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Julianne Hough

Wearing Whiteface

11/3/2013 10:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Julianne Hough was virtually make-up free and, more importantly, smoking hot yesterday in Los Angeles ... the perfect way to make people forget about that whole blackface Halloween thing.
Hough casually strolled into a gym Saturday afternoon flashing her mid-riff ... doing her best to move on from getting slammed for dressing up as Crazy Eyes from "Orange is the New Black."       

Considering Julianne apologized for the costume, and how good she looks in workout wear -- we gotta ask ...


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I think the question should be do we forgive Julienne for calling herself a actress when all her movies were just terrible and she was not good?

331 days ago


I find it comical that people were offended. People overreacted. She did not realize she was going to offend. I thought her costume was hilarious, but I am a fan of the show and I liked it because she did the crazy eyes just like crazy eyes in the show. Cut the girl some slack, she didn't mean any harm. Oh, and she looks great. I wish I had a body like hers.

One more thing....she technically didn't have blackface, she used some sort of tanning product. Google blackface, those actors actually had black make up on and deliberately avoid painting around the mouth to give an illusion of full lips. NOW, that's racist.

331 days ago


For the record I think black women are goddesses to be worshipped.

And Julianne looks great too.

331 days ago


She is such a no body without you know who.

331 days ago


I don't watch that show so I thought her character had a bad tan. It's dumb.

331 days ago


All this political correctness should be down away with. We are raising kids to be wussies and making it so that employers who get burned once are afraid to get burned again,,,,

331 days ago


Wait a TMZ really implying that a flat stomach voids out being a racist?

331 days ago


The whole thing is stupid. It was a costume.
What about when Ted Danson was in black face while dating Whoopie? Yes, he got some flack, but Whoopie told everyone to calm down. It was a joke. The Waynans can make a whole movie in white face and that's fine. Time we all got over the race thing and got our sense of humor back.

331 days ago

Khloe D.    

Why is it that when a white celebrity does something wrong everyone is so forgiving? All one can talk about is how pretty or handsom they are or how well they dress. Totally getting away from the subject at hand. When a minority is on blast, all of the ugly and racist comments come out? Even if the person being talked about is obviously innocent? Too much double standards in this world. And people wonder why minoritys can be so offensive. I wonder why?

331 days ago


The fact that she got grief was's a Halloween costume....

331 days ago

*_* JUST A FRIEND *_*    

...Julianne is no-more guilty of wearing blackface than the cast of Jersey-Shore or Harvey-Levin...
!!! TESTIFY !!!

331 days ago


This is another non-issue: purely exploitive tactics on the part of liberals and blacks to pretend to be offended as a way to intimidate everyone and gain leverage and a continuing advantage over others. It's time to wake up and smell the cultural rot.

331 days ago

Dom The Mover    

Sinatra would say just anutta dumb broad

331 days ago


I cannot believe in this day of easily accessible information, people would think that the Wayans brothers playing White Chicks is even in the same thought process as Black face. Before you post, please read and understand something about SOMETHING

331 days ago

Nolan Ross    

She looked more tan than anything so I don't know why the term "black face" is being used so loosely. Please look up what black face really is. SHe was being a character on a TV show and not being offensive. She should have never had to apologize for it.

331 days ago
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