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Justin Bieber

I Didn't Know It Was Illegal

To Spraypaint Rio Wall

11/6/2013 10:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

10:10 A.M. PT --  Bieber has now been charged with illegally tagging the wall of an abandoned hotel in Rio ... according to reports.  It's a misdemeanor crime and Bieber could be fined ... but he's already left the country.


Ignorance of the law is no excuse, unless you're Justin Bieber -- because that's what he's claiming now that police are trying to contact him in connection with illegal graffiti in Brazil.

Bieber was photographed tagging up a Rio building Tuesday, and local police reportedly launched an investigation ... even going to Bieber's rented mansion to question him, but the singer was gone by the time cops arrived.

FYI, defacing buildings is a crime in Brazil punishable by up to a year in jail ... and thanks to these photos, police now have reason to believe Bieber is guilty.

But sources close to the Biebs tell us, the singer is pleading ignorance, insisting he was advised by locals to tag the buildings in question -- and presumed it was okay.

Not like it matters now, we're told Bieber has since left Rio and probably won't be back for a while.

You'll recall, Bieber's been on a tagging frenzy in South America -- just last week he was spraypainting the phrase "Free Breezy" in Colombia.



No Avatar


Apparently this kid doesn't know the law at all.

I see trouble coming, drug use, prostitution, car speeding, fights, and now his fans are turning on him. That fan that got him by the neck in Brazil
could have had a knife and slit his throat !

Scary, his body guards are too stoned to react fast to protect him ! I see trouble and disaster

268 days ago


The douchebaggery Bieber exhibits on a daily basis is mind boggling. I find it hard to believe this kid has fans at all.

268 days ago

Shaken not stirred    

Typical of his behavior. He has no respect for anyone or anyone's property. He did it because the locals "told him too". Yeah ok.....what a little punk. His day will come.....

268 days ago


im on beibers side here. if any jurisdiction is willing to let him perform they deserve what they get. his behavior is now well do***ented.

268 days ago


He paints with his shirt on .Don't get paint on that body

268 days ago


poor little bee bee

268 days ago


Is the pap who smeared paint over it not accountable? Is he excused? Or is he given a pass because it's the white rich Canadian that they target?

268 days ago


Where's DOG the bounty Hunter at when you need his a$$...Put the lil Bitch in jail down there...Hahahaha

268 days ago


Why doesn't anybody tell this twerp, when he goes out in public, to pull up his pants, put a shirt on and stop wearing those tall baseball caps that make his head look like a milk carton. He's less muscular than my grandson who is 9.

268 days ago


the kid is into black men now.

268 days ago


He's a douchebag.. and anyone who supports him and his music are douchebags

268 days ago


What? Just you try doing that isht in Canadia you mother effer! "Didn't know it was illegal", my effin' as! Seriously, this punk is turning more trailer trash weger every day.

268 days ago


is his ass-crack blacked out in the second photo? as if... he should just stay wherever he is. or at least, not come back here.

268 days ago


Remember when that American guy who spray painted graffiti in Singapore got caned? Yeah thats what needs to happen to this little snot.

268 days ago


Pleading ignorance doesn't add up; it's generally illegal to paint graffiti in Canada, where the owner has not given consent. It's widely and culturally considered vandalism. Pretty much any Canadian who doesn't live under a rock would assume the default stance that graffiti is vandalism, until they find out otherwise. From what I know of the USA, it's about the same.

268 days ago
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