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Charlie Sheen


Yap Again, Go to Jail!

11/6/2013 6:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen was admonished by the judge in the war involving Bob and Max -- the twins at the center of the war between Charlie and Brooke Mueller -- if he opens his mouth again about the case, he's going to jail.

Here's the best part.  We're told at one point the judge said, "Don't forget, I'm Italian!"

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... the judge issued a temporary restraining order against Charlie.  The TRO re-instates the gag order, prohibiting them from talking about the case.

We're told the judge was upset with Charlie, who called the jurist a fatty and a douchebag on TMZ Live. 

Under the TRO ... we're told Charlie is prohibited from going within 200 yards of Brooke.   He's also not allowed to contact Brooke.  To that we're told Charlie told the judge, "Thank you."

We're told the judge is considering whether to impose some sort of penalty on Charlie for violating the gag order, but no penalties were handed down today.

Brooke, who was in court as well, had her lawyers ask the judge to suspend his visitation rights with the twins, but the judge rejected her request.  Sources tell us Brooke wants Denise Richards REMOVED as temporary guardian of the twins, but that didn't happen.

By the way ... Brooke's lawyer made a big deal about the pic of the birthday cake for Brooke with a grenade on top ... but the judge didn't make a big deal of it.



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mary jo     

These children sound like a mess if I was Denise I would put them outside and lock the doors with my children and dogs for fear of being killed or injured. These children need real help and fast get them out

296 days ago


Brooke is a cancer in the twins life. she loves drugs more than her own kids. sad that they're only a paycheck to her.

296 days ago


This judge sounds like an ass. I think the real issue should be keeping Brooke away not keeping him quiet.

296 days ago


Those poor kids should be taken away from Brooke. At least Charlie knew Denise would give those kids everything she could... They should have included the kids when they asked who's side your on. Clearly I hope those kids get put in a loving and stable home permanently. Bouncing them around is just disgraceful.

296 days ago


Yeah. he'll violate the order before the weekend is out. And the judge will just add a little time and a few more feet to the TRO to show she "really means it this time, Mister!"

296 days ago


When the court & DCFS approve of seriously troubled children living with a severely drug-addicted mother, one has no alternative but talk to media to expose what's happening.
Authorities are clearly continuing to risk the kids' physical & mental health by catering to this dangerous mother despite her 20+ failures at rehab; she needs to lose custody permanently. I say good for Charlie. (But Charlie needs to clean up, grow up and raise his kids!)

296 days ago


Wish the judge would give full custody to Denise & prohibit both Charlie & Brooke from visitation.

296 days ago


Charlie is a Gutless Coward!!!!!! He is Afraid of Jail he is Afraid of the Judge and I Guarantee he will shut his PIE HOLE because he is a Coward.

296 days ago


Brooke has no income, only Charlies child support. She should be in trouble for using the money he gave her against him, and not for good use for the boys. Then again, this shows that she obviously is getting too much monthly since she has extra to burn on other stuff. She is abusing the system. She should never have gotten custody, period, only supervised visits, but now that we know kids have issues she shouldnt get anything because you cant blame this on Charlie, his other kids are normal. This is all Brookes fault. Her years of drug abuse and what the kids grew up in that environment has caused irreversible damage. The courts ARE failing the boys. I dont blame Charlie, if anyone try to hurt my kids Id scream at the top of my lungs too, not caring how I looked, only at whats best for the boys. Charlie, rooke will relapse, shes done too many diff drugs for too many yrs and it will happen, give it a couple more months.

296 days ago


TMZ asks whose side we're on? Is there a third choice?

296 days ago


The Judge is right, Charlie needs to STFU for the good of everyone especially his kids.

296 days ago


Brooke will relapse soon bc unline otherdrug addicts who have a drug of choice, she has a history of abusing opiates, downers, crystal meth, cocaine, etc. Theres no doubt in my mind she will get the itch soon. A drug addict newlh clean will put priorities. First for awhile, spend money on the kids, then realize "hmm I have some extra money, what should I spend it on?" And she will start slowly back into drugs. At first, doing little bits and trying to keep her habit under control and secret, but the addiction will get the best of her and she will lose that battle. Charlie needs to be patient and let her relapse, just keep an eye out for the boys and let her self destruct. Her track history and the probabilities and odds she will relapse make it highly likely. Just watch...

296 days ago


Guys, Charlie is not dumb desbite what you see are dumb moves on his part. He has a good legal team and he knows that during custody battles and accusations of poor parenting, along with do***ented history of partying, he knows he must stay clean as there will be random and court ordered drug testing. Dont think Charlie is that stupid and naive to start a custody war and battle with a judge while his urine is dirty. He knows he could be drug tested as DYFS sees fit.

296 days ago


The Warlock has been MUTED... no more comments from Charlie. LOL

296 days ago


What is it like Brook, to be more hated than the Kardashians and Lindsay Lohan and Leeann Rimes put together...enjoy the psyche ward and'll be back there in 3....2.....1

296 days ago
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