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Justin Bieber


Busted Immediately [Video]

11/8/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
jacked a bicycle from a security guard in a Vegas casino ... AND GOT CAUGHT BY A COUPLE OF GIANT GOONS ... and TMZ has footage of the entire botched heist.

It all went down at The Palms Casino Resort on September 14 ... when JB and his crew were in town to watch the Floyd Mayweather fight.

Bieber entered the building through an employee entrance and stumbled upon a patrol bicycle in the hallway -- so, he took it.

Security footage shows Justin joyriding the bike through the halls -- while a security guard chased after him in an effort to get the bike back.

Eventually, a couple of bigger security guys -- dressed in suits (so you know they're not f**kin around) -- cornered Justin in the hallway and forced the pop star to hand over the stolen property.

We're told security gave Justin a stern talking to and eventually let him go.




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Julie Grant    

why the hell didnt they arrest him? why do celebrities get off from the law....if i took a bike that wasnt mine you know i'd be cuffed!

350 days ago

baby eli    

I hate this fame. Looks. ..can't buy class. .................

350 days ago


i love you justin your such a badass

350 days ago


Go away!! Nobody cares--you are a tool and not even a useful one. And all the people around you--they are just hangers-on. Just go away!!!!

350 days ago

Sharon Garrison    

No talent little punk should have been busted.

350 days ago

craig zimmerman    

Justin Bieber= John Dillinger

350 days ago


Immature loser. I am embarrassed he's Canadian, and emarassed for his hometown of Stratford Ontario, used to be best known for theater tradition, and now for this tool. Grow up Eh?

349 days ago

Turd Nugent    

After being ridden by a Brazilian transvestite, you would think his butt would hurt to much to mount a bicycle seat!

349 days ago


Oh what will the Beliebers say now to defend their precious irrelevant Justin? Let me guess...

1. We're all just jealous of him
2. No one has ever done anything dumb when they were a kid
3. This was old/out of context footage
4. TMZ is lying
5. Justin does so many GOOD things but TMZ never reports of that.

Have I about covered it, beliebers? Have I forgotten anything? We've heard it all before and notice that none of that is actually defending him. It's all aimed at anyone saying anything negative about him.

It's a weak, flimsy "defense" if you want to call it that. But keep trying, eventually you might actually have a leg to stand on.

349 days ago

Layla Brown    

How many brushes with the law do we have to endure, before this Canadian piece of trash gets deported? Funny, they sure camd down on John Lennon! John was talented--Beebs is garbage!

349 days ago


Golden boy, good for him for making something of himself but bad behavior needs to be punished no matter who you are and he is out of control. A nobody would go to jail for the things he has been doing. Someone needs to step up to the plate and make him pay for all his misdeeds. He's nothing buy a spoiled brat right now.

349 days ago


This little arrogant douchebag has gotten away with so much; what he needs is a SERIOUS beatdown; he needs to learn that actions have consequences. Otherwise, he'll keep being a douchebag & pulling sh*t & being protected from a comeuppance by his huge bodyguards until someone gets seriously hurt because of him...

349 days ago


Bieber needs 1 of 2 things #1 Good ass kickin 1 on 1 with no body guards. Or #2 just hang ur self n die. He is a jackass 50% his fault 50% his parents fault. He is a wigger

348 days ago

Matt Higgins    

Please, please, PLEASE, let me kick this little BITCH's ASS. PLEASE.

348 days ago


Clearly the people who have commented ridiculing or wishing awful things upon him need help in some way. Following the crowd just makes u look ignorant. Justin didn't necessary steal the bike because he wanted to steal he would have rode out of their fast which he didn't. They asked him to get off and he got off. He gets consequences like the rest off us. You don't know him so stop acting like you do. Justin acts like the average 19 year old guy. A lot of other celebs have done way worse where is their hate? OH WAIT they aren't Justin smh

340 days ago
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