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Charlie, Denise and Brooke

Children Services Tries to Mediate Custody WAR

11/7/2013 9:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards are locked in a conference room right now ... as officials from the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services try to force a truce in their war over Bob and Max ... but Charlie Sheen was a no-show.

Sources connected with the warring families tell TMZ -- Dr. Charles Sophy, the Medical Director for DCFS -- called the meeting and wants Denise, Brooke and Charlie to come face-to-face to deal with what has become a child-rearing crisis.

You may remember Dr. Sophy -- he's a highly-respected shrink who was a key player in the Michael Jackson molestation trial in 2005. 

We're told Charlie was invited but didn't attend -- we don't know why.

The goal of the meeting -- to figure out a custody arrangement that keeps Denise in the picture and gives Brooke sufficient parental rights.

As we first reported ... Denise feels that she can't continue on as the temporary guardian of the troubled twins with Brooke constantly blocking her ability to seek treatment for some serious psychological problems the twins are experiencing.


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Wait a minute, didn't the court issue a TRO against Charlie yesterday? He needs to stay 200 yards away from Brooke. Maybe thats the reason Charlie was a No Show. Nice try TMZ!

359 days ago


I think Charlie realizes his presence won't help matters and that Denise knows how to make her points effectively. If he showed up it would make the meeting about the issues between Brooke and Charlie not about the kids. He was "invited" not compelled.

359 days ago


Poor Denise!

359 days ago

all about the money    

Charlie has the restraining order against him and Brooke is bat ****e crazy enough to insist Charlie violated the order if he showed up for the meeting.

359 days ago


Charlie is a no show because he has an order of protecftion against him from Brooke....come on guys....Harvey is a friggin lawyer.....he should have known better

359 days ago


What, TMZ? You don't know why Chuckles didn't show? Well here, let me help you out ... Chuckles is nothing but a big bag of caustic wind. The drugs have completely eaten away the portion of his brain in which intelligence and reason reside. He has become an intellectual vegetable and will soon lose control of his sphincter muscles and his backside will become as loose and foul as his mouth. That straighten things out for you?

359 days ago

Just My Opinion    

You know, Mel Gibson is a tame kitten compared to this nutcase. Mel never did anything to Oksana like this guy has, and he still got nailed for it.

359 days ago


If that is DCFS goal then they are still failing Bob and Max and looking out for Brooke. Even with all this publicity they are still worried about Brooke having all her rights. The goal of the meeting should have been figuring out how to get and give Bob and Max the help they need.

359 days ago


Since Brooke and Charlie are bad parents who don't know what they're doing and probably don't really want to do parenting chores anyway ...

Maybe there is a big nanny service company in LA where they provide nannies that aren't paid directly by Charlie or Brooke. That way if Charlie or Brooke have big problems with the nanny, that nanny knows she would simply move on to another family to work. She wouldn't have to cowtow to Charlie or Brooke's whims and do things that are not in the best interests of the kids.

Since Charlie's boys are little monsters these days, they might could have TWO highly trained live-in nannies at Charlie's house. Charlie could easily pay for it all and I'm sure his mansion has plenty of bedrooms.

They would be there purely for what's good for the boys. Not necessarily what Charlie or Brooke want. Those nannies would report back to their nanny company bosses if Charlie or Brooke or anyone is doing something inappropriate. The company might could pass along things to the California DCFS.

359 days ago

Andreana Barbieri    

Denise/Charlie.....let the kids go back to Brooke! DCFS is filled with a bunch of idiots...I have had several foster children that were in the system for years and their one motto was: reunite with their mother no matter what the price to pay for the child....DCFS is full of absolute ****! they don't know what they are doing....they are stupid ignorant morans that only care about the rehabilitation of the mother and not in the best interest of the child!!! I've witnessed it...lived it...Michael Antonovich needs to get off his ass and change the program in LA!!!!!! BTW: most DCFS workers are actually hispanic immigrants and are only working there to make the city's quota of minority workers.....THEY ARE WRONG...ALWAYS HAVE BEEN IN THEIR CHOICES AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!!! Give up the boys to their mother and we will all see that DCFS is TOTALLY DYSFUNCTIONAL AND SHOULD BE PUT TO REST!

359 days ago


why why why do they want to let brooke have "sufficient parental rights"??? she has beyond damaged those 2 boys

359 days ago


Charlie is a no show because the judge issued the TRO for him to stay away from Brooke. Smart man for being a no show; judge would throw him in the slammer for violating the restraining order. Team Charlie & Denise!!

359 days ago


It might have something to do with the fact that he was ordered to stay at least 200 yards away from Brooke by a pretty pissed off judge yesterday, ya think? If he attend this meeting, they can lock him up.

359 days ago


There's a new L.A.-based company opening up called BRENTWOOD MOM-AND-DAD.

Trained parental-types (not necessarily married) that will raise the children of certain A-Listers.

Sure, they want some back-end money, but they do damn good work.

p.s. They also go to meetings like this and willingly.

359 days ago


Maybe Selma Blair'd agree to raise Bob and Max.

Would it kill Charlie to ask.

359 days ago
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