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Bieber to Lil Twist

You Can Have Our

Stupid Catch Phrase

11/7/2013 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
has officially KILLED his plans to create a clothing line called "Wild Kidz" -- but he's letting one of his old lackies munch on the scraps ... TMZ has learned.

Of course, "Wild Kidz" was that stupid catch phrase Bieber and his friends Lil Za and Lil Twist would shout while doing dumb crap like pissing in mop buckets and flipping off ex-Presidents.

Bieber's people filed paperwork to trademark the phrase for a clothing line back in September ... and it seemed like the brand was on the fast track to production.

But as we previously reported, Bieb and the Lils started having some problems with their relationship (Bieb kicked 'em out of his Calabasas home) ... and in October, Lil Twist made a play for the brand by filing a trademark application for the name "W.I.L.D. Kidz." (See what he did there?)

Clearly, a war was brewing ... but sources tell us Bieber is planning to wave the white flag because he's OVER the company -- and doesn't care enough to fight Twist for the rights to the name.

So in the end, Twist gets everything he wanted ... well almost everything ... 'cause he's still banned from sleepovers at Justin's place. Sad.


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Twist and ZA have Biebs by the ballz because they know everything about him. He even set them up with their own pad when he kicked them out. That's what a man does when he wants to keep his mistress quiet. Must be a lot of baggage from knowing these two and biber cant shake them.

287 days ago

Black Adam    

I hate Bieber......but I kind of feel sorry for him. He was too naive to know the Lil's were no good Leeches, trying to make a name for themselves by riding his Wake of Fame. The Lil's should be embarrassed by living off of another Dudes Money......well at least maybe Bieber will quit his Coonery now. This statement is coming from the mouth of a Black Guy, so don't even think about calling me a Cracker for the Sixteenth time.

287 days ago


I'm glad little hommie got realty check, your only as good and successful as the people you chill with....

287 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Freaky B is too busy having sex with tranny hookers. I told you he was a freak, TMZ, when he boned that groupie Andrea who tried to pin her baby on Biebs.

287 days ago


They are Not done. Little za's and twist are going to try to extort money from Justin Bieber in the future, because they know details of Justin's life on the inside, and because they are lazy, stupid and think they are entitled. They were never sincere friends. Justin was just a mark for them. They are not capable of being sincere friends, because they were not conditioned to be a friend to anyone.

287 days ago


The good news is (I THINK) Justin is on the other side of that passage:
LESSON LEARNED: Slumming and hanging out with Li'll Black Freeloaders is a front row ticket for a race to the bottom.
I'm assuming that AN ADULT explained to Justin that his chum Li'll POS can't afford to buy a t-shirt leave alone a clothing line. The plan was to sucker Justin into bankrolling the project than the Li'll Bloodsuckers thugs would hijack it from underneath Justin, mismanage it and SUCK UP to their white benefactor master to bail them out or they'd extort him.
Typical gold digger tactic. Not very sophisticated.

287 days ago


Lil kids with mustaches...

287 days ago


Lil Twist....more like Lil Mooch...

287 days ago


Oh please..there will be no clothing line -- with Beiber to shell out the money - wont happen.

287 days ago


Twist can go fall in a hole for all I care .

286 days ago


Lil twist and bieber are like a couple of 5 year olds fighting over a tonka truck.

262 days ago
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