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Brooke Mueller


11/5/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Brooke Mueller
is on the attack ... gunning for Charlie Sheen, who called her a whore, drug addict and terrible parent on TMZ -- and if she gets her way Charlie could end up in jail.

We just received a subpoena from Brooke's lawyers, ordering us to preserve the video and audio interviews we did with Charlie last Friday.  Where to begin.  Charlie said Brooke has damaged their twins emotionally, to the point they're on the verge of getting kicked out of school.  He says every time the kids visit with Brooke, they come home completely freaked out and suffer from night terrors.

Our sources say Brooke's lawyers will go to court with our video and audio and argue Charlie has violated the gag order and should be punished -- possibly with jail -- and  have his visitation curtailed.

Charlie told us the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services cares more about protecting and rehabilitating Brooke than protecting the twins.  He also calls the judge in the case "The Dishonorable Judge Douchebag."  Charlie also called him fat.

The subpoena orders us to hand over the video and audio interviews we did with Charlie.  What ... they don't watch TMZ Live?



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Dead account Delete at will    

If you have any class you'll invoke your lawyer freedom of speech client whatever you can or have the decency to accidently delete the information while removing it for them. If you have the slightest bit of decency to you you'll turn over nothing.

331 days ago

Seriously wtf    

Brooke is jumping on this as a way of restoring her child support payments. It has nothing to do with her 'recovery'. If it did- she would acknowledge the truth and do what is best for the kids - leave them with Denise. I think Charlie is a terrible parent in the normal sense - but like many have pointed out - at least he realizes he can't care for them.

331 days ago


So what people violate gag orders all the time and how exactly does that have anything to do with visitation?

331 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Why does TMZ always post pictures of Brooke making those faces? And also, she needs to just get over it. Child Services and her, when it comes to Charlie Sheen talking crap about them, go after Charlie with a vengeance. I think this is just making things worse for those twins that will grow up and find out about all this drama about their parents. Both parents should just not say crap and focus on cleaning up. Also, try getting along for the sake of those kids!

331 days ago


Heee-haw! Heee-haw! Heee-haw!

mouth breathing donkey woman

331 days ago

Jim in Cali    

STFU Brooke. You are druggie that can't control yourself. Your kids will grow up being ashamed of you.

331 days ago


Charlie should stop making any kind of payments to the crazy drug addled bitch.

331 days ago


I'm going to post, and it's NOT going to favorable to most of the folks on this page. Yes, Brooke is a raging drug addict, she's been in rehab probably 25 times. How is Charlie Different? He's never taken custody of his kids, he's passed them off to his ex-wife who has NO CONNECTION to those kids except the daughters are the half siblings of these new kdis. Charlie Sheen bitches and complains, he trash talks his EX WIFE and goes on and on about how she's an UNFIT PARENT...Well, good for you Charlie, just exacltly when did you take over and EXCEPT responsiblity of your twins? You know, took them into your house after you cleaned it out of porn stars and drugs and actually attempted to raise your kids, by yourself and do the right thing...???? Oh wait, that's right, you have NEVER EVER, NEVER EVER, taken responsiblities for those little boys, you passed them off on Brooke's mom and dad and when that didn't suit your purpose you passed them off on your EXWIFE that you totally trashed and DENIGRATED after you separated and got divorced making her out to be some UGLY ASS PARIAH that wasn't fit to raise your daughters. I am, in KNOW WAY, giving the heads up to Brooke to get their kids and raise them. My point here is Charlie is trash talking his ex, the mother of his two young sons and he can't even take care of the kdis, nor does he want to. Charlie is happy to pay his ex, 52K a month to raise two children that neither he, or Brooke care about. Hey, CHarlie, 10 years your kids are going to know the truth, 10 years from now they are going to know you want to hang with PORN STARS (goddesses) throw massive drug and alcohol parties and Live your life like you are single while passing off your own sons on your EX WIFE that has nothing to do with them except the girls are those boys HALF SIBLINGS> How about you STFU and stop trashing everyone else why you are the WORST FATHER IN THE WORLD? Oooo, I think I hit a nerve with the Charlie Sheen fans...

331 days ago


Brooke must really be desperate for money & trying everything to get custody of Charlie's child support money. Although Charlie is not father of the year, he knows that Denise Richards is the best person to have physical custody of his twins. Brooks has not proven she can be clean & sober for a significant period of time. It's all about the money & not for the welfare of the twins. Brooke is broke & so is her family who probably all are anxious to get their hands on some of Charlie's money.
Charlie's not perfect, but his is smart enough to who is capable of protecting hsi twins - Denise Richards.

331 days ago


It's a sad situation all round.

331 days ago


Charlie maybe a sh*t show but Brooke takes the cake, that's why the boys are with DENISE! I believe him when he says the kids have alcohol fetal syndrome its freaking sick what Brooke is doing to the kids I don't think she can stay sober and I think Denise has some sense of normalcy at her house but who knows its Hollyweird. Go Charlie coked up and still winning.

331 days ago

*_* JUST A FRIEND *_*    

...I hope TMZ has enough decency not to sh!t all over Charley, when we all know they've benefited so much off his name...If TMZ adheres to these requests without putting up a good fight, they'll expose them selves to be a bunch of lowlife ingrates...!!! TESTIFY !!!

331 days ago


Screw her. She should work on being a good mother for once, and perhaps she wouldn't have to have a gag order in place. Wish Denise could adopt those two little boys.

331 days ago


Brook Mueller got turned down flat again for a restraining order. Denied again.

How is Mueller paying for 'her lawyers'? The child support money she counts on and for her drug money. Wow. What a no surprise.

No custody no support money.

331 days ago


Clearly this man is insane!

331 days ago
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