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Justin Bieber


Busted Immediately [Video]

11/8/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
jacked a bicycle from a security guard in a Vegas casino ... AND GOT CAUGHT BY A COUPLE OF GIANT GOONS ... and TMZ has footage of the entire botched heist.

It all went down at The Palms Casino Resort on September 14 ... when JB and his crew were in town to watch the Floyd Mayweather fight.

Bieber entered the building through an employee entrance and stumbled upon a patrol bicycle in the hallway -- so, he took it.

Security footage shows Justin joyriding the bike through the halls -- while a security guard chased after him in an effort to get the bike back.

Eventually, a couple of bigger security guys -- dressed in suits (so you know they're not f**kin around) -- cornered Justin in the hallway and forced the pop star to hand over the stolen property.

We're told security gave Justin a stern talking to and eventually let him go.




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Why does he walked over all hunched over like a monkey all the time? Really stupid looking.

348 days ago

Trooper Tom    

He has no respect for other people or their property it's way past time some one gave him a royal ass kicking

348 days ago


wtf its wrong with this kid, he think everything its a joke !!!

348 days ago

What I Think    

They should have beat the snot out of the worthless no good punk and sent him to prison. Let his no good azz find out the hard way that they don't call it the big house for nothing.

348 days ago


uuughh! I'm so sick of this punk!

348 days ago



348 days ago


This spoiled brat doesn't quit does he?

348 days ago


anybody else they would have been arrested. He really thinks he can go around and do as he pleases.

348 days ago


Yall are so immature...I bet if Kanye West did this **** yall would be like "DAMN HE IS COOL"

348 days ago


Justin is just being a kid..I know many kids that would have done the samething..He did graduate high school and people are just jealous because he is a millionaire and it was his fans that made him that don't hate him for it;;;to many haters in this world

348 days ago

TD Dean    

I just laugh every time I see one of these stories about Justin. If that is the worst thing that kid ever does it will be a miracle. I do believe that there is a ridiculous amount of haters out there. I'm old and don't listen to his music, but I hope he gets through these years and goes on to stay successful. He's joy riding in the hallway on a bicycle and all the other creeps on here are beating their women or fighting or stealing. You go Justin Bieber, more power to you!!!!!

348 days ago


I bet Selena Gomez is soooo glad to have dumped this little turd when she had the chance!

348 days ago


God he gets on my last nerve! Aren't his 15 minutes up yet?

347 days ago


Stop covering him. He's done.

347 days ago


OK. This goes out to all those girls who idolise this "Greatest singer ever".

All this hate started because of his stupid girly voice on Baby, and how unfairly quickly he became successful, namely because girls are easily satisfied when it comes to music. This man is a JOKE to the music world.

The main reason this hate continues is because he's so immature and disrespectful to anyone he comes in contact with. He doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone but himself. Charity work and such mean jack these days. Everyone does it. For all we know, it's just a publicity stunt. Besides, I doubt most people who go to a whorehouse after "helping" build a school in Brazil or whatever he does.

And another thing, STOP defending him by saying he's only 19 years old. I am sick of seeing people do this. He's an ADULT, not a CHILD. The Beatles never did any things this b!tch ever did when they were 19 years old, the Rolling Stones never did any of these things, I'm willing to bet Michael Jackson never did.... the Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, Macaulay Culkin, Olly Murs, I could go on forever. He's not a CHILD anymore. Not every stupid 19 year old would do this stuff.

This guy needs to face reality. Sooner or later he's gonna run into someone who's gonna beat him to a pulp. And I'm gonna love that day.

I say, get rid of his security guards, just fire them all, and let the little punk face reality and see where it gets him. These guards are eventually gonna get sick of chasing after him. And they're gonna leave, and he's gonna be completely on his own. And that's gonna be a good day. Like next time a fan tries to dash him on stage.... No security guards to protect his oh so special ass

347 days ago
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