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Charlie's Twins

SHOCKER! Bob and Max Will Move in With Brooke

11/8/2013 11:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The change of guardianship that just went down in the Charlie Sheen/Brooke Mueller custody war has just taken a radical turn -- TMZ has learned Scott Mueller, the new guardian, and the kids will be moving in with Brooke.

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... the judge who granted the guardianship today felt it was important for the kids to stay in the same school.  Scott lives far away in a beachside community, so the judge ruled he could move in with Brooke.

This is hugely significant, because the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services has NOT given Brooke full custody rights.  DCFS felt it was important to gradually reintroduce the kids to Brooke, because of her drug problems.  But now it's as if she has full custody again.

In effect, Brooke is getting the kids back along with a babysitter.

And finally, here's the insult added to injury for Charlie Sheen.  The house Scott will be moving into is the one HE bought for Brooke in the same gated community where he lives.


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In cases like this it usually means that she is not allowed to be alone with the kids right now. I once taught a woman in a rehab class I did who had a similar situation (without the huge money thing, of course). Her boyfriend, with whom she lived, was granted custody of her children. She could live in the house with them and care for them, but could not be left alone with them in her care. CPS' goal is reunification with Mueller and the boys, and this is a logical step towards that goal. I have to laugh every time Charlie smarts off about what a horrible person Brooke is. Here's a man, who will never be allowed to be alone with any of his children, ever, casting judgement on someone's parenting skills.

160 days ago


This is just a disgusting turn of events. This is going to end really badly for these boys. I don't know how or when, but this is going to implode!

160 days ago


These poor boys is there no one in this country, other than Denise who can't risk her daughter's lives keeping them with her without psychiatric care, that has their best interests in mind?! They will not do well living in the house with their damaged mother.

160 days ago


once again kardashians are not worthy of fake PR...

160 days ago


Good god, Cali Justice system is officially a piece of useless sh**t. So the bro is asking for 55 k a month and the dumb wh**re, crack head "mother" Brooke is already getting 25k a month for not even having the f**cking children and Charlie is paying all the expenses for the boys already??? Wtf?? And then they let the trash, greedy bro, move in witht he crackhead, who doesn't give a sh**t about her children and have been in and out of rehab about 20 times?? Wtf I just don't get it. I just don't f**cking get it. I can't believe the cps there and the courts. God damn no one gives a f**ck about these kids. They are all greedy and get what they want, no wonder they never learn because Cali will just give in again and pay them for doing drugs and being sh**tty caregivers. These stories just piss me the f**ck off.

160 days ago

Good riddance!    

Well, those kids are completely screwed. Just future inmates or junkie hobos in training thanks to mommy, the greedy crackhead....

160 days ago


I try not to judge these things if I can help it. I don't really know what's going on in the situation.

160 days ago


Charles is NOT in Charge!

160 days ago


They really need to get those poor kids into a house with normal people.

160 days ago


He gets even wilder the deader he gets! How many grams of rock do you think Zombie Charlie Sheen can bang down? Put on your party face and see at on the Zombie Walk of Fame!

160 days ago


I hope this is the last little bit we will hear about Charlie and Brook. Do people really care about this druggies' kids who are being bounced around?

Give it up TMZ, your MJ rabids are all locked up by FBI, your Kardarshian Trash are yesterday news. So why are you still covering the gayness of Tommy boy and the sin of the child molester MJ?

No more golden panties party, good riddance!!!

160 days ago


I don't usually have any real feelings when it comes to celebrity news, but this actually makes me sad. No one is thinking about those kids. Unbelievable.

160 days ago


Oh lawd .... Children of the corn are being giving back to the evil witch psycho mom .... TMZ will have more stories developing in 1 .. Gooo !!

160 days ago


I am sorry but they need to just change schools. Kids change schools all the time, this is total BS and they are putting these kids in danger by allowing them to live with Brooke,.

160 days ago


Shame on the judge!!!! And this is for the children????? Martin, step in, and save these children. St. Jude needs your assistance.

160 days ago
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