're told not so much.  As one well-placed source put it, "They're gunning for Chris."

We've learned the Probation Dept. will submit a report to the judge in the Rihanna case next week.  The judge could revoke Brown's probation and if that happens he could get as much as 4 years in State prison.


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diamond d    

A lttle man..trying to be thug!! Remember little man of 5'7" 170lbs.. you get yours in prision. Who beats woman.

270 days ago

The world is disgusting    

Such BS. Look, you can't blame your ADULT actions that you choose on your childhood. I grew up with very abusive, alcoholic parents who abandoned me in crack houses every other day. In NO way have I, or will I ever lay a hand on another person in an abusive manner, no matter what they say. And I would certainly NEVER blame my adult choices on my childhood. Chrissy, you are a thug who claims you are a blood, a GANG MEMBER. You are a violent person, period. You think it makes you look cool and makes you feel like a big man. When in all reality you are a self-entitled, little d0uchebag. I hope you find yourself broke, homeless and among those whom you portray to be. Maybe then you'll wipe your snotty nose and grow up.

270 days ago


I know why Brown may have ''childhood anger issues'' is because he works ****ing hard (dance,...)burns tons of testosterone modifying his temper: his muscles are defined, and yall are just ****ing jealous of his abs..he has a type of energy that I can't explain to ya dumb asses because yall don't give a **** about...[not going to unveil the secret sorry ]

270 days ago


Hes got Mark Geragos, he will get off scot free.....

270 days ago


I wonder if he is taking advise from Lindsay Lohan. Hell he even got Obama's team to give him an alibi for punching somebody.

270 days ago

Master Po    

I would like to point out the loser fans (team breezy morons) weeks ago would sit here and tell us how this maniac has no issues and how we are all racists because charlie sheen and lindsay did the same thing. They would claim he is fine as if they had an inside line saying he "grew up" and "learned his lesson".

So we guess its 100% official now that you guys are a mindless group who can not think for themselves and whom have been wrong from the beginning.

I would like to hand you losers back your race card. Try not to drop it so soon on a loser maniac who has anger issues. AND WILL CONTINUE TO HAVE THEM WHEN HE IS RELEASED.

270 days ago

Will I am not    

No, Chris, you have an arrogant douch attitude problem. Anger is just a byproduct.

270 days ago

paul a.    

Sorry TMZ but like all the other s***bags who happen to be celebs, he wont get sh%t as punishment.
Lindsay Lohan has been right all along.....

270 days ago

Ozzie X    

Chris Brown I could be your personal life coach if you pay me 100K. Seriously he needs a strong figure in his life that he respects and can put him in his place when he gets out of hand. He is just ruining all that he worked for. The staff of people rely on him as a source of income. It's like a company arrangement, I'd be disappointed if my boss is getting wasted and in fights. No job stability. Under Obamacare you're f-----ed

270 days ago

Dr. Truth No Lies    

Stay strong Chris, we got your back Brother

270 days ago


And why is no one talking about his obvious drug problem? He has lost weight and looks gaunt. Just coincidence? yeah, right.

270 days ago


I just hope that the judge who is in charge of his case looks through all this celebrity nonsense and entitlement and gives him jail time. This is what Chris Brownneeds..he needs a good dose of cant skate through life forever on this behavior and it eventually leads you to hitting a brick his case pissing off the wrong person and having a person put a bullet through his head...he has severe anger issues and can get help in jail for this just as well...

270 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

It sounds like Chris is finally fearful of that jail sentence. Of course that will only last until he is sure this latest incident has blown over. Then it's back to the drugs, his gang banging posse and the slew of leaches who sit around saying yes all day.

270 days ago


Is there a cure for narcissism? No, because it is a Personality Disorder. Personality Disorders are on Axis II and are so damn difficult to treat. They always have comorbid psychiatric disorders on Axis I. We aim to treat the Axis I disorder and much of the time we refer patients to group therapies. Problem: it gives the narcissistic patient an audience. They frequently get off on each other's "stories". Most if not all have been in serious legal trouble, some have served long periods in lock-up. They are the ones who are serious and committed to their progress. As a medical resident, I ran an outpatient group at UCLA for seven months. I was never so happy when I handed the baton to the next medical resident! We physicians know this guy needs to be broken down completely so HE, with professional assistance, can rebuild himself in a much different way. Therapy nor medication are effective in these cases. This physician prescribes jailtime! It's the only "treatment" that will work with Brown.

270 days ago

BIEBER GO HOME!!! ▬(~_-)▬►    

He is starting to make Justin Bieber look like a Saint.

270 days ago
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