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Spike Lee Sued

You Did NOT Do the Right Thing

In George Zimmerman Case

11/11/2013 6:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Spike Lee was so blinded by rage over George Zimmerman's shooting of Trayvon Martin ... he tweeted the address of an elderly couple, believing it was Zimmerman's ... and they claim Spike put their lives in grave danger.

David and Elaine McClain claim in a new lawsuit Lee was so filled with hate he got the wrong address and carelessly threw it up online ... just days after the shooting.

In the lawsuit ... the McClains say they received numerous death threats and hate mail ... and feared for their lives as their address was re-Tweeted countless times.

The McClains say Lee's Tweet of their address encouraged "a dangerous mob mentality."  Now they want a lot more for their troubles and grief.



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Ruby Testarossa    

Those poor people - they must have been terrified.
Get out your wallet, Tweeter, there is no way you're getting out of this one.

354 days ago


he is nothing but a racist

354 days ago

lisazthats me    

What a vigilante acting like a brute? That lynch mob mentality gets people in trouble all the time. This is why celebrities need to shut up and do their jobs and leave others alone. I think not only he should pay up, but he should get community service for having these innocent people terrorized.

354 days ago


GOOD FOR THEM! I hope they walk away with MILLIONS from that RACIST NO TALENTED POS!

354 days ago

Ruby Testarossa    

This is weird. Read below.

March 12, 2012

After helping send an elderly Florida couple fleeing to safety, director Spike Lee has personally apologized and offered to compensate them for the disruption to their lives, according to The Los Angeles Times.

David and Elaine McClain went into hiding this week after their home address was incorrectly identified on Twitter as that of Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman.

Lee helped amplify the hostility against the McClains by retweeting the bogus address to his quarter of a million followers on Twitter.

More from GlobalPost: Trayvon Martin: Spike Lee 'deeply' apologizes for retweeting wrong Zimmerman address

“The McClains’ claim is fully resolved,” Matt Morgan, their attorney, was quoted as telling The Times in an e-mail. “Mr. Lee personally called them to give a very heartfelt apology. Further, he agreed to compensate them for their loss and the disruption to their lives.

“The McClains were very moved by Mr. Lee's apology,” Morgan reportedly said. “They would like the Lee family to be left in peace.”

Lawyer Stephanie Rabiner of the website FindLaw had speculated earlier today that Spike Lee’s actions were likely to lead to a lawsuit.

354 days ago


Zimmerman's azz should be in jail and this couple is quit correct... spike lee was 1000% wrong and should be punished for doing something so stupid.

354 days ago


I read another article about the McClains and they're STILL getting death threats in the mail. They've saved them all for the civil trial. Spike Lee owes them BIG TIME.. He was trying to spur a vigilante attack on Zimmerman... He incited people...and caused major distress to this poor couple.


People are STILL going on - on twitter about this case.. I literally saw a death threat to Zimmerman YESTERDAY on twitter.. People just can not accept the verdict and won't let it go..

354 days ago


Only one reason why he did what he did. To cause harm to others. Yes, It was to bad it wasn't Zimmerman, but it wasn't. This fool should of checked his facts.Now he has to pay, and I hope they sue his a$$ off.Take him for everything he has.....

354 days ago


He was on Oprah's Next Chapter last night, and he admitted how stupid he was. He also said there was nothing he could say to justify his actions , and he already paid the couple. Why do people never forgive celebs and athletes when they mess up? They're human too.

354 days ago


Where is the word RACISM? Because that is exactly what Spike Lee did. Blacks always get a free pass on it, though. Even though they are more racist than anyone else is. They even hate on blacks that aren't black enough.

354 days ago


He's no better than Zimmerman was. He was creating possible violence toward an elderly couple that lives there. Spike you need new info sources. The ones you have now don't know chit!

354 days ago


Spike Lee is a HUGE racist! Not to mention an idiot! Pay up A-hole!!

354 days ago


GOOD FOR THEM! I hope they walk away with MILLIONS from that RACIST POS!!

354 days ago

positive look    

it's Zimmerman's fault. Zimmerman made him do it. sue Zimmerman

354 days ago


I'm not a sue-happy person whatsoever, but under THESE cir***stances, they absolutely should sue him! He needs to be held accountable for his disgraceful actions!

354 days ago
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