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'Tropic Thunder' Star



11/5/2013 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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10:14 AM PT -- A rep for the Phoenix Police Dept. tells TMZ ... cops received a call from the airline around 7:30 PM reporting a disruptive and belligerent passenger who had been cut off from alcohol.

We're told ... when police arrived, officers spoke with Brandon and determined no crime had been committed. Brandon, who was supposed to catch a connecting flight to Burbank, was escorted out of the terminal and not allowed to fly on US Airways that night.

Cops say Brandon was cooperative with police.


"Tropic Thunder" star Brandon T. Jackson claims he was escorted off an airplane and questioned by police after flipping out on a flight attendant who called him the n-word.

Jackson -- who also plays Grover in the "Percy Jackson" movies -- says he was on a US Airways flight when a flight attendant named Dee approached him and asked him to sit down.

The two argued -- and Jackson claims the flight attendant said, "I don"t care if you're Obama's son -- get in your seat!!" Jackson says the flight attendant also called him the n-word.

Jackson says he was later escorted off the plane -- and questioned by police in Phoenix. Eventually, he was released and tweeted, "This was the most racist thing that ever happen to me  even the white people on the plane was like that racist."

We reached out to US Airways for comment -- so far, no word back.


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BS on this one, you got offended because she told your black ass to sit down. You might be in movies, etc. but when you are on the plane the flight attendants have the best interest of everyone in mind. You were being disruptive and antagonistic, shut up and do as you are told.

352 days ago



352 days ago


This just sounds weird...

352 days ago

I won't grow up    

That's right, when all else fails and you face arrest, play the race card. It's how this every thug gets away with animalistic behavior.

352 days ago


I didn't even need the update to know that alcohol was involved. What's the flight attendant's story? Cause Brandon is just crying foul and not giving the full details.

352 days ago


Whats a brother have to do for a can of Booty Sweat?

352 days ago


It appears there is something he left out of this story.

352 days ago

jdizzla a    

Anybody who believes him is racist.

352 days ago


He probably said, "Do you know who I am?" (because that's what most people do when they aren't that famous) and she said, " I don't care if you're Obama's son". I say, well played.

352 days ago


Just like the little boy who cried wolf.

352 days ago


I can't believe how much power black people give to a word. It's pathetic actually.

352 days ago


not buying this one either. yeah, sit down like the rest of the world you little twit. act like a jerk, plan to be treated like one. you're not obama, attendant is right!

352 days ago


cry me a river.. if a black did something similar to someone white nobody would bat an eye

352 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Oh, for God sake. You call each other in your own race the N word, and you get all bent out of shape, if they happen not to be in your own race that said it to ya. Oh, PLEASE! Why does it take on a whole new meaning, if the person isn't of the same race you are? Ii got the answer for ya, it is because down deep you people know that any one of any race could be called the N word, but you use that as your race card every damn time a person of a different race calls you that.

The real meaning of the N word...

A person of ANY RACE or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.

So no wonder you people don;t get mad at your own race calling each other the N word.

N word. Can't even spell it out, much less say it. Like it is worse than saying god d@mn it, or F*ck u. Get real people and grow up!!

352 days ago


Start the comment forum war over one side of the story. The side of a admitted intoxicated, belligerent passenger over that of ... no one. United hasn't even commented. Presumptions can be fun. Also, I'll bet no one even researches the follow up story if there is one, to even see how this pans out.

352 days ago
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