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Sarah Palin

Levi Johnston is a 'DEADBEAT DAD!'

11/11/2013 10:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin
has no love for the daddy of her grandson ... because she just barked out to TMZ that Levi Johnston is a 'deadbeat dad.'

As TMZ previously reported, Levi just filed legal docs asking for 50/50 joint custody of 4-year-old Tripp.  He says it's in the boy's best interest.

As for whether Levi should get joint custody ... Palin is incredulous.

But here's the rub ... Levi is roughly $66k behind in child support.

Palin's disdain for Levi is palpable.  Watch the video ... you'll see.


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Levi Johnston is a huge loser, true.. Sarah Palin is scorching hot. Why are Republican women in politics-- so much hotter than Democrats?


Don't mind me. I hate liberals...and I can barely stand most of what Republicans stand for.. Llibertarian is where it's at! I agree with Vince Vaughn -- the government needs to butt out..


Smaller government, less spending, more individual rights = better country..


Face it, libs.. Obamer is a DISASTER...


As much as Palin gets, she never lets it get in her way.. I might not agree with a lot of her politics, but I still respect her as a strong, beautiful, smart woman..

314 days ago


And you can see Russia from your back porch.

314 days ago


All in all it's just messed up that in March 2009, Levi said "I like the [palin] a lot. Todd helped me out with a lot." Then he sees trashing them will bring him money and he does it with zero concern.

THAT is wrong. God bless Bristol and how well Tripp is. Such a darling boy. Hard age and he's such a sweetie

314 days ago


The Palin's BOUGHT Levi to the CONVENTION.

AS their (Sarah's) GUEST.

Where's the GRATITUDE for something like that?

S.P. worked her BUTT off for that nomination !!!

She was an attractive, VIABLE candidate!

She wasn't SELECTED, pulled out of some hat!

It's HEINOUS what he's done since then - Heinous!

But what's HE got to lose, right?

He just goes back to being a nobody.

Dude, you have to make this right with them -

You have to EARN forgiveness.

Even if it takes you forever - even if it never comes.

314 days ago


She's so snappy, it's annoying! She acts as if she's better than everyone else and has a snooty heir about her...a teenage pregnancy, does not a class act make.

314 days ago


I know the Palins are strong people, but dang man, when a woman has an son in law who feels no remorse over being a douche to her family instead of acting like a responsible person, Id have a hard time forgiving too.

314 days ago


I every state, and FYI Sarah, that includes Alaska, custody, visitation and support are treated separately. While increased visitation may decrease the amount of support to be paid, it wont decrease any back support owed. Support is determined by the earnings/resources of BOTH parents, and by most probate/family law is not supposed to influence or determine custody or visitation.

314 days ago


When you sleep with dogs you get fleas.......applicable to both of them, one as much as the other, IMO.

314 days ago


Nasty piece of work. She was right at the convention when she called herself a dog with lipstick.

314 days ago

the DQ    

I can guarantee the disdain for the Palin's is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH greater than any disdain for Levi.

314 days ago


Nothing like airing your dirty laundry in public. Stay classy Sarah.

314 days ago


TMZ should cover some cases in the Anchorage Court system. It is a court that still does not have electronic records and litigating is done by the good ol boy system that favors the secret back room with no adherence to laws. The head Judge does not read the pleadings and just lets law clerks and others do incompetent work.

314 days ago


Stop trying to make the Palin family and Levi Johnson relevant! Seriously Harvey, WTF?

314 days ago


Sarah Palin the mother of all RWNJ's has a new BFF in Lara Logan of 60 Minutes.

314 days ago


I hope she runs on the ticket with Ted Cruz. Cruz/Palin 2016. The world needs a good laugh.

314 days ago
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