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11/7/2013 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Django Unchained," "12 Years a Slave" and the "Roots" remake all prove Hollywood just loves some slavery right now, which is ...

Well, not exactly sure how we're supposed to feel about that yet.



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BTW - the headline of this piece PROVES that tmz trolls for racial strife. Just saying.

315 days ago


After the Color Purple ! shyt went left !! to see a movie of slaves is just as horrible to sit here an read comments made by the douche bag SKIT !!! I wish he would off himself already !!!!

315 days ago


This movie is necessary for all the white folk in denial and and kids who grew up only listening to rap. Just go look at Fox News, read the internet comments or go to the popular rap website WS where every song and almost every comment has the N word in it. The one thing they all have in common is a lack of knowledge of historical facts. The Fox people are pushing a message that blacks are pampered, given too much of an advantage, slavery wasn't that bad and that the slaves were treated well. The rappers are pushing a message of ignorance is cool. They all feel this way because of propaganda, ignorance and lack of knowledge of historical facts. Unless you all know of a better way to combat propaganda than historically accurate movies for people who are not going to read a book about black history. I'd like to hear it. Movies are the reason everyone knows about the horrors of the Holocaust. The average black and white kid now thinks the Holocaust (6 years) was worst than 250 years of slavery (ie murder, rape, kidnapping, the breaking up of families, removal of kids from their mothers) and another 100 years of black codes, pig and segregation laws. Blacks in the south after the Civil War were still slaves. Most people don't know nor understand this important historical fact. youtube()com/watch?v=xPKnA3TFG2g

315 days ago


They make movies like this because it sells. Black people eat it up. They see the movie and then sit around and wax on about how badly their ancestors were treated. By far, the worst of it was the horrible conditions on the slave ships. Too bad no one is telling the real story. The real story is that the vast majority of slave owners, almost all of them, were not sadistic. The sadistic ones were the exception. But of course a movie won't be made about that. It won't sell.

315 days ago


Don't get it twisted...Hollywood also loves some Nazi/Jewish holocaust Movies too!

315 days ago


Don't worry, this is about the time when they switch back to Holocaust movies for a few years. Gotta make money off of everyone's plight.

315 days ago



315 days ago

Marco Pervo    

I can't wait to see the feel-good movie of the year, "12 Years a Slave". It will be pre-Oscar holiday fun for the whole family.

315 days ago


they are making a killing off of white liberals who love to go and satisfy the white guilt. i mean i understand why they feel guilty, i dont have that feeling but i get it.

315 days ago


...and war movies, and space movies, and movies about zombies, and sports movies. Way to try and inject race in to yet another meaningless story. Why the F--- do I visit this site?

315 days ago


Let's ask the black actors in these movies about how bad they are? I bet they don't mind one bit portraying their strong black selves as slaves for that almighty dollar. Quit bitching. My Swedish ancestors were mutilated and murdered as well. People back then didn't give a F---! Get over it.

315 days ago


They're just keeping racism alive.

314 days ago


The liberals in Hollywood are trying to keep racism alive. America has pretty much moved on. They need to, too.

312 days ago
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