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Charlie Sheen


Yap Again, Go to Jail!

11/6/2013 6:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen was admonished by the judge in the war involving Bob and Max -- the twins at the center of the war between Charlie and Brooke Mueller -- if he opens his mouth again about the case, he's going to jail.

Here's the best part.  We're told at one point the judge said, "Don't forget, I'm Italian!"

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... the judge issued a temporary restraining order against Charlie.  The TRO re-instates the gag order, prohibiting them from talking about the case.

We're told the judge was upset with Charlie, who called the jurist a fatty and a douchebag on TMZ Live. 

Under the TRO ... we're told Charlie is prohibited from going within 200 yards of Brooke.   He's also not allowed to contact Brooke.  To that we're told Charlie told the judge, "Thank you."

We're told the judge is considering whether to impose some sort of penalty on Charlie for violating the gag order, but no penalties were handed down today.

Brooke, who was in court as well, had her lawyers ask the judge to suspend his visitation rights with the twins, but the judge rejected her request.  Sources tell us Brooke wants Denise Richards REMOVED as temporary guardian of the twins, but that didn't happen.

By the way ... Brooke's lawyer made a big deal about the pic of the birthday cake for Brooke with a grenade on top ... but the judge didn't make a big deal of it.



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TMZ you need a third option in that 'Who's side are you on?' poll. Neither of these douchebags (to use Charlie's term) deserves to go anywhere near these kids. Denise needs to be able to insist on very intense therapy for them if she even agrees to continue to look after them, tough choice for her since she obviously must consider the safety and wellbeing of her own kids. If Denise does throw in the towel then I think that it will be in their best interests to be taken into care and helped with serious medical/mental therapy. This coming from someone who is usually not in favour of removing kids from a home situation.

290 days ago

Mary Ann    

Brooke needs to give Denise the authority to take these kids to counseling, or else they will end up in foster care. Denise is the only sane one in the group!

290 days ago


Another idol threat from the California courts. Being Italian doesn't mean squat there judge, your threats being carried through are though.

290 days ago

Wow ...    

TMZ, give us a third option in your poll - neither or on the side of the boys please and thank you!

290 days ago


Where's the neither button? Their both childish ignorant and do not need kids!!

290 days ago


Whose side am I on? The only obvious side. #TeamBobandMax

290 days ago


brooke and the judge can go **** themselves. im not paying attention to anything other than the evidence shown by the children. i hope the DA gets involved. some ACS folks in hollywood are on the take and their time has come. thank you charlie

290 days ago


The Judge is Italian? So what's that mean? She has connections?

290 days ago


Brook--EVERYONE HATES YOU YOU SACK OF are wasting your money on attorney fees because no one is buying what you are selling --especially a judge who has seen it all!!

Brook you SOS...go crawl away somewhere and O.D. and you know I never say shiz like that---that's how bad this cnut is

290 days ago


Neither side. They're both rotten, terrible, f*cked up people. Neither of them deserves custody, or even visitation, of those twins. The kids need intensive therapy to nip their emerging sociopathy in the bud, and a life well away from the public eye.

290 days ago


I am the grandmother raising 3 of my 5 young grandchildren due to drug addicted parents. If
i had just a small fraction of the resourses Charlie and Brooke have at their disposal. My grandchildren would be healing faster. It is not hard to see those two boys are drug affected. THey need calm routeen, positive renforcment and stricked rules with consiquences for brakeing them. Charlie needs to shut his mouth and keep his negative opinoon about the mother to himself. The boy's already know their mom is sick, the last thing they need is their dad behaveing like a nutcase as well right now. My grandchildren are in therepy and small class size school and a regular routeen thoughout the day and at bed time. It is extreemly obviose the Bob and Max are crying out for help in the only way they know how. Charlie, please take heed, your children need a stable parent. Much Aloha

290 days ago


Actually the both of them are unfit as parents ..Brooke's a drugged out bobbing head and Charlie is also a druggy .. at this point the best position to put the kids in is to have a family member take control of the kids ..Denise has her hands full with the twins from hell's a shame to put innocent kids in the mist of a situation that neither parent has the common sense to resolve ... the world we live in ... DISGUSTING !!

290 days ago


Charlie sure appears to be a lot more normal and sane than he was a year or two ago after his epic meltdown when he got fired from his TV show "Two and a Half Men".

Who knows, maybe Charlie isn't BSing everyone nowadays and he really is clean and sober. I'd still want to see him random drug tested though. Actors are quite good at acting one way and then doing the opposite when people aren't watching them.

He still has "anger management" issues though. You'd think he'd learn about since he plays an anger management therapist on his new show.

290 days ago

Savage ShiHulk    

My vote is for Denise Richards. What a saint that woman is to be there for these 2 boys when she doesn't have to be.

290 days ago


Couldn't Charlie go off about some other things -

Love it when Mike Walters goes in and does a sit-down interview.

By the way when Charlie cranes-his-neck during an interview, any interview?

It means he's serious-as-shiyitt.

290 days ago
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