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Charlie Sheen

Violates Gag Order

Tweets 'Judge Anus-Brain'

11/9/2013 1:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Charlie Sheen just violated the gag order in his custody case in a spectacular way, calling the judge Mr. "I'm Italian judge anus-brain," and threatening him if his kids are hurt in the newest custody configuration.

It's something of an understatement to say Charlie is not pleased that the judge just made Brooke Mueller's brother Scott the temporary guardian of twins Bob and Max.  The judge also allowed Scott and the kids to live with Brooke so they could be close to school.  That effectively puts Brooke back in the position of having full custody while she tries to beat her latest drug abuse problem.

Charlie just tweeted, "So lemme see if I got this straight ... my twin boys are now in harm's way and in grave danger, being 'raised' by a gaggle of incompetent and lascivious marionettes all ruled and fooled by an Adderall snorting husk called Brooke."

Now it gets good ... "And guess what CPS and 'I'm Italian' judge anus-brain, you may have gagged me temporarily, but mark my unspoken words, anything happens to my boys, and you will get to know me, know who I truly am, a loving father."

He ends, "Tag -- I'm it."

The judge just hauled Charlie into court a few days ago, telling him he's going to jail if he violates the gag order again.

Charlie doesn't seem to care, saying, "*If this means being jailed for loving and trying to protect my children, then go for it."


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I wonder if Denise has found the bottom of a wine bottle yet? Dayum, what a circus act.

313 days ago


Here we go again

313 days ago


not to state the obvious, but, at this point charlie needs to STFU and retain the best this moment he sounds like a crack head searching for his pipe.

Charlie don't believe the hype, your are f'ing up!

313 days ago


Everything will be fine. Those boys are going to grow up to be screwed up like the rest of civilization.

313 days ago


Charlie Sheen, just keep those $55k per month child support checks comming in. Party at Muellers Sheens paying.

313 days ago


His kids are in grave danger, but only the women are supposed to clean up their acts and behave like parents.

313 days ago


HEH CHARLIE< ??? YA SHE'S A HOT MESS!!! WHAT'S NEW??? When are you gonna DO something for YOUR boys??? When do YOU step up to the plate for FKS SAKE??? I like u, but really gotta call a spade a spade, smartin up man.....YOUR kid's lives are at stake FK! DO SOMETHIng!!! GET UR **** TOGETHER!!!

313 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Gag Order... hehehehe

313 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

It's too bad he puts more time and energy into complaining about this instead of cleaning up his act and getting custody of the boys! Any first semester psychology course makes it easy to recognize that he is sabotaging his chance at custody to further his ability to blame others. Can you imagine the comeback story that could be told if he would just get healthy, away from mind altering substances, and get full custody of his boys? I'd love to see him do that, but it doesn't seem any more likely that he will do that than it does that Brooke will stay off of drugs. The only chance the boys gave at this time is being removed from family and friends of Brooke or Charlie and placed with two loving adults who will raise them as their own children. The only other chance would be for him to truly kick his addictions and have full custody, but he would need to raise them like any good single parent would and not pawn them off on other people. As stubborn as he is I do believe he has a better chance of getting off of drugs and staying off of them, but at this time neither parent is worth the powder to blow them up.

313 days ago


I'd have a hard time keeping my mouth shut too if the judge and cps with this f**cking moronic to give my kids to a f**cking revolving door crack addict.

313 days ago

can we go thrift shopping    

I know charleen sheen might not be the best parent for this kids right now but at least he has she going for him and by the way he wants his kids with that other woman who isbfull y capable of raising those kids. I don't know if you people have been living in caves but foster deaths are on the rise because of CPS. And those people don't care all they do is launch an investigation and nothing brings back your children. So instead of cps thinking there the best for everyone they should take a look at the own statistics. People of power don't ever wanna be wrong and can't say anything to a grieving parent after there own **** ups

313 days ago

Wow ...    

Hey Mr. Fried Your Brain,

If you had loved your children, they would not be in this situation. You would have sobered up and received the kind of help required to provide them with a stable home.

So stop pretending to care about them, as your behavior clearly shows you do not.

313 days ago


Let him talk..I can't wait to see him jailed. It'd be about time. I'm getting sick of his public ranting and raving. Sounds like he's on something anyhow.

313 days ago


Well, i mean yeah lol. What is there to say? half jokingly but half serious, making a tweet wont change a custody agreement and if you think your kids are better with you but do something like this to put yourself in jail and anger the judge who makes the call. Also, parents bad mouthing eachother like thats not very good either, let alone social media. I think it definately shows he loves his kids and all, but sometimes the best love means to think and be strategic instead of simply react. Those two clearly need mental help, the kids that is and it seems fairly obvious Brooke and her people wont do it, judge wont order it and better or worse being in Charlie's custody is the only way they would get it. Now he has just made that incredibly more difficult and much more unlikely to happen.

313 days ago


Good, it's about time this loudmouth see's the inside of a jail cell, unless this judge chickens out as well! LOL

313 days ago
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