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Kanye West

Pleads Not Guilty

In Photog Attack

11/7/2013 9:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Kanye West
insists he's not guilty of battering a photographer outside LAX in July.

Kanye's lawyer Blair Berk entered the not guilty plea on the rapper's behalf this morning in court. Attorney Gloria Allred was present representing the photographer Daniel Ramos ... and spoke outside the court afterward.


As we previously reported, Kanye was charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft after allegedly attacking the photog at the airport and grabbing the guy's camera.

If convicted of both misdemeanors ...  Kanye faces a maximum of 1 year in jail.

The photographer has also sued Kanye in civil court for assault and battery.


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Josie Wails    

He's just another victim whining about being abused by attention when he has done everything humanly possible to get that attention from TMZ and the street working photogs who scramble to find stories. Kanye is yet another potential political liar in waiting as it seems American mediocrity has consumed what in the 20th Century we proved what cool was, now its all baby food ear pudding victimization racism handout hatred seeking check cashing liars feeding the instant success public with whining pablum standards set by the likes of Simon Scowl, Ryan Seacrest and jay Z. Hendrix and Sam Cook would simply laugh and walk away from the trite feable nursury rhymes everyone is being fed today, its not even good background music. kanye is an angry slef promoter ripping off American the words of the great Bobby Blue Bland "Cry Cry Cry"

321 days ago


What he IS guilty of is Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Pity the rest of us peons.

321 days ago

cha cha    

Without the papparazzi they are nothing, and he and Kimmode call them for photo op ....

321 days ago


"Kanye, how come we can't talk to you"?
"Kanye, what's going on, man"?
"what was up with all that stuff"?
Just friggin ignore these loser paps who are looking for confrontation, anger, something that sells the video for big bucks. Kanye is stupid.

321 days ago


This is kinda mean but Kanye's face seriously turns my stomach. He's so busted. And hideous. I want to slap him a little. Maybe it would deflate his cheeks a bit.

321 days ago


This is kinda mean but Kanye's face makes my skin crawl. He's so busted. And hideous. I kinda want to slap him a little. Maybe it'll deflate his fat ass cheeks a bit.

321 days ago


So you claim it was an accident now ?. So you had the word "monkey" as the only word in your buffer and you pasted and then submitted it, but it was an accident ? Nope, not buying that excuse.

321 days ago

Shaken not stirred    

Oh please. He will not go to jail. Like the rest of the douche bags in the news lately, he has lawyered up and will get a slap on the wrist and MAYBE join that other DB in anger mgmt. Bunch of entitled a-holes.

321 days ago


This tired mofo keeps canceling shows because of ticket sales. Good luck with that idiot. BTW, Taylor Swift keeps selling out. Boom! Check please

321 days ago


Kanye West is a gay fish

321 days ago


KK better get the recorder out and make another tape. Might be supporting that baby on your own, sweetcakes!

321 days ago


That would be awesome if he had to go to the slammer for a year! Kim could get FREE from the control freak....sounds like she's making another bad choice for a husband ! I'm not sure what she sees in that arrogant pouty guy....I think I've seen a picture of him ONCE smiling ! He seems like a negative angry man!

She needs to stop letting him control her...if he's this bad before they get married, he's only going to get worse! He reminds me of a Scientology person - like it's his way or the highway - kind of like Tom Cruise was with Nicole and Katie! total control freaks! Him "dressing" Kim is a BIG RED FLAG! and she allows this?

What she doesn't realize is she DOES HAVE A VOICE and she's in the drivers seat - not HIM! I hope she listens to her family about this guy before she heads down the aisle again! Not to mention, I would hate to have a baby with a guy like him - if it doesn't work out, he would be a nightmare to share custody with ! THINK ABOUT IT KIM!!

321 days ago


Most of the time this piece of garbage has his people call and let tmz know where he is heading. Sheep. Most of you are all are sheep. Keep falling for this crap.

321 days ago


Oh please, of course not guilty.

Too busy boasting and bragging how West and Kardashian is going to be the most 'powerful couple' on the planet?

In what solar system?

West is not even liked at best and Kim Kardashian is just simply despised.

His album tanked and that took less than 2 weeks. His concert tour how many canceled shows is he up to now? Of course it's always the ever popular due to equipment or technical problems.

Even will all the hype and promotion the ticket sales just aren't there. That's the reality.

321 days ago



321 days ago
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