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Oprah Winfrey

You're Paying Too Much

... For My Old Crap

11/2/2013 5:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

You paid too much! And you paid too much! Everybody paid too much for Oprah Winfrey's old junk at her estate sale today ... and the Big O was shocked.

Oprah and BFF Gayle King were front and center during the auction Saturday in Santa Barbara ... where she was selling stuff off for her Leadership Academy in South Africa.

The first item was a poster (pictured below) from "The Color Purple" that Winfrey proudly displayed in her office for a long time --  the starting bid was $2k ... and Oprah was blown away by the price.


The poster eventually sold for $4k --but you have to see O's reaction as the bids went up, and up, and up ...

It's priceless.


No Avatar


then why didnt she tell them that they get it for a cheaper price?

353 days ago


oprah is an actress and shrewd businessperson ... she knows what an auction is ... she hides her hunger for profits through acting

353 days ago


its for a good cause.

353 days ago

A viewer    

Just another perfect example of over-indulged idiots with too much $, wasting it on complete crap (and please, don't tell me that it is "an investment" - it's still a piece of nothing). They liked to get their ego stroked, by being the one who paid the most, I mean wasted the most $. If they wanted to donate to her "school", then just donate - why tie a stupid poster to it?

353 days ago


The starting bids were high to begin with, so what's she talking about? And why auction her shiz off? Why not donate it? Does she really need the money?

353 days ago

I won't grow up    

The only thing this ego maniac is surprised about is that she hasn't been proclaimed president of the United States for life. I'm certain she'll be sure to take that tax deduction come April 15 after she signs up for Obamacare.

353 days ago


She knows how to work a crowd.

353 days ago

Common Sense    

That is like her asking if they can afford it

353 days ago

Common Sense    

That is like her asking whether they can afford it.

353 days ago


oprah why not just give someone your OWN network for a dollar as IT SUCKS

353 days ago


Oprah should not be surprised over her stuff going for a high price for her fans and worshipers will pay anything to own a piece of oprah including any of her old stuff she no longer needs because she bought newer junk

353 days ago


OLD CRAP it is !! Why would anyone waste gas on going to pick up those "rusty old chairs" even if being given to them and falling-apart tables in need of fresh paint for the purpose of raising money for her ALL BLACK school in South Africa the only place she would get away with of only helping out "BLACK PEOPLE"

353 days ago


All these overpriced bids are for merchandise and posters Oprah got for FREE and will prob take a tax deduction for giving to her school in another country.

Good that she supports girls in Africa.
Bad that she doesn't support little boys too.
Does anyone support or help charitys and the poor starving in the USA????

353 days ago


...Oprah had a garage sale and called it an auction for charity, so she could use her name to make ridiculous profits to fund her own project...Not to mention, receiving publicity through the process by having her business/name/brand glorified in the media for being some kind of ambassador of good will...Financially fortifying ones business in the name of charity , is hardly being charitable...

353 days ago


She is such a lousy actor. She seems shocked about the sum people are bidding, but inside she is 'thinking "3000 dollars! I wonder how much that is to a regular person" To her it's like pennies, and she can go to the toilet and take a dump and will have made more money than that before she has even flushed.

353 days ago
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