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Charlie Sheen


Yap Again, Go to Jail!

11/6/2013 6:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen was admonished by the judge in the war involving Bob and Max -- the twins at the center of the war between Charlie and Brooke Mueller -- if he opens his mouth again about the case, he's going to jail.

Here's the best part.  We're told at one point the judge said, "Don't forget, I'm Italian!"

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... the judge issued a temporary restraining order against Charlie.  The TRO re-instates the gag order, prohibiting them from talking about the case.

We're told the judge was upset with Charlie, who called the jurist a fatty and a douchebag on TMZ Live. 

Under the TRO ... we're told Charlie is prohibited from going within 200 yards of Brooke.   He's also not allowed to contact Brooke.  To that we're told Charlie told the judge, "Thank you."

We're told the judge is considering whether to impose some sort of penalty on Charlie for violating the gag order, but no penalties were handed down today.

Brooke, who was in court as well, had her lawyers ask the judge to suspend his visitation rights with the twins, but the judge rejected her request.  Sources tell us Brooke wants Denise Richards REMOVED as temporary guardian of the twins, but that didn't happen.

By the way ... Brooke's lawyer made a big deal about the pic of the birthday cake for Brooke with a grenade on top ... but the judge didn't make a big deal of it.



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You know, TMZ, I like gossip, I like rumors, yeah, because I like to say, B.S. to some of the stuff you come up with. The fact you guys know that two four year old boys are at the center of this crap should be enough for you to get a conscience and stop posting ANYTHING that comes out of Charlie or Brooke's camp. I know you love the sensationalism of Charlie the idiots rants but think of the little boys in this case. The fact that Charlie is complaining about anything or calling Brooke on the mat for what he percieves as bad parenting is laughable. This is a guy who's paying his ex-wife to parent his children because he has ever excuse in the book NOT to parent them. Charlie, has it ever occurred to you that when your daughters by Denise and these sons by Brooke are older that they'll phone up TMZ and trash talk you as bad as you did, both their mothers? I can just see that day. Charlie's excuse will be his kids are ungrateful spoiled rotten brats who happily spent his money, there will be nothing about how little he spent, or how little he cared for the children. I'll bet your oldest daughter has moved as far away from you as possible and has little or NO contact with you.

317 days ago


I'm on the kids' side, Harvey, not Charlie's or Brooke's. It's the kids who need protecting and neither of those two buffoons should parent them.

317 days ago


It says above that the new TRO reinstated the gag order; in that case Charlie couldn't have violated a gag order that wasn't in effect.
Mueller belongs in prison.

317 days ago


I don't like the answers to the poll, "Whose side are you on", Charlie or Brooke. My answer would be, neither, they have both been proven to be incompetent parents. I'm on the kids side, I feel sorry for them.

317 days ago


Come on, Charlie, you're not gonna let that fatty douchebag judge tell you what to do are you? Not the Warlock? Come on big man.

317 days ago


they are both awful parents - why is "Charlie" not looking after his own kids? So really who is the better parent? Neither of them. THANK YOU!!!!

317 days ago


Is it any wonder those twins are so screwed up? They have no parents.

317 days ago


@ Sources tell us Brooke wants Denise Richards REMOVED as temporary guardian of the twins, but that didn't happen.

"Well can you at LEAST put BLINDERS on Denise, your honor?"

Some (not me) think Denise's EYES?

Are Denise's BEST asset.

Brooke isn't on that particular train...

317 days ago


If half the things that Charlie says in this TMZ video about Brooke are true, then she should LOSE CUSTODY in court. No doubt. If Brooke's mother is as bad as Brooke like Charlie says then it is a "no brainer". Those kids are clearly in a bad environment. Hopefully, that would mean that Brooke loses the $55,000/month in support payments.

I'm sure that would freak out Brooke more than anything. She certainly would deserve it. All that money is just enabling her to stay a drugged out nutcase anyway. She should be forced to get a job and live like "regular people" do. That would be a nightmare for her I'm sure.

Brooke seems like a spoiled brat girl from a wealthy family that never grew up because she didn't HAVE to. Someone was always there to bail her out over and over again for her screwups and her out of control, drugged out behavior. Poor little rich girl Brooke. I don't feel sorry for her one bit.

317 days ago


I'm sure the judge isn't too pleased with the public knowing how bad they are failing these boys and looking out for the mother's interests instead of the children. Charlie needs to get his butt in gear and become a responsible parent. Brooke is a lost cause and is only worried about her own rights and not her children's. It's a shame they have allowed her to deny Bob and Max the medical care they need.

317 days ago


Wonder what this entire thing cost Charlie.

In like legal fees.

Charlie shouldn't PAY - Charlie should BE paid.

This has been fully-entertaining - Charlie at Charlie's best.

Plus we get Denise now - Denise in on this makes the entire thing captivating.

Maybe it was getting a little boring before.

Like every good A-Lister Charlie went back into the War Room - ripped his writers a new one -

Returned with all-new stuff.

PROVES Charlie's become a Show-Runner.

Home Run any way you look at it -

317 days ago


Charlie always wants to get everyone involved in all his problems--he goes to the media, and comes across sounding like he's insane. With 2-1/2 Men, he took his show on the road, and kept trying to get everyone involved in his fight; when he was mad at some school for asking his daughters to leave the school, he goes to the media and wants everyone to mail feces to the school--disgusting. Now he again takes it to the media, and he's doing nothing to help his children. If he really wants to help his children, then get himself into rehab, get clean, get rid of the "goddesses", grow up and provide at least one stable parent and home for those children.

317 days ago


Hey Charlie tell the judge to sit on it and rotate, this is still America until BO completes our Socialization we still have freedom of speech. Stand & Fight America

317 days ago


Since Brooke has a good chance of losing custody, now the problem is that Charlie doesn't seem to want to parent those boys either. He's too caught up in his job and his "goddesses" and who knows what other crazy stuff he's into these days.

For all we know, Charlie might still be having orgies with porn stars along with the heavy drugs, boozing and basically acting a fool. When it comes to Charlie and drugs, I'd only trust random drug test results. I'm sure he'd lie like crazy about the substances he's putting into his body.

317 days ago


I'm on the twins side neither one of them brook or Charlie should have custody someone needs to look out for the twins....what a mess

317 days ago
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