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Chuck Lorre

Slams L.A. Freeway Workers

You're All Lazy Aholes!!!

11/8/2013 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guys working on L.A.'s famously crowded 405 Freeway are all a bunch of lazy, unproductive pissbags who are SCREWING millions of commuters every single day ... so says legendary sitcom creator Chuck Lorre.

FYI -- the 405 has been under construction for years (you may have heard about Carmageddon in 2011 and 2012) ... and Monday night, Lorre unleashed the fury that had been building for years in a Vanity Card that aired during the CBS shows "Big Bang Theory" and "Mom."


The card reads, "Dear Guys Working on the 405 Freeway, How's it going? I only ask because you started work over five years ago to add more lanes and, well... there aren't any."

"I've also noticed that on most days you're not actually doing anything. Is it possible you've grown bored with the project?"

Lorre continues, "From my untrained eye, you appear to be understaffed. Perhaps you might consider hiring a few thousand more guys and work in 'round the clock shifts, instead of, you know, just when you feel like it. Also, to avoid angry commuters flipping you off, how about giving them a heads up when you close an off ramp for no apparent reason? (Maybe a few miles in advance instead of a hundred yards.) And finally, I need to ask a small favor. Several times a week I crawl along the ol' 4-nication-05 with a bladder that is near to bursting."

"How about we work out a system where I, and other urinary-challenged drivers, get to pull over and share your port-a-potties? Maybe we can repay your hospitality by bringing you fresh magazines to read while you're in there working."

Pretty aggressive -- and the freeway project is reportedly more than 16 months behind schedule -- but is it justified?

Lorre's no stranger to conflict -- he famously battled with Charlie Sheen back in 2011 and recently felt Roseanne's wrath when she blasted him on Twitter for allegedly stealing one of her jokes.


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Union work, what else should you expect?

357 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

The fact of the matter is... the longer they take working on the freeway the longer you will sit in your car running idle and burning gas the more frequent trips you will make to the gas station. It's already been factored in. They need to generate income and one way to do it is to hold your ass hostage on the freeway.

357 days ago


blame the ones giving the workers the orders.not the workers themselves.also all of his shows are nothing but fart jokes and so on.nothing legendary about that

357 days ago


You tell them Chuck. And when you are finished come down to Houston and get on these basterds that have been working on I-45 the last 40+ years

357 days ago


These projects should all be given to public companies instead of letting government workers do them. A company would care about making a profit. They can get huge bonuses if they finish early. I think the on-ramps for the 405 are being done that way and are getting built faster. Government workers just never care. They have no reason to get the work done faster.

357 days ago


I think this applies no matter what state you live in. It seems that every time there is construction, for every one person that is actually working, there are 10 standing around "supervising"... If your only job is to watch and make sure others do theirs, YOU ARE EXPENDABLE!

357 days ago


If the road was cement instead of Blacktop would he have said anything.

357 days ago


Oh, he's DEFINITELY justified.

GET IT DONE, CALTRANS, or whoever's responsible for this idiocy.

357 days ago


Sorry, but who is this old man?

357 days ago


Can't fault him for his honesty or his anger. A city near me just fired 20+ city worker for working 30 minute (MINUTE) days (but booking ful days + overtime), selling city property (asphalt and cement) they were supposed to be doing repairs with and generally being lazy, laying dooshbags for $40 an hour.
Get back to work you lazy azzholes...

357 days ago


So true. It defies human logic why you never see enough workers getting the job done.

Just the other day, on the 405, there were 11 workers at the Slauson exit widening the freeway; something that has been going on for years at this specific location.

11 workers? 3 of them were sitting on the pavement wasting tax payers money.

We need to start a ballot initiative to end this stupidity. Surely, there are plenty of workers who ould get this work done in a reasonable time frame.

357 days ago


2 words. Big. Dig. One location. Boston MA. Years in progress? ?????? Get over yourself Mr. Lorre and drive your lorry (aka, gas guzzling Humvee) back to your gated community and drink a nice tall glass of shut the hell up!

357 days ago


I live on the Westside of LA and absolutely refuse to drive to the Valley because of this 405 debacle. Chuck is correct when he claims that they do not inform people of off ramp closures,and that they seemingly do not work. I actually had to change churches, because of the headache and stress I had to deal with on Sunday mornings going to Bel Air Presbyterian, a church that I love and miss. Traffic on the Westside is off the hook bad because of all of this construction. Now they are closing surface streets in our area in order to extend the Expo line to Santa Monica, at least the Expo line workers will most likely be finished on time.

357 days ago


We should farm out the work to either the JW's, the Amish or the guys who build the check cashing stores that are every 100 ft now. Kingdom Halls go up in 1 day, all volunteer (great work ethic, not my cuppa religion, tho'). Amish build / raise a barn in a day. Check cashing stores apparently spring outta the ground already furnished. What the heck is the problem with public workers and not working for a living. Who do you think you are - Kar-trashians or politicians?

357 days ago


This is the first time I have ever commented on any TMZ story, but Chuck Lorre is so way off base I couldn't stand silent. I am very familiar with the way CalTrans works, and it's not their fault the 405 or any other California Freeway project seems to take forever. The problem lies directly with the California State Legislature, especially with the Governor. The residents of California pay through the nose via gas tax, special bond measures, DMV fees, and even those mysterious "Penalty Assessments" where a $36 parking ticket ends up costing over $800. All of these funds are earmarked for transportation funding only and are supposed to go to CalTrans for road improvement. The fact is, there is plenty of money to have the best freeway system in the world, but guess what? All of this money gets hijacked by the Governor and State Legislature to pay for other non-transportation projects and to balance the State budget instead! So CalTrans is left with only a fraction of the $$$ that was set aside by tax payers to improve transportation. In fact, in the last 10 years, CalTrans has been one of the hardest hit State agencies and besides huge layoffs, not backfilling positions when employees leave, virtually their entire workforce has been furloughed a minimum of 20%. There is plenty of work to be done, but it's impossible to stay on schedule when you are left with a fraction of the workforce -- and funding -- required. The other big problem going on that most folks aren't aware of is that in order to save money, decades ago CalTrans realized that private companies could more cheaply and efficiently performed the construction work that CalTrans had always done in house. But here we go again, in their infinite wisdom, the State legislature required that through a competitive bidding process, CalTrans was required to ALWAYS go with the CHEAPEST bid. Not the most qualified, not the company with the best reputation for completing projects on time and on budget, but the one that had the CHEAPEST bid. So now you have contractors who are under qualified and have a bad reputation completing the work. I could go on and on and on, but the problem isn't with Caltrans, it's with the Governor and the rest of the state legislature. Chuck Lorre has every right to be angry, and trust me I am too, but he is directing his anger at the wrong people. My hope is that he and enough people realize what the actual problem is and make enough noise to get the Governor and the State legislature to stop playing a shell game with the tax payer's money!

357 days ago
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