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'Tropic Thunder' Star



11/5/2013 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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10:14 AM PT -- A rep for the Phoenix Police Dept. tells TMZ ... cops received a call from the airline around 7:30 PM reporting a disruptive and belligerent passenger who had been cut off from alcohol.

We're told ... when police arrived, officers spoke with Brandon and determined no crime had been committed. Brandon, who was supposed to catch a connecting flight to Burbank, was escorted out of the terminal and not allowed to fly on US Airways that night.

Cops say Brandon was cooperative with police.


"Tropic Thunder" star Brandon T. Jackson claims he was escorted off an airplane and questioned by police after flipping out on a flight attendant who called him the n-word.

Jackson -- who also plays Grover in the "Percy Jackson" movies -- says he was on a US Airways flight when a flight attendant named Dee approached him and asked him to sit down.

The two argued -- and Jackson claims the flight attendant said, "I don"t care if you're Obama's son -- get in your seat!!" Jackson says the flight attendant also called him the n-word.

Jackson says he was later escorted off the plane -- and questioned by police in Phoenix. Eventually, he was released and tweeted, "This was the most racist thing that ever happen to me  even the white people on the plane was like that racist."

We reached out to US Airways for comment -- so far, no word back.


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Hey black people, some people aren't gonna like you simple cause you're black, just like some blacks don't like whites. Get Over It!

289 days ago


My suggestion? Sit down when your told. You should shut up too.

289 days ago


Why can't people just listen to the people in charge? People don't listen to the police and then cry when they get beaten or shot. Listen to those in charge (within reason of course) and life will go a lot easier. Then you can save your pathetic 'race card' for another time.

289 days ago

jdizzla a    

If this attendant really said this he/she is a moron. Everyone knows ur never allowed to say anything negative about a minority. They just cannot handle it.

289 days ago


If she used the N Word she was wrong" but since there were other passengers, someone will have witnessed it. The Obama's son comment was not racist IMO. She was saying I don't care if you are th son of the president. Sit down. I've had someone claim that's out me at my job too. It wasn't true but the person wasn't getting their way and was using it to attempt to manipulate the situation. He said he recorded it. Needless to say, he didn't produce any recordings.

289 days ago


Prove it. You can't prove you didn't say something. So, prove that they did. EVIDENCE, or shut up.

289 days ago


I'm a flight attendant, I assure you that he was being completely obnoxious and probably drunk, she was doing her job as we got to put up with men like him. I'ts not impossible but I find hard to believe that she called him ***, he shouldn't use the flight attendant to gain more popularity I find it disgusting

289 days ago


I think whats happening here is that some black people have mental problems and when they don't get their way they hear voices in there heads saying these terrible things.

289 days ago


Maybe dumb people will send you money now. Like that waitress who claimed that a customer wrote n on a receipt with no tip for her. Then handwriting analysis proves she wrote the n word herself.

289 days ago

river rat    

I'm not buying this for one minute! He was told to sit down, but, of course, he is the exception to the rule. When the F/A called him on it, he deals the race card. Those rules are there for a reason, dumbass! Complete total loser!

289 days ago


sit down, shut up. his feelings were hurt because the flight attendant didn't know who he was.

289 days ago


what's the big deal, he is just pissed because he probably told them who he is and they just him he is a Nobody to where the "N" letter is "N-obody"

289 days ago


Yeah, sure. That happened.

289 days ago


Get over it. I'm sick of black people crying all the time. Get the F__K over it.

289 days ago


Perhaps because he was acting like one? Just a guess.

289 days ago
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