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Denise Richards

She Gives DCFS Proof ...

Brooke Blocks Urgent Therapy for Twins

11/6/2013 8:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards was armed with an email when she went to the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services -- an email which she apparently believed would expose Brooke Mueller as a terrible parent.

The email -- obtained by TMZ -- was sent by Dr. Jay Gordon, an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at UCLA Medical School.  The email and documents obtained by TMZ make it clear ...  Brooke is blocking psychological treatment for Bob and Max. 

The email, dated August 23, 2013, reads:

   -- "As we have discussed, because of recent events involving the boys' behavior I think that they need urgent evaluation.  I am very concerned about their escalating violent actions; The apparent lack of understanding of the consequences and the safety of others is most worrisome.  I would like them seen by Dr. Alessia Gottlieb for a complete developmental and behavioral assessment."

TMZ broke the story ... Denise told DCFS that Brooke was blocking the treatment described in the email.  As we first reported, Denise said she could no longer care for the twins with such interference by Brooke, given their violent behavior toward animals and people.


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SAD ... hope they get the help they need!!

321 days ago


If she got that letter and is refusing to get treatment for the kids - that's 100% PROOF that she is a BAD mother.
She'd rather 'get back at' Charlie than get the kids the help they need. How F~~KED UP is that?

321 days ago


I wonder if sh e's telling the

321 days ago


Boys to be bad so they can live with her. They need therapy, too bad. Brooke is being a selfish ...Fill in the blank

321 days ago


Why would anyone prevent crisis intervention for a child? There are groups in the US government who would like to try but not parents with enough money to get their children the very best care!

321 days ago


I believe Charlie is paying Denise to smear Brooke because none of this need to be played out in the media. I think this is an old fashion old wife hating the new wife. I believe Charlie is deep into his drug again.

321 days ago


Charlie and Denise do not have to smear Brooke that woman has done that all by herself. !!! for Not Understanding why....This is all happening in LosAngeles Calfornia....folks ...the Capital of Bribes and pay offs for Lawyers Judges and the offices of city government.....and Brooke family being rich and old money have been using that system since she was 14 to keep her drug ass out of jail and trouble....and don't lay it at Charlies door they come from the same world of Hollywood children......Brooke Mueller has been in a continuious cycle of drug abuse since she was a young teen....She is NOT REHabbed or cured or any of the nonsence they call it...because Drugs is not a Desease it is a Choice and she has and will always chose drugs...She's proven that again and again. and she it responiable for these damaged childern by that choose of doing drugs while carrying them ...
This is not about those babies its about Money the Money she gets every month from Charlie for there support even if she doesn't have them...55,000 dollars a month....more the the average for normal people for a hold year....but she wants more ....these damaged children are her income and without them she and her family have none....
Muddy the waters all you want with your hate Charlie or blame Charlie or blame Brooke ....but heart of this whole tragedy is Brooke Mueller...

321 days ago


It's sad that Denise was in a no-win situation with those boys. She couldn't get them the help they need and their behavior has been getting worse. There was nothing else she could do but put the responsibility on DCS. So sad.

321 days ago

D Alexander Toluca Lake    

What is disturbing is the amount of PRIVATE medical information that is being passed to TMZ.

TMZ should be ashamed that they are profiting from publishing the PRIVATE health care information of CHILDREN.

Is nothing off limits now????

Anything for money. Disgusting.

321 days ago


They probably have reactive attachment disorder from not bonding with their biological parents -- it is an awful disorder that requires intensive with RAD lie without remorse and often hurt others (including pets). Please have them tested ASAP!

321 days ago

tmz addict    

one look at her and her face and her situation explains everything...... if the drugs are in front of her she is going to do them til they run out

321 days ago


I just saw Charlie's 45 minute interview with the guy from TMZ. Gotta admit, he's a lot more sane and normal than he was a year or two when he had that epic meltdown after he got fired from his TV show "Two and a Half Men".

Who knows, maybe Charlie really is clean and sober these days. He's an actor so he's quite skilled at faking things.

I guess the explanation for why Charlie's kids are acting like little monsters around Denise Richards is because of bad parenting by Brooke and her out of control drug addiction/mental health issues. No doubt, there's been some bad parenting.

321 days ago


Brooke better take some advanced level parenting classes about how to deal with out of control kids, do lots of rehab and have random drug tests for a year or two or she's going to lose custody of those kids forever ... along with all THE MONEY Charlie is giving her every month.

I'm sure she's terrified of not having those big checks from Charlie come in every month. Who knows if Brooke's wealthy parents would bail her out and support her for a long time.

321 days ago


Maybe that is why the K family is so vulgar mouthed & engages in such vulgar behaviors.. Childhood abuse of some kind~

321 days ago


She would know first hand. Little serial killers in the making.

With all the drugs Brook did during her pregnancy there was a good chance for something to go wrong and it has. So sad.

All she cares about is her child support for her drug money.

321 days ago
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