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Charlie Sheen

Quotes 'Apocalypse Now'

Declares War on Brooke, DCFS

11/6/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
is using his dad's epic movie, "Apocalypse Now," to underscore his declaration of WAR against Brooke Mueller and the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services.

Charlie tells TMZ ... he will not be muzzled by a gag order or any other admonition.  He believes his twins Bob and Max have been grievously damaged by their mom, Brooke Mueller and he thinks DCFS is blindly protecting her at his kids' expense.

Charlie quotes Martin Sheen in the flick, "I am beyond their timid lying morality, therefore I am beyond caring" -- referring to what he considers the tepid actions of DCFS.

Charlie goes on:  "What my family and I are forced to deal with in the last 4 years, lives outside the pale of any acceptable conduct or decency. I am battling an amorphous enemy that needs to be swiftly disempowered."

As we first reported, Brooke's people are gunning for Charlie for violating the gag order and going on TMZ Live, calling Brooke a "whore" and the world's worst parent.  To that he says, "There is no force, no human, and no scenario in the known universe that will divert my course, my mission in this life."

As for the pictures TMZ posted, showing Bob allegedly before and after a visit with Brooke -- where it looks like his face was injured -- Charlie says he will stop at nothing to get DCFS to do the right thing: 

     -- "These crimes against my children will be exposed.  These war criminals will be hanged at dusk to a cheering and jeering crowd, gathered together in love in support of all children who are mercilessly discarded like garbage by CPS. Which by the way stands for 'CAN'T PROTECT SHITE.'"


Charlie ends with an ominous threat:  "The storm is brewing.  Their roofs are leaking. I am the Tsunami your mommy warned you about your whole childhood.   All of you renegade deplorable pigs are marked for slaughter."



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Charlie is a mentally ill drug addict. Brooke is a drug addict and probably mentally ill. The children were exposed to drugs in utero and have lived a very chaotic, insecure, stressful existence. They only have a chance if taken away FOREVER from both parents and put in a therapeutic home. Otherwise, they are done. Very sad.

290 days ago


Amazing that this jerk takes no responsibility for the care of his own children, but threatens everyone else. What a self-serving *******.

290 days ago


Those photos have been touched up....yes he has a bruise or what I call a scrape or bruise like you get when you fall on the gritty ground high on his forehead but the rest is photo enhanced...but if you real the article on ROL it says right their that the second or after photos were enhanced with color to show the whole of the bruised area.....the only thing that interests me is watching the currupt legal system get out of this one or which side will pay the highest to win.......and the sad joke is There is no winners ! only losers and they are those poor brain damaged from birth children of that drug addict who continued using why she was carrying them...
If Charlie Sheen really means to help his boys and get them help and away from the woman who is the source of that damage then more power to him....and conturey to what most of you think I think speaking out to the media and shining the light down that dark nasty hole were this woman and her lawyers live is a smart move on his part...He knows he will get hate and reaction against himself but he is will to take all that people can throw to save his boys.....He's jumping into the snake pit to fight for his boys knowing he is going get bite. !!! Yes he is a drug addict etc etc..but he has always been a father ......Brooke can not say the same......
She didn't care what damage she was doing why carrying them in her body.....and continued to use drugs knowing she could and would do harm....and her continued drug use and out of control behavior in the last 4 yrs of there life rehabbed 21 times and never stopped drugging shows she will never put those boys first...they are a way to a means...the Money she still gets 55 thousand dollars a month even while she hasn't had custody ...thats what Brooke Mueller is fighting for.....
Brooke Mueller is the poison that is surely killing her children....Until or Unless she is removed from their lifes they don't stand a chance in helll of ever being healthy normal kids.....

290 days ago


He needs to handle this like an adult and not a raving lunatic.

290 days ago


They Both Need To Stop It. Life Is Too Short For All This Unnecessary Bickering. There Both Being Riduculously Petty. It's Sickening

289 days ago


If either moron spent any tile with their kid they may have noticed the PORT WINE STAIN was there before and gets darker with sun exposure.
Nowhere in Warlock's demented verbiage does he state that he wants full custody of his kids. It's only other people who 'discard them like they're pieces of garbage.' He should be reminded who pays for CPS.

289 days ago


After reading Denise's full letter to DCFS I am shocked that these children are allowed unsupervised visits with their mother. I found it interesting that Brooke is still getting the $50,000 a month in support from Charlie while Denise did not receive an extra dime while they have been with her.

289 days ago


He's right. Brooke is damaging to those kids. They are in big trouble going back to her.

289 days ago


At least Charlie KNOWS he himself is incapable of taking care of his own children. He also knows Brooke cannot do it either. Denise is willing to care for them and they were thriving with her, until they started spending time with Brooke again. The state would NOT let Brooke's mother care for them either. She had them for awhile and still wanted them when they went to live with Denise.

Bottom line, Brooke doesn't want to lose that huge child support money. She refuses to let them get the help they soooo desperately need.

289 days ago


Great acting skills there Sheen. You love to pretend don't you? What's the matter, are you missing all the attention you received back when your drunken crack addicted a*s was slamming the people at Two and a Half Men? Do you think people want to support your rants now..when it comes to the wellbeing of your children? You're the problem Charlie, not just Brooke. You're money won't buy those kids love..between you and the ho's you'd rather surround yourself with is it any wonder those boys are acting out for the attention of two parents who never gave a crap? That's it, keep pointing the finger at everyone else instead of stepping up to care for those children your own da*n self. You're nothing but a lying two faced actor, onscreen and off. I feel sorry for your parents and those children.

289 days ago


I'm totally on sheens side for this one ! But i think of their gonna have any visits at all it should be supervised ! That being said the picture above .. It looks as if the top pic was almost photoshopped because there's a slightly red area exactly where the burn or what not is in the bottom picture ! Anyone else see that ?

289 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

It seems that Charlie is off his meds and the tiger blood sucking Grand Wizard is rearing it's insane head. I'm beginning to think DSFS made a very good call keeping those children away from that ass.hole. I would be afraid he'd be one of those insane men who take themselves out and their kids with them just to harm the mother. Neither of them should ever have brought life into the world.

289 days ago


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289 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Why dosen't this dooshbag get custody and take care of his own fooking out of control kids instead of pawning them off on his ex wife who looks like she has lost 40 pounds from the stress of having two homicidal four year olds from hellz living with her? Charlie is a azzhat of the highest order. He is so mentally ill that he needs to be stuck in a rubber room for the next 50 years. Those poor kids have now been damaged beyond repair. In 10-12 years, these two kids will likely go on a murder, robbery, and mayhem rampage that will make anything that Charlie had done look like a warm up.

289 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Poor litte tykes. They did not ask to be born to two selfish half azzed drug addicts. Two regular four year old boys can be a handful, I can't imagine what Denise went through with these poor kids. JHC...I would like to think that when I leave this planet at the end of my life, I would have left it a little better than when I got here. All both Charlie and Brooke have done their entire lives is create messes for other people to clean up. So far it has worked for them because they both had the money to pay other people to pick up thier shiat...this time it's not working.

289 days ago
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