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Charlie Sheen

New Investigation Over Injury to Bob

11/8/2013 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services has opened a fresh investigation into allegations that someone hurt Bob, one of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's twins ... and we've learned Brooke is pointing the finger at Denise Richards.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Brooke reported the incident over the weekend, just after Charlie appeared on TMZ Live and railed on her.  We've learned Brooke told DCFS ... there was a cut on Bob's back that was deep enough to scab over, and she said it happened on Denise's watch.

As you know ... Denise was the guardian of the twins while Brooke tried to beat her latest bout of drug abuse.  Denise threw in the towel yesterday, saying the kids were too violent, and now Brooke's brother Scott is the guardian.

We're told social workers went to Bob's school and determined the cut had been there for more than a week, which means it could have happened while Bob was under Brooke's care.  DCFS then interviewed Denise, who said the cut had been there for more than a week.

Our DCFS sources say the timing of Brooke's complaint is suspect because the accusation came on the heels of Charlie attacking her on TMZ Live.

Based on what we know ... this case will be closed soon with no action.


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My heart breaks for these kids. Hope we wont be reading about them in 10 years following in their parents footsteps!

319 days ago


Okay TMZ back off ... this isn't your department. These are innocent children who don't deserve to be in the tabloids. You play no part in the protection of innocent children.

319 days ago


This entire situation is disgusting. Brooke is a rotten human being and should never even get near those fragile boys let alone cause all this drama. I am all for keeping kids with their mothers but this time, I am AGAINST it and wish she would just take a big payday from Charlie and go on her merry way so that the kids have some chance for a normal life as they grow older.

319 days ago


Oh come on. Charlie Sheen is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, and yet he and his whack family use tons of DCFS resources over their internal fights. What a waste of taxpayer money.

Unless, TMZ is just milking the situation to get traffic . . . but Harvey and his minions would NEVER do that, would they?

319 days ago

Los Pepes    

I take a Charlie Sheen every morning

319 days ago


It's only a matter of time until Brooke is using again. Once more responsibility falls to her brother, he will bail and the kids will be on another roller coaster ride of chaos, insecurity and uncertainty.

Children's services should have tried to place them with foster parents. That is where they are going to end up, anyway.

319 days ago


Poor kids - is it ALREADY too late? Clearly they can't be raised by their mother OR their father who are both shamefully unfit parents and close family members don't seem to be a long term solution. Maybe it's time to find a loving family for them (foster/adoption) to grow up in and try to save them ASAP.

319 days ago


Bob says the H00ker stole his watch.

319 days ago


For the health of these two boys Charlie, Brook and Denise All should now be working together along now with Brooks brother. There is no doubt these boys are Abused by all three with the Pointing of fingers and not Parenting.

319 days ago


The judge's decision was wrong. The case law is clear- the decision of custody should be based on what is in the best interest of the children. The judge should have:
1. placed the children in a household where both parents' access to the children is supervised and limited
2. ordered both parents into individual and family counseling as well as parental classes.
3. ordered the children to undergo therapy.
4. require the parents to undergo frequent drug testing.
5. require heavy fines for violation of the court order prohibiting contact with the press.
Only an idiot would boldly violate the court order not to talk to the press by criticizing the judge. The judge clearly got personally offended by Charlie's remarks as indicated by his ruling to give custody of 2 children who are clearly emotionally troubled (according to Denise whom I believe). In a previous story on this site, Denise claims pediatricians have advised her to seek psychological counseling for the boys, but Brooke has blocked that effort. Brooke doesn't deserve custody. Charlie doesn't deserve custody. They both must prove their ability to parent first.

319 days ago


Brooke is so jealous of Denise, she can't see straight.

319 days ago


Charlie has a bunch of scabbed over ****s on his back too, eh?

319 days ago


one or both of the boys will end up seriously injured if returned to Brook's care. I just don't understand why they keep giving Brooke unsupervised overnight visits. I know a couple who had to jump through hoops for over a year to get their son back. They took him over a burn mark on his arm. The child said it happened at a friends house during horse play. DCFS didn't believe him or the adults in the home it happened in.

319 days ago


never trust a crackhead

319 days ago


STOP REPORTING ABOUT THESE KIDS!!! My God please leave them alone already. would you want to grow up and know that every little thing was posted about your life. Talk about shame and embarrasment and causing a world of grief for these kids!
TMZ is not better than Brooke or Charlie in this case. They don't give a crap about these kids


319 days ago
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