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Brandon T. Jackson

Inflight Pain In the Ass

... Says Airline

11/5/2013 12:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Tropic Thunder" star Brandon T. Jackson was an obnoxious, drunken a-hole during a flight Monday ... and that's why he was booted from his plane, so says US Airways.

A rep for the airline tells TMZ ... crew members adamantly deny using the N-word during an inflight altercation with the actor, despite the actor's allegations.

As we previously reported, Brandon went on a Twitter rant last night -- claiming a flight attendant hurled racially-charged epithets at him for no reason ... but now, the airline is calling BS.

The rep explains, "The disruptive behavior started with loud music being played by Mr. Jackson at his seat.  He was asked several times to turn down the music.  Additional erratic behavior was observed and that is when the crew made the decision to stop serving [alcohol to Brandon]."

US Airways says it stands behind the crew -- claiming they handled the situation appropriately.

When Jackson's flight landed in Phoenix (where he was supposed to catch a connecting flight to Burbank) he was escorted off the plane and interviewed by Phoenix PD.

Cops determined no crime was committed and he was allowed to leave -- but US Airways banned him from getting on the plane to BUR.

So far, no word back from Brandon T. Jackson.


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These people think the world is their playground to do whatever they please, then pull the race card every time. Time to go back to the old days. They have proven they cannot handle the freedoms the rest of us enjoy...

359 days ago



359 days ago


His story sounded fake from the get-go. He stated what the flight attendant supposedly said to him about sitting down -- which could be true -- and then just added an "also, she called me the n-word."

Please, if she truly would have said that, it would have been the first thing out of his mouth, instead of him tacking it on to the end of his unlikely story.

359 days ago


This smelled from the start.
What a WEAK AZZ leaning on the Race Card.

359 days ago



359 days ago


They used the "N" word!! It is because I a black!! If a whitey cracker were sitting here playing loud music nobody would say anything. (though this would all be said in ebonics and hardly understood). Wait for it....................

359 days ago


There would have been other people that would have overheard an airline employee spouting racist slurs. Most likely the (drunk) dude acting like a fool made up the racist BS to "justify" his actions. Grow up whoeveryouare.

359 days ago


Flight crews deal with this kind of behvior nearly everyday. As a 25 yr flight attendant drunk & blaring music is a dayly event. They dis everything right. Ask him to lower his music or put headphones on and stop serving him alcohol. And if his behavior escalates don't let him continue until he sobers up. Nobody wants THAT guy on their flight including the other passengers.

359 days ago


As Paul Harvey used to say...."and that's the rest of the story."

359 days ago


This needs to be the same as a false rape allegation. There is such a double standard when it comes to these false allegations. People like this guy and Oprah have learned through the media is that all you have to do is cry RACISM and there you can ruin someone or their career. When will a white person FINALLY cry foul when a racist black says "honkey" or "cracker"? Answer is never because 1. we don't care about words because thats all they are, 2. it makes us laugh, at least it makes me laugh that black people think that hurts, and 3. white people aren't looking for handouts or to try and play the victim. Maybe the word would go away or at least fade if black people didn't throw the "n" word into every other sentence. Wake up black people, you are the MAJOR contributors to your own decline. Face the facts. TATEBEHA (who named you anyway?)- I am not generalizing all blacks into this category by the way. You know who I am talking about.

359 days ago


The worst part about blacks using the race card to get out of trouble/get their own way is that when a real discrimination case comes up, no one believes it.

359 days ago


Same ol' victim story. Give it up.

359 days ago


LOL I knew it! Brandon, sit down somewhere SERIOUSLY bruh. You all on Twitter, practically CRYING [wolf] "please help they called me a n***** and Obama's son" but you couldn't explain why and what happened. And you got all these people coming to your rescue and DEFENDING your ass. You're too old for this foolishness.

359 days ago


This one black man certainly is not representative of the entire black race, and there have been many white celebrities thrown off airplanes for bad behaviour.

359 days ago


I can hear people breathing 3 rows back on a plane, how hard can it be to corroborate either story.

359 days ago
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