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Charlie Sheen


Yap Again, Go to Jail!

11/6/2013 6:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen was admonished by the judge in the war involving Bob and Max -- the twins at the center of the war between Charlie and Brooke Mueller -- if he opens his mouth again about the case, he's going to jail.

Here's the best part.  We're told at one point the judge said, "Don't forget, I'm Italian!"

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... the judge issued a temporary restraining order against Charlie.  The TRO re-instates the gag order, prohibiting them from talking about the case.

We're told the judge was upset with Charlie, who called the jurist a fatty and a douchebag on TMZ Live. 

Under the TRO ... we're told Charlie is prohibited from going within 200 yards of Brooke.   He's also not allowed to contact Brooke.  To that we're told Charlie told the judge, "Thank you."

We're told the judge is considering whether to impose some sort of penalty on Charlie for violating the gag order, but no penalties were handed down today.

Brooke, who was in court as well, had her lawyers ask the judge to suspend his visitation rights with the twins, but the judge rejected her request.  Sources tell us Brooke wants Denise Richards REMOVED as temporary guardian of the twins, but that didn't happen.

By the way ... Brooke's lawyer made a big deal about the pic of the birthday cake for Brooke with a grenade on top ... but the judge didn't make a big deal of it.



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He said Thank you Judge. hahahah

Tiger or a Mouse ?

359 days ago


Speaking of losers and jails, TMZ, your favorite Chicago loser, Chief Keef, is back in jail.

359 days ago


He's an ungrateful punk drug head that needs to be in jail for a very long time. He absolutely does not deserve to be on tv at all. He's nothing but trash!

359 days ago


Look at all this Charlie Bashing ...and the photo of her smirking as she leaves the court house......What is wrong with you people this isn't about Who one ups Who.....this is about the well fair of those two children and the damage this woman has done to them.....
She want a gag order ...Yes Sir she does .....doesn't want anybody t know what is really going on ..and the money grab she is going for....this is Money Grubbing at its best ...
Bash the man all you want but He is the only one willingly jumping into the vipers pit to safe his sons...And the Vipers Pit for those who doesn't know is the moneyed founding families of Old Hollywood and its studios who still OWN a big part of LA County and it justice system and of which she is being backed by ....You really didn't think she has keep out of jail by her own sterling behavior have you ? 22 rehabs ....stints and she is still being pampered.... Good Luck Charlie ..You are going to need it....You are the next Mel Gibson ..and they will now try to destroy you and you have given them plenty of ammo.....
Meanwhile some where in the dark two damaged little boys are lost and forgotten ..until Mommy dearest needs more money

359 days ago


Charlie is actually trying to get the kids away from Brooke who is definitely not worthy of them. I think that's actually a good thing so he cannot be that bad

359 days ago


You asked "whose side are you on?" ...My reply is Charlie sure knows how to pick' em.

359 days ago


i think when the boys are in Brooke's care they are being abused and neglected. Charlie made the right choice to have Denise keep them with her based on his work schedule. They have a solid home base and familiarty which they need.

359 days ago


Both idiots and horrible parents. My heart breaks for those poor boys. What good is money when you have such ****ed up parents.

359 days ago


Wouldn't this all stop if Charlie was a man and took care of his kids? Who has an ex-wife be in charge of kids from a different wife? They all are douches with Charlie the Winning douche.

359 days ago


I really wish you would start making your polls fairer and put in a third option of 'neither'

359 days ago


And he's Italian. What a sociopath that judge is. He should be off the bench with his stupid ego. A little racist much is he.. sounds like it if the judge values his identity as being Italian more than being a judge in USA

359 days ago


So the whole hearing was about Brooke, and protecting herself from Charlie? WHAT ABOUT THE BOYS Brooke? They are human beings not just things to bring money in for you every month. Brooke needs to be completely removed from their lives. Then every option available to help them heal needs to be exhausted so they can have a normal life. Brooke makes me ill, everything is all about her. Charlie is weird yes but on his worst day he isn't as bad as Brooke. Everyone glosses over the fact that they had to be removed from her care, not Charlie's hers. Pathetic!

359 days ago


You wait and see. They'll make a movie about this oneday. I know, crazy eh? It will happen though, but who would they get to play the crack whore Brooke Mueller? How about Lindsay Lohen? Good choice eh!

359 days ago


I'm on neither side.. If Brooke still has enough money to roll up to court in an Escalade she needs to get it together and quit the blow, and get the strange animals out of the house.. and if Charlie has problem after problem with everyone he associates with then he's gotta look to himself and quit complaining.

359 days ago


Both parents need to be taken out to an old fashioned wood shed and have a couple of strong armed people beat the dickens out of them. These two idiots are so busy loving themselves so much, they have no room in their hearts for their children. If they really loved the children they would put their hatred for one another aside and create a decent atmosphere for their boys. They seem to think of the children as liabilities rather than gifts from God. One day all this will come back to haunt them and by that time it will be too late because children do not forget!

359 days ago
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