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Richie Incognito


In Crazy Bar Rage

11/4/2013 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

110413_richie_incognito_iphone_launch_wm_v2Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito shouted the N-word ... in a shirtless rage ... during a crazy outing with teammates at a bar earlier this year -- and TMZ Sports has the footage.

The video was shot several months ago ... showing Richie running around Dirty Blondes -- a pool hall in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

As the video begins, Richie shouts, "Mike Pouncey, N**GA!!"

FYI -- Mike Pouncey is a member of the Dolphins and it looks like he's in the video. When Richie drops the N-bomb, it seems like he's announcing that Pouncey is in the bar.

In the footage, Incognito proceeds to stomp around the bar with his shirt off while patrons watch the lineman go berserk.

Incognito is under fire for allegedly harassing his teammate Jonathan Martin -- and calling him a "half-n**ger" in a voice mail.

Incognito has since been suspended by the team.


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I sounds from the audie that Incognito was imitating Kyle Turley, former Rams O-lineman that ripped a guys helmet off during a game. It doesn't look like anyone was scared or trying to get away from him. Ritchie has his problems but these sites will distort anything to get some hits.

162 days ago


WoW what a P***y I've heard and seen worse grow a set sensitive Bitch. Wait stay out of a mans sport you don't belong you weak sauce. Wish we could go back to pre 2000 when you didn't hear about bull**** because we stood up for our self. We didn't go cry to mommy. There weren't half these school or any other shootings like today what that tell you. When there was a shooting you knew it a gang shooting.

162 days ago


Surely not any strenght enhancing drugs involved there! What a douch........ Big Man with Small Brain....

162 days ago


This man should have been banned from the NFL last year. He is infamous around Florida for just this type of loud racist" Bully "rants.

People ignore him to some degree, but He bully's the bar owner's as well, because they try to reign him in and it's like he is totally under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
He should be banned forever, he was on twitter laughing, and asking for an apology from this Martin guy that he bullied out of thousands of dollars.

162 days ago


I am not saying it is okay for him to use that word BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION....But with that being said, it is apparent he is there with multiple black teammates including Pouncey who held him back...There is a chance and I know it is a long shot, but who is to say this was not a big joke that Pouncy or one of them put him up to to scare a few people...Pouncey is not exactly the smartest guy around and obviously has a very strange sense of humor (Free Hernandez hats???)...Again I am not saying he is innocent here but I honestly could care less about this type of garbage because the truth is this likely happens every single day with these guys we just don't always see the videos...

162 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Well folks? Today I am ashamed to be white.

Thank you

162 days ago


Big Mark,as someone whose two cousins,Tony Dungy and Reuben Mayes,were NFL players-Tony's having coached the Colts to Super Bowl XLI win over the Bears,MOST African American players are a**-kissing,uncle Tom Negroes.Besides,Martin is a STANFORD grad (most of those dumb-a**es wouldn't be allowed to clean Stanford's boys' rooms),and PLENTY of them are gangsta wannabes,so OF COURSE,they're envious of a classy,brainy dude whose intelligence dwarfs theirs,and,because he didn't "keep it rea,"i.e.,knock up a dozen broads,support NONE of their kids,DID NOT beat their "baby mams," wear his pant by his a**,speak articulately,doesn't don "Grillz" on his teeth,or try to become a (c)rapper,some-(MOST?) black players think Martin "soft," or "trying to act white," so they support thebigoted Guido a**-clown Incognito's terrorizing of Martin.

162 days ago


Yeah,I know,KIMO.You're the sort of ghetto trash who,along with the dumb-a** good ol' boys and THEIR 58 IQs,are RUINING America,Canada,and,of course,sports,ESPECIALLY the NFL and NBA!!!!!!

162 days ago

Who Cares    

I love reading the comments...when I first saw this video, I thought he was playing around or making fun of Pouncy. It does not look like "a crazy bar rage" like the title states. No one in the bar seemed to care or pretend to be worried. He hugs Pouncy at the end. I don't get it. Seems like an attempt to blow this out of proportion to make news

162 days ago


Martin is just weak and soft and yes I am Black. how come you think not a one other black player on the team has said anything? no one likes him!!!

162 days ago


Bottom line weather the N word was used or not Richie is nothing but a thug. The NFL should band thugs from playing the game Black or White.

162 days ago


don't get me wrong. this guy is clearly an ASS. but i'm sure the n-word is flying around that locker room, so of course he's going to have it in his head. nobody self-respecting should be using it. but, he's a 'roided out prick who deserves what he's getting- regardless of his choice of language.

162 days ago

Real JD Sports Fan    

I have to disagree with the former NFL Players talking about the tough guy culture and Martin being soft. Incognito has a history of violence and there is a line between hazing and going too far. Incognito leapt over that line with the few pieces of evidence we have seen (likely that more has happened than what we have seen and heard). I wrote up a post talking about this situation and what legal action Martin may take against the Dolphins: http://jdsportsfan.wordpress.com/2013/11/05/hostile-work-environment-jonathan-martin-richie-incognito-and-the-miami-dolphins/

162 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

White people are racist, what's new?

162 days ago

M smith    

This guy is a douche bag. Hope his new career as being village idiot suits him well.

162 days ago
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