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Brooke, Denise

Declare Temporary Truce in Custody War

11/7/2013 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1107-brooke-mueller-leaving-court-tmzBrooke Mueller and Denise Richards were actually cordial with each other during a mandatory sit-down with a chief honcho from the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services ... but the drama is far from over ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported ... Denise and Brooke showed up at an L.A. courthouse today and met with DCFS Medical Director Dr. Charles Sophy.  We're told Sophy also asked Charlie Sheen to attend the meeting, but Sheen declined.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... although the 2 warring women were not openly hostile toward each other, their problems were NOT solved during the 4-hour session.  We're told Denise is still waffling on whether she'll continue to serve as temporary guardian for twins Bob and Max.

Here's what our sources say happened in the meeting:

 --- Sophy did a lot of clarifying as to what the goals were -- specifically, to gradually "reunify" Brooke with her kids

--   Sophy made it clear the goal is not for Denise to keep custodial control over the twins.  Her role would diminish as Brooke became stronger and able to provide parenting.  We're told this will be a slow process and Sophy established more specific guidelines as to how it will happen

--   There was an acknowledgment by all that Bob and Max have been significantly damaged psychologically by the turmoil in the family

--  There was also an acknowledgment ... there is no "magic bullet" to solve their emotional problems 

--  Charlie is NOT being looked at as an option for custody

--   As for Denise, she still feels Brooke is interfering with the proper treatment of Bob and Max, and fears the twins will physically hurt her daughters

--  We're told there was no evidence Brooke has lapsed back into drug use

We're told no follow-up meetings are scheduled with Sophy and the women.   We're told DCFS social workers will now take over.  As for when Brooke gets full custody -- currently she's getting 2 overnights a week and 3 days.  We're told the process of full custody will be fairly slow.

NOW GET THIS!!!  Charlie, Brooke and Denise all live in the same exclusive gated community -- Mulholland Estates.  Guess who else lives there?  CHARLES SOPHY!

Only in Hollywood.



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If those kids are this messed up as toddlers, what will they be at age 25 after all those years with these parents and the Hollywood limelight tracking their every move? So sad.

312 days ago


Denise - do not let those boys near your family until after they get the proper medical treatment you feel necessary. The State will do nothing but apologize should anything go wrong or you'll spend millions on legal actions which will be delayed. Family first, take care of your own, you've been a trooper.

312 days ago


Brooke will relapse back into drugs and probably end up overdosing, just like most addicts at her level do. If it is true that she has been clean for all of this time, which I highly doubt. Dr. Sophy just caters to celebrities, any normal person in this messed up situation would have lost all of their parental rights. Oh and how convenient for Brooke that she has a restraining order to keep Charlie away the day before they have mediation, how was he supposed to attend? She'd have been whining that he violated the order...Brooke is gross and a terrible person and she should be thanking Denise Richards not complaining about her.

312 days ago


Three days and two overnights after one month out of rehab for the approximate 20th time does not sound slow or gradual. The goal should not be to reunite Brooke with the boys at all cost but to do what is best for the boys.

312 days ago


Kudos to Denise for going above & beyond to care for the boys during Brooks recouvery.... However, I hope Denise sticks to her guns about not wanting to care for the boys any longer & holds DCAS responsible for their care, thus protecting her girls & animals.......

As far as Charlie goes....Although he's a good parent as far as spending quality time with them, he acknowledges he doesn't want full custody of any of the kids realizing they don't fit in with his lifestyle....

312 days ago


Hopefully Max and Bob will do a midnight run to Sophy's "exclusive Sherman oaks" (TMZ puhleez-it's Sherman oaks) pad in their stealth, twin, children of the corn fashion and sh*t bomb his front door step with their little 4 year old turds and have a poo poo fiesta smeared all over his door--that's how they feel about Sophy

312 days ago


ROL is saying that Brooke had a temper tantrum and behaved poorly during the meeting. Two different stories. Imagine that!

312 days ago


As usual - the DCFS, as with any Child Protective Services, drops the ball BIG time with these damaged little boys. It is NOT their fault - can't even imagine what their lives have been like to this point. Kudos to Denise for doing the best she could, and wanting to protect her family. How high did the head of this department have to be to even consider reunification of the boys with Brooke??? Sad, sad, sad. They will be the ones who suffer the worst in the long run.

312 days ago


The WORST thing that could happen is to 'gradually "reunify" Brooke with her kids". Keep them far far away from both her and charlie.

312 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Those kids will be making their own headlines in another 14 years or so. Good job mom and dad, totally destroying 2 lives in less than 5 years.

312 days ago


So is the only person that actually has the best interest at heart for these kids Denise Richards. It seems like she's the only one trying to help them, but there is only so much she can do when she has three kids of her own, who are being physically hurt in this mess. Charlie and Brooke are just terrible..

312 days ago


In keeping with the holiday, please sing along to the tune of --Oh Christmas Tree (tanenbaum)
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312 days ago


Mueller is permanently brain damaged drug addict ho'. Her kids are beyond salvation and should be confiscated.

312 days ago


If Charlie offered Saucer Eyes ALL that child support for those kids for 18 years, but not actually having them, would she still want them? No.

312 days ago


It is a sad day when the " chackhead " one looks way hotter and tight than the " sober " , all nice girl. WTF?

312 days ago
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