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Charlie Sheen

Violates Gag Order

Tweets 'Judge Anus-Brain'

11/9/2013 1:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Charlie Sheen just violated the gag order in his custody case in a spectacular way, calling the judge Mr. "I'm Italian judge anus-brain," and threatening him if his kids are hurt in the newest custody configuration.

It's something of an understatement to say Charlie is not pleased that the judge just made Brooke Mueller's brother Scott the temporary guardian of twins Bob and Max.  The judge also allowed Scott and the kids to live with Brooke so they could be close to school.  That effectively puts Brooke back in the position of having full custody while she tries to beat her latest drug abuse problem.

Charlie just tweeted, "So lemme see if I got this straight ... my twin boys are now in harm's way and in grave danger, being 'raised' by a gaggle of incompetent and lascivious marionettes all ruled and fooled by an Adderall snorting husk called Brooke."

Now it gets good ... "And guess what CPS and 'I'm Italian' judge anus-brain, you may have gagged me temporarily, but mark my unspoken words, anything happens to my boys, and you will get to know me, know who I truly am, a loving father."

He ends, "Tag -- I'm it."

The judge just hauled Charlie into court a few days ago, telling him he's going to jail if he violates the gag order again.

Charlie doesn't seem to care, saying, "*If this means being jailed for loving and trying to protect my children, then go for it."


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What are the Chances that Charlie's Drug induced HOOKERS will be allowed to take guardianship?

317 days ago


Charlie only one question who will protect your boys from you, and how much you are going to hurt or kill them.

317 days ago


If he's so worried why doesn't he try to get custody of them? I think that he is truly worried but he seems to be all talk and no action.

317 days ago


Well seriously though he's not lying!! These little boys are going to so messed up and all Denise Richards was trying to do was get help for them!! What is wrong with this judge?

317 days ago

-listen up-    

What A mess your in now Charles

317 days ago


F*ck you, Charlie, you decrepit old lizard. And leave it to tmz to play up every ranting word this
a s s h a t has to say. He is the reason these kids have so few choices, and that's saying a lot considering their poor excuse for a mother. I'd be embarrassed to spew garbage like he does if I were the ONLY parent of these kids to not even be on the short list to be considered for custody. I'd like to see him do some time for his obvious threats or is he going to take his ego driven freak show on the road again. He's all blow and no go.

317 days ago


Charlie do your Hookers a favor they might love it go ahead and bend over for the SOAP.

317 days ago



317 days ago


Charlie keeps getting away with it. If a Mr Nobody did it he will probably be faced with some legal action by the court. Time to stop giving celebrities special privileges.

317 days ago


Ya gotta love that guy.

317 days ago


He really needs to STFU can't go mouthing off to a JUDGE!!! I can't stand MANY people and think the world is full of morons (because it is) ....HOWEVER ...I'd like to think I'd be smart enough not to talk sh*t about the judge handling my case.....especially publicly ...LOL . Why can't he b*tch about people in the privacy of his own home and stay off twitter?

317 days ago


I think I'm in the minority's side in this case, it's sad really. I'm on the twins' side. Clearly their place is NOT with Brooke. Now, I do not have any inside information so I'm basing my opinion on what the media (not only TMZ) have reported.

So, according to he media, the twins have had a bad influence from Brooke and are clearly having issues AFTER they have over nightly visit with Brooke. Denise is saying Charlie is a good father. It seems that this is true when Charlie is just visiting but how is he when he is alone with the children? That I do not know. What IS clear to me, Charlie is showing signs of a truely caring and loving father to all his children. He is lashing out so the pressure on child services to do the right thing. The child services always are biased towards the mother. This case blatantly shows that despite the facts are against it. Actually, if you think of Charlie is doing the right thing NOT to get full custody. He has his demons and he fights with the every day. What if he relapses while he has to care for the kids? He is taking care his children are safe, no matter what. Or at least trying to do that. Bottom line, the twins ARE NOT SAFE WITH BROOKE. Child services and the judge should be thinking about the children first and the parents second. Clearly they are not thinking like this and this to me is a very sad thing.

317 days ago


F the judge, he's playing God and who the First cares if he's Italian, that just means everyone hates you even your own family... Someone needs to AL-QADA his ass... And to Charlie, you mean well but you aren't even fit to be a DOUH-BAG, I feel so bad for those kids, the only future they'll have, are how to become psychopaths

317 days ago


If Charlie's such a great parent, he should quit his job -- he doesn't need the money -- and take the kids himself instead of dumping them on Denise all the time. Charlie's just a loudmouthed jackhole. His rantings and irrational thinking frankly are starting to make Brooke look like the better parent.

317 days ago


They both need help and the kids need to be far away from them!!

317 days ago
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