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Charlie Sheen

Violates Gag Order

Tweets 'Judge Anus-Brain'

11/9/2013 1:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Charlie Sheen just violated the gag order in his custody case in a spectacular way, calling the judge Mr. "I'm Italian judge anus-brain," and threatening him if his kids are hurt in the newest custody configuration.

It's something of an understatement to say Charlie is not pleased that the judge just made Brooke Mueller's brother Scott the temporary guardian of twins Bob and Max.  The judge also allowed Scott and the kids to live with Brooke so they could be close to school.  That effectively puts Brooke back in the position of having full custody while she tries to beat her latest drug abuse problem.

Charlie just tweeted, "So lemme see if I got this straight ... my twin boys are now in harm's way and in grave danger, being 'raised' by a gaggle of incompetent and lascivious marionettes all ruled and fooled by an Adderall snorting husk called Brooke."

Now it gets good ... "And guess what CPS and 'I'm Italian' judge anus-brain, you may have gagged me temporarily, but mark my unspoken words, anything happens to my boys, and you will get to know me, know who I truly am, a loving father."

He ends, "Tag -- I'm it."

The judge just hauled Charlie into court a few days ago, telling him he's going to jail if he violates the gag order again.

Charlie doesn't seem to care, saying, "*If this means being jailed for loving and trying to protect my children, then go for it."


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John Elliott    

CPS and this Judge are playing a very dangerous game. Seems Denise and Charlie have the do***entation on their side plus Brooke is about as unfit a parent as you can find.

If anything happens to those kids in Brookes house the Country of LA might as well call it's self County of Charlie Sheen. It will be a blood bath.

316 days ago


Charlie Sheen has some serious mental problems. He makes Amanda Bynes look like a normal, well-adjusted young woman who was having a few bad days. If Mr. Sheen, truly cares about his kids he will stop this childish, name calling and tantrum throwing and work with the mother of his twins to ensure their safety and well being. Charlie continues to show he is the last person that deserves custody of his sons. At least until he gets back on his meds.

316 days ago


The man lost all of his teeth due to drug use and he calls her a drug addict?...she probably got her habit from living with him doing drugs night and day...why do people buy into his act?..he is seriously mental...

316 days ago

John Elliott    

Charlie has the money and power do the simple thing take them on a visit right out of the country to a non extradition place. Not like the Sheens don't have the money. Or arrange an accident for Brooke. Problem solved.

316 days ago


Sheen has always had issues..way before this. I don't care how much money he has, I wanna make sure that judge has the guts to treat him the way he needs to be treated. As far as Charlie goes, money don't make you rich.

316 days ago


The anus brain metaphor is too vague for my taste. They are both important organs and if one doesn't work, the other suffers; aside from that I don't get a clear idea of what he's trying to say. I dig "Adderall snorting husk" a lot though!

316 days ago


Charlie is just Proving how unstable he is.

316 days ago


Charlie, you're more than welcome to get clean and sober and do your part in parenting /caring-for your own children.

316 days ago


Charlie needs to stop reading the posts on this site and hiting the hate button. Just proves, yet again, how immature you are. Shouldn't you be giving the wood to a few goddesses while taking a hit or two off that crack pipe about now, it is 9:30pm in Cali, do you know where your pecker is?

316 days ago


Real clear Charlie is CORRECT! WTF is this judge snorting himself? He gives custody to the brother who knows nothing about kids and then decides he can get Brooke FULL CUSTODY by moving the lame brain brother IN WITH HER !!!!! Somebody hold this azz HOLE judge accountable.

316 days ago


What is wrong with that judge, returning small children to a dangerous environment? CPS and Doc Sophy are just a very expensive joke on LA taxpayers. Very sad. :'(

316 days ago


These boys are going to end up injured or dead while Brookes brother is tending to his own single life and mommy is whacked out in the next room. And it will be ALL THIS STUPID JUDGE'S fault.

316 days ago


I have a question, since Miss Sophy and Charlie all live in the SAME GATED COMMUNITY, will Charlie be showing up on a regular basis to check on his kids? Will Miss Sophy be showing up on a regular basis to check on those kids? I've got an idea, since Charlie likes to pass the buck, and Miss Sophy is an overworked, underpaid CPS agent, how about Charlie cough up a few thousand bills a month for Miss Sophy to do surprise visits?

316 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....tmz should be in contempt of court as well.....but judge isn't ordering a publishing ban in regards too this case....sad...and Charlie has zero control...his lawyers must be fed up with him...oh sell...everyone is making lotsa money out of this...and it is California...not like Charlie would be in jail more than 8 hours anyways....

316 days ago

Cool Papa    

How does this loser Sheen get a pass on caring for HIS OWN KIDS?

316 days ago
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